“My Kingdom” Comes to New York, Boston & Seattle

Han Geng is very busy these days flying all over the cities in China, attending the premieres of his first major movie “My Kingdom” aka “Da Wu Sheng”,

Last September 5, Monday, was the 1st premiere held in Beijing..and yesterday he was in Shanghai for the Shanghai premiere. Then today he will be in Guangzhou for its premiere..here are familiar scenes of Gengfans’ preparations and support for Han Geng..these were prepared for the media and journalists who are attending, a total of 200 bags. This is the love for Han Geng, by Gengfans.

[Image: 20080669230982900.jpg]


[Image: 20022454346158900.jpg]
[Image: 63f10929gw1dkw3ecy1qzj.jpg]

Han Geng, share the popcorn with us..ok?

As much as Han Geng and Gengfans are busy preparing for the big event in China, there are also some latest news for the movie’s  screening in the States..published by China Lion Film. Please check the cities where you are in for the schedules..

   For those of you readers who are asking for the schedules in the States, I will try to post the latest schedules once I get hold of them.. so enjoy your time in the cinemas with Han Geng…

For fans in Singapore, the premiere day is 8th September, check out the cinemas at this link..


In Beijing..

In Shanghai…

In Singapore via telephone

Credits : as tagged in pictures and videos..and geng-bao.net

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21 Responses to “My Kingdom” Comes to New York, Boston & Seattle

  1. valerine says:

    big credit for this post and million thanks to those who fighting really hard to support hangeng’s 1st ever movie my kingdom. Another interesting scene from beijing session of press con, gengfans prepare 3 set of “wing of love” to hangeng and DWS, other ppls saw it would say .. wow this definately be the preparation for wedding ceremony (some say i would like to have my wedding same as this concept hee… ^_^)) as if hangeng marry to the movie, but for fans

    1. Hangeng did not marry to movie but marry to acting career, this is just the beginning journey
    2. Special made of wing of love symbolise their love and their promise to company geng’s for the 20 years or more…Really touch when 1st saw the wing of love.. All the best My Kingdom!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yup, all the preparations for the premiere of “My Kingdom” were leaned towards a festive mood and a gala event…thank you to all Gengfans who made all these possible..

  2. Observer says:

    Thanks Garnetblue, for all the information. Your resourcefulness really amaze me. I waited but missed the radio call-in interview last evening because the call came in about one-and-a half hour late but lo and behold, I managed to catch it here so soon in your post. So efficient!

  3. purrple says:

    Thanks for the post! I just came back from watching the movie 🙂

  4. forGeng4ever says:

    I’ll watch this movie in next week
    I’m VietNamese and I heard Gengfans in my city had a plan to go to watch this movie together. They will film it and send it to Geng, I dont know if it’s possible
    I always wanna know about Gengfans in Kor after his lawsuit and I found ur blog
    love ur blog and love Geng
    I love him after his lawsuit too ^^

  5. garnetblue says:

    For people in Houston, the group meeting to watch My Kingdom will be on Saturday 3.25pm at AMC Studio 30 (as per gengbao.)

  6. 博客很不错的说,支持下,有空来我黄金网看看http://www.huangjin5.org/

  7. garnetblue says:

    Anybody care to share some reviews of the movie here..hehehe…

    • onepinetree says:

      I just saw the movie in Monterary Park, CA. I will post my own review along with the introduction of a new fan site constructed by Korean Geng fans tonight!

    • Mandy says:

      I met Er Kui as well!!!

    • mish says:

      I drove three and a half hours to New York on Sep 9 and watched twice in a row. I might watched the third time but my counsin needs to get back to work so we had to leave. The movie is packed with high quality cinematography and beautifully designed costumes, props and sets. Simply put, it is a “good looking” film. The merger of Peking opera and Kungfu created four exciting and beautiful fighting scenes. Each character is unique and all left strong impression. Even the three voices behind the other three main roles (Han Geng is the only one who used his own voice) are so strong that they perfectly interpret the personality of these people. Amongst all, Han Geng became Er-Kui in the film. You do not see any shadow of Han Geng in this character. Er- Kui is quiet, shy, innocent and single-minded. He adored his brother and had a kindness for others. Han Geng had excellently portrayed Er-Kui from a innocent boy with passion to a young man in love to a brother betrayed to a lonely opera star to a man with lost faith. Even when the camera is not focused on him, you can see and feel his acting continuing. Good job, Geng.
      About criticism, I was a little disppointed with the script the first time I watched it, after hearing so much about how good the script is. But the second time I picked up a lot more details and clues and realized that it actually is a good script but the film company had edited it too much (reduced from 120 min to 97 min film) and cut off too many scenes. The progress of story became too quick and it is very easy to miss the clues (mostly just a few words or a glance) and not fully understand the meanings behind. So my suggestion to anyone going to watch it is to fully concentrate on the film – no cell phone, no popcorn, etc.
      I wish the DVD can come with a version with the missing scenes, especically the one scene with Han Geng’s acting making all staff (including directer) on site cried.

  8. valerine says:

    will share just a bit of review after watching the film.
    In my opinion, i must go to watch it more times because the flow of movie kind of fast and some details i think i might miss out especially if i did miss out hangeng’s facial expression. For 1st timer, hangeng you knock me off, really i meant it, still there is so much potential to develop in future but sincerely in my heart i kind of expected 1st appearance in big screen of geng being shy and difficult to express the character of “Er Kui” but bang…. Er Kui character is complicated and innocent with things around?? i dont know what words to describe him.

    And i meant it when i say both of them, here share bit info abt er kui, you are so naive enough to be in love with a woman who is on ur enemy side, not to mention her special identity! Er Kui’s jealousy act really catching my eyes besides expressing his deep down sorrow when he is force to make decision between revenge and brotherhood. oh… at that part really sigh**** and worry.

    For hangeng’s 1st debut as a leading actor, he did great because he is so new. And his performance make me even more certain his decision to be great actor not only this is his dream but mostly he has potential so why wasting such potential while other might struggle to make big in acting career, now it’s good timing to step foot into movie industry so dont hesitate, go on and make it as much as you can with no regret. In acting aspect, hangeng still very new and he is unpredictable, but having unpredictable factor in actor not necessary bad thing either. I kind of positive to see his future performance.

    As much as i love hangeng, i love this script as well. This script has so much potential and many things to be further detail to make a fabulous stories, They have drama, they have twist but why the film so short??? some details part especially the emotional can adjust better and break it up. Applause to all the action pack director by respectful Sammo Hong. Really fantastic move and the sound effect, music is great too. Last but not least, Like a dream OST sing by Hangeng really match the stories so well, when i heard the song without knowing the movie, i like the song, but something not really attach to me. At this point, i can say the song really bring out the meaning of stories behind and life is like a dream and more like a drama.

    Wow… i write so much of it, but i still think something i lack and i will go to watch more My Kingdom not only to show my support to hangeng but to enjoy more with the stories as well. Again, if can, i wish the emotional of character can be elaborate better and the stories between two master of WUSHENG to be elaborate more is appreciated. This film is good, excellent But it can be even great with improvement.

    • garnetblue says:

      Wow you did a good job without revealing the story so that more will anticipate in going to watch it..thanks so much…
      We have people like you who help us make this blog great..thanks..

      • valerine says:

        Thanks for ur reply. Well, my response is immediate post after i saw u encourage ppl to share their review about movie, i just write down what i thought in mind at that moment and post (not much editing at that moment). Still, many things lacking but wish not reveal too much yet to encourage ppl to go to watch it. Give it a try and it worth. For those martial art and action pack lover, the action move really fantastic ! even for me who is favor to emotional and storing telling scene audience. Recall time in cinema, i did go to WC once, then back to it, i missed the Fighting scene between brothers. Telling myself it;s not a big deal, i will watch it again to enjoy further with the stories of WUSHENG. Support actor hangeng go go go !!

  9. S2X says:

    I already watched My Kingdom twice and am trying to convince one of my friends to go watch it with me for the 3rd time hehe! Honestly, i can’t get enough of Er Kui, his character is exactly the type who i would always fall in love with in movies or novels. He is kind and innocent but at the same time, has a lot of supressed feelings and a sad past that makes him a complex character.

    This is definitely a movie that has to be watched more than once and requires you to concentrate on the story in order to fully understand and appreciate it. Like everyone else said, the biggest flaw about the movie is that it got edited too much, I really don’t understand why they did that. The story is complicated and has too much going on to fit into only 97 minutes of film. As a result, we got a very rushed storyline that ended up looking fragmented and incomplete. Everything happened so quick that it became kind of unrealistic. Like the love story, it didn’t get developed enough for me to feel touched by it. And the change in some character’s personalities was too sudden it didn’t feel consistent. There wasn’t enough time for character and story development, like there was no transition points between one incident to the next. In other words, the story was well written but wasn’t well told.

    As for Han Geng’s acting, he rocked! Of course, I’d be lying if i said it was perfect, as much as the fangirl in me wants to say so, I’m a very reasonable person. This is his 1st time acting and he’s already being challenged to play such a complex role. Taking that into account, he did an excellent job, way beyond my expectations. But, there is still room for improvement. There were moments when he was a tad bit awkward. But the scenes that really mattered, like the crying scenes, or when he had to act drunk, jealous, or mad, he nailed it! His eyes are so captivating, expressive and full of emotions, exactly how Er Kui is supposed to be. Although he doesn’t speak out what he’s feeling, his eyes can tell an entire story. And when he has to cry, damn, he looks so natural!

    We just can’t expect Geng to simply become an acting sensation overnight. He needs time to sharpen his skills so we need to give him the time that he needs to reach that level. The potential is clearly there, he can definitely do it!

    And I had to comment on my favorite part of the whole movie, which was the duel on stage of the 2 brothers against Master Yue. That was so beautifully and artistically choreographed and filmed that it took my breath away. The action moves were really cool and unique and Er Kui totally kicked ass there! Too bad, that was the only scene that actually incorporated the Beijing Opera element in the entire movie. I would have loved to see more of that because the rest of the story was just focused on the intrigues between the 3 main characters.

    • valerine says:

      Your comment definately suit to what i’m thought. Hangeng’s 1st time appearance as leading role in film really deserve credit. And i’m deeply wish the 120min original film can be release and distributed no matter in what kind of presentation. Some even reveals the transition and more complete stories refer to the book, it’s really exciting and good piece of work. If not mistaken, many scene were cut, tat;s regretful to see tat.

      Yup, the fighting screen between master Yue and brothers really magnificent! the beauty of art and action which merge perfectly! Another favourite would go to the action between Da S and hangeng in fighting. Hangeng’s scene in hospital is cut so much, many officer who involve did express many fabulous scene was cut, aww… T_T

      WIll gather my tickets and post along with short review and feeling. My Kingdom, Actor hangeng JIa you ! go go go

  10. This is Great..Its always good to read clear information from people with similar interests.

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