Do You Speak Han Geng?

Do you speak Han Geng?

It is my pleasure to announce a new fan site for Han Geng.

It is called, “별을 보다” –Gazing at the Star in Korean. Yes, the Star is our lovely boy, Han Geng.

We, Korean fans opened the site on September 9, celebrating the release of My Kingdom .(although it was not released in Korea)

Currently it’s very private and small fan site but we are trying our best to grow this site to attract more Korean fans as well as international fans.

Here are directions how to join in 별을 보다.

First, click “entry” at

Then the below webpage will be displayed.

On the top of the screen, there are “Log in” and “Sign up” buttons.

Please click the “Sign up” button.

A pop-up screen will appear:

The first line is for your ID. You can only use English alphabets and numbers only.

The third line is for your pseudo-name (please please do not write your real name here because this name will be shown every time you write something at mystargeng. com).

You are not allowed to use names or ID that may implicate Han Geng or Super Junior.

For example, GENGlove, Only13love, SJlove, myHangeng are not allowed. I hope you got the idea here.

For DOB, email, homepage, and ICQ, if you do not want other members to see them, do not check the boxes. If you check those boxes, you agree that other members can access to your profile.

The next field is very important part: 자기소개서 means “introducing yourself.” Same as the above boxes, if you don’t want share this information with other members, do not check this box either.

At this 자기소개서, you are required to write answers for the following two questions:

  1. What is your thought about Han Geng (for instance, his current activities, his former company,  Super Junior activities in the past and the current solo activities, etc.)?
  2. What is your true feeling about Han Geng (please avoid commenting like, “love him very very much” “like him no matter what”, rather describe your genuine feeling about Han Geng)?

If you do not answer those questions, your status will stay at Level 9.

It does not matter whether you join in or not, if you just want to look around the site.

All the corners are open to the public except the “board” corner where members share their personal accounts about Han Geng.

Once you join in, you are able to write at the site.

However, those secret posts are only accessible by members at level 8 and up.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you join in and write answers the above mentioned questions so you can be promoted to level 8 member in order to have a full access to all posts.

The last line says: 개인정보공개 which means “want to reveal my personal profile to the members”  If you don’t want to reveal your profile to other members, please do not check the box.

Once completing all the fields, you can click the left button, 회원가입 (which means joining in) and you are ALL DONE!

Han Geng’s Korean fans feel very very lonely after Han Geng left the Korean entertainment industry. Han Geng’s image in Korea was not that positive after his lawsuit against SME. To make things worse, his interview with some TV programs in Chinese and a game CF that imply anti-Korea/Korean made Han Geng one of the most hated celebrities in Korea.

We support and love Han Geng just as he is regardless of his nationality and language simply because we know that what kind of person Han Geng is.

We Korean fans need your encouragement in this lonely love for Han Geng.

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13 Responses to Do You Speak Han Geng?

  1. garnetblue says:

    Thanks Pinetree…hehehe…been waiting for you to post this…and was checking the blog everyday…hahaha..

  2. Observer says:

    Big or small, it is OK, as long as we are all happy. Looking forward to the it!

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes! Please come and visit. Not much information there yet since we just opened it. It is more like for us to talk about Han Geng at the board corner. So, it will be great that you can join and just talk with us in any language. Anyone who speaks your language will translate your post right away. If you leave a comment in English, most of us will understand it 🙂

  3. Congratulations website open!*\(^ 0 ^)/*
    Since Siwoo released this news, I have been waiting for this day,and also for Korea’s Gengfans happy.I hope we can more smoothly,best of luck everyone!
    In addition…

    We best’s GengFans,do not excited!Ha ha ha~

  4. bristlegrass says:

    😀 I’m Coming~~~~

  5. GengChan says:

    Geng has never forgotten his Korean fans for sure
    Hopefully they will be stronger through each day, can clarify all the wrong news about him in the past, can update latest information about him for Gengfans in Korea everyday becus he’s becoming a huge Chinese star and hope they can meet him soon.

    from the beginning, I felt sorry for Korean Gengfans. They love Geng so much and proud to have “Miracle of 1.3 billions” in their country but suddenly they become international fans of a person they have known for a long time. Now, they’re trying to survive in the sea of antis’ Geng.
    Korean Gengfans, Hwaiting….

  6. Observer says:

    Hm..There is something on my mind and I will take this chance to be candid. It is alright if nobody wants to respond to it. Is anybody able to confirm whether that controversial CF that was released in China in Korean? I want to be objective here since I am neither from Korea or China.
    From my point of view, I doubt Han Geng is anti-Korean at all. From his MV producers, his dancer to his stylist, etc they are Koreans. Even his causal conversations is peppered with Hangul. He is also in touch with some members of SJ. In his recent interviews, he usually expressed his gratitude of his time in Korea. I also believed many words could get lost in translation. I still think the media is the biggest culprit. He also hoped that he will be able to meet his Korean fans one day.
    I look foward to more interactions with Korean Gengfans because they have to be different to do what they believe in. Their impartial minds have to deal with the conflicting feelings inside them. It is indeed not easy.

    • bristlegrass says:

      I just want to point out a fact here. That controversial CF is officially in Chinese in China’s version of game, and that lady was speaking Mandarin at the shooting scene, but not sure why there is another version in Korean, it was made by that company. We are not 100% sure about the motive behind that, but based on what I heard, at that time, this company and a Korean company were in competition for something…it’s been a long time, I couldn’t remember what that was…I don’t deny the possiblity that they tried to hype up their game with Han Geng’s controversial issue with sme…no matter what, I would blame his team for not being careful enough to the contract in terms of the post-production of the CF. Although Han Geng’s current team has yet become extremely capable and sophisticated, they made mistakes, gengfans sometimes pointed out their mistakes if that gets to certain point, but I can see they are getting better and better since last year, and I have no doubt of their loyalty to Han Geng, more importantly, Han Geng is a very smart boy, he knows what he needs for now, and he feels happy and comfortable with his current team. We respect his decisions.

      • Observer says:

        Thank you bristlegrass for your reply. Han Geng indeed must learn to cover and take care of himself at all times.
        To me, as far as the SME lawsuit is concerned, it is basically between a company and an individual. Nationality should not be part of the issue at all.
        Recently, Han Geng appeared in Happy Camp and in one the forfeits, a stuntman was allowed to chomp his bicycle over and next to his face. I could not believe my eyes and was appalled that Han Geng was being subjected to such danger. Nothing is 100% in this world and dread to think of the consequences if the stuntman slipped and mash the bicycle into his handsome face!

    • valerine says:

      Media can be work efficiently for publicity but in the other way around, media really bringing bad impression and even the tool which spread out the false info, and rolling bigger and bigger to become unpleasant, unfair image to some artists (humor is one thing, one tat harm ppl’s feeling can not consider as humor at all!). Artist is an occupation, then of course they need respect from public and tat are part of their right. It is very sad to see if their right being ignored with the reason this is what they get and should accept if they want to become artist, this mind thinking is totally twisted and bewildered with it. will support new site to support korean gengfans, know their position is not easy and frankly speaking they are in awkward position. Keep on fighting !! Hangeng never forget you all, so please do jia you and be strong ..Hangeng working so hard to become better, so please do keep on ur faith to him k..

  7. S2X says:

    That’s pretty cool, I will definitely join this site when I have the time. Thanks for doing this for him!

    I am extremely touched by the Korean Gengfans who are still so loyal and dedicated to Han Geng. Sadly, you guys are only a small group in Korea now, and it must take a lot of courage and determination to still be able to stand by his side even though the majority of people over there probably hate him now thanks to those stupid rumours and mistranslations created by the media. Most people would just go with the flow but you guys chose to go against it, to see through all the lies and rumours and grab onto the truth. Because of you guys and your persistent love for him, he’ll always have an open door to enter when he decides he’s ready to go back to Korea one day. He’s not someone who will simply forget about things and people that had helped him in the past. That’s why those anti-Korea/Koreans rumours about him are completely non-sense cuz he would never say such things about a place he has called his 2nd home for 6 years and made him into the superstar he is today. I’m sure the Korean fans will always have a special place in his heart. Fighting!!! We’re with you, you’re not alone!!!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Dear Onepinetree and Korean Gengfans,
    With the latest development, Han Geng is free from any legal obligation, the day of him stepping back into Korea for his solo activities is becoming possible. There might be no concrete plan from his end, as yet. But I am still elated for you.
    You probably have gone through a long period of persecution and uncertainty, your perseverance and continuing trust in him, is amazing. To be able to still call yourself a fan of Han Geng, till today, is indeed not easy at all.
    You have my support too! 🙂

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