Destination: Indonesia

Our destination today is Indonesia where lovely palm trees sway in the breeze with bright sunshine and calm seas but not calm fans..hehehe..!!

Look at these pictures…they tell a thousand stories..!

One look at them, one can tell that they love Han Geng. It is not important on what ways and  forms they are using of showing their love for Han Geng. Different people, different strokes..the bottom line is that they love him or to be more exact, they missed him!

This brings me to mind of one very special Gengfan who made all  efforts in her own way to let HG be aware that there are Indonesian Gfs..and this was materialised today in Jakarta and Surabaya when Geng went there to promote his movie “My Kingdom”. The unfortunate thing is that she wasn’t able to go and welcome him in Jakarta not because of time constraint but because of health reasons..and one more unexpected thing happened too. She was picked as one of the winners in a contest  to meet HG in one of his events in Jakarta. How do one explain all these happenings in her life..? The phenomenon in this is that it was the 3rd time she got picked among the hundreds of contenders for a chance to go on the show to meet HG..!! The 1st time was in Singapore fan-meeting and the 2nd time was in HK when her original seat was exchanged with another and got picked. Can one say that the 1st time was by chance and the second by coincidence? Now this 3rd time she got picked, won’t it be called fate?

I know some people were skeptical of her and doubt her intents in regards to HG but I know that she is one kind-hearted girl. I would like to see the best in others and stay positive just like HG. She emulated HG in his charity work. She opened up an education centre under the name HanGeng Education Centre solely for orphans..depending on help-outs from some kind souls out there and of course GFs too. If one does good for others, then I don’t see any bad intent in that person. What does she gain for herself? Nothing…just her love for Geng. Someone who isn’t of the same skin colour with him was inspired to do something for her own people by hitting 2 birds with a stone as the proverbial saying goes. help her own kind and 2nd to make HG known in her part of the world. Of course this goes without some envy and jealousy from others.

Then there is one fan who was intrigued and inspired by her! She got to know of Rizka in Han Geng’s Baidu Bar and wondered why Chinese GFs loved her..! She grabbed the opportunity to visit Rizka in Indonesia and I asked her permission to post her encounter here. Below is the account from LoveOnlyHangeng (a pseudonym) who recently went over to Indonesia as part of her work assignment. I am truly humbled by these people who for the love of HG decided to do things in their own way to help others. This is one very good thing that is happening in the world of GengFans.. one person inspiring another and let the love flow..While we are able, we should do our part to help others who are less fortunate than us.. I know that this blog is all about HG and what is HG if I don’t share the good deeds done by fellow Gengfans on behalf of him..yes he is a star and a celebrity but the bottom line is he is human too. A star status doesn’t erase his humanity side and he has always been encouraging people to help especially young children. So once in a while I would like to feature some fans’ stories who can help inspire others that stardom is not all about being a celebrity and popularity. It is also about the struggles and the human side of a star and his fans.That is what made HG lovable to all ages and genre.

Now let’s take a look at what Han Geng is up to in Indonesia precisely Jakarta…

#1.   HG said that before he came to Indonesia, he visualised Indonesia was like Bali but now he knows that it isn’t so..there are cities like Jakarta..!! hehehe….

#2.   Indonesian Gengfans are passionate and warm..

#3.    He didn’t expect to see so many fans in Indonesia…

According to one reliable source, Han Geng is enjoying his time there and loved his fans equally..just like those in Thailand…hahaha..China’s GFs don’t get jealous….ah? All Gengfans are special to him and they occupy  a place in his heart..!! All that HG has done for his fans is as a way to repay their love and support for him..! And Gengfans are helpful in correcting MCs who did not do their homework…hehehe..!!

By LoveOnlyHangeng:

“This was my first time going to Indonesia after a long travel across some countries in South East Asia. From Perth, Australia, I went to some places in Asia for doing my job. I was so excited to come to Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara to meet one girl who I admire the most ^^ I promised spending my time with her. She is the one and only, my dearest sister, Rizka. I heard a lot about her in Han Geng baidu bar and other fansite forums. Her stories and all her wonderful experiences inspired me. I didn’t know that I would be a bit shocked that finally I could see her in person. She welcomed me warmly with her beautiful smile. It was sad to see her thin body. She lost so much weight. She looked so pale even when she grinned. I cried at that time because I was touched. She hugged me tightly. I felt the spirit in her touch. The first question I asked was her condition. She said everything was going well because everyone was praying and supporting her all the time ^^ I was there for only two days because I had something to do again. Then she invited me to spot Hangeng Education Center (HEC). When I was there, the children screamed greeting me. They ran into Rizka and me. They were so cute and friendly. I brought them some boxes of chocolate and candies. They were so happy. I was surprised, I didn’t expect that there were many children. I thought, “is Rizka strong enough to take care of these bunch of children alone?” HEC is a house of homeless orphans. There are four rooms. They eat, study, sleep, and play freely. There are two aunties helping Rizka to take care of the children. They sincerely help out her to cook and accompany the children when Rizka is not with them. I saw school stationeries, Han Geng’s stuffs such as posters and photos hang on the wall, Han Geng’s 1221 photobooks on the shelf, and Han Geng’s flags and towels in each room. All of those things were gifts from International Gengfans. Although the house is not so big, but I can feel Han Geng is there too ^^ At night, I talked a lot with Rizka. we watched together her video; dancing video with Geng. Hihi. They were too cute. She thanked a lot for my coming. She was cheerful, really kind girl. She told me about Gengfans’ supports for her and the children. They worried about her health and body. And also, they donated a lot for those little angels. She felt blessed thus she promised not to give up. She realized that helps were not always coming therefore she worked herself. She was hurt everytime the children asked about their parents. Her eyes were teary because she didn’t know how to answer them. Even Rizka tried to act like mom and dad, parents couldn’t be replaced by anything. But I strengthened her not to put so much pressure on herself and no need to be anxious of anything that happened. It would be bad for her health. Every child has a special place in God’s heart. How she hopes Han Geng visits them someday, one day, even if she is there or not. However, I believe Han Geng is proud of her effort too. She deserves getting so much love because of her pure heart and sincere love. I slept with the children that night. In whole my life, I have never slept on a carpet with one pillow and share a blanket among the children but that night was the night I slept very well. Full of joy with the children, and at that time I prayed that  may God give Rizka more power. These kids, her family, and friends need her. For Rizka, I give her my Han Geng 1221 with Han Geng’s signature and some other things she needs. I asked her to keep it for herself and the children. If God gives another  chance, then I would come again to Mataram. Or even Han Geng. Be happy, my dear angel Rizka, don’t work yourself too hard, take care of yourself. Keep up your spirit. Let’s scream together in Han Geng’s concert; we love you forever. Hugs and love..LoveOnlyHangeng” (real name is withheld by me)

I hope that you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did.. It was simply beautiful and I can just visualised all that she had mentioned..This is what made us Gengfans..because he inspires in us to be content with what we have and to be equal with all..nothing is beneath us..imagine her sleeping for the 1st time on a carpet and sharing a blanket with orphans..What HG can do to us, by digging into our lives and learned to love others. HG showed us what and who we can be and do..!!


To the uploaders of the videos I am using here. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to know the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of Indonesian fans…and to the owners of those wonderful pictures. -Thank You and Terima Kasih


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6 Responses to Destination: Indonesia

  1. Mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue, thank you so much for posting this. I have wondered about Rizka’s health since she said that she could not meet with Geng this time despite winning the ticket. Best wishes for her recovery. Her wish that Geng visit her country finally came true. She must be so happy. It is a pity that Geng cannot go to her island due to really tight schedule, but he visited an orphanage in Jakarta yesterday and from the pictures, had a great time with the children. Could it be his way of saying thanks to her? i would pray for Rizka’s recovery and she is able to see Geng’s concert next year in Indonesia.

  2. Lyn says:

    I like this blog. You guys are always positive and supportive of Han Geng, but of all the fans as well. It really makes me warm. Thank you for your effort.

    You are right, to me, it does not matter on what ways and forms fans are using of showing their love for Han Geng, as long as they are loving and supporting him. We are all different, and love him for different reasons. As long as the love and support is positive, I am happy.

  3. Observer says:

    Rizka’s altruism and her devotion to Han Geng really touched me. She is giving everything she’s got and not claiming credit for any. Her flesh is weak whilst her spirit is unrelenting.
    Does she has a site where I could make some form of donations? Thanks.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    It’s so great to hear more details on Rizka’s recent condition.
    She seems doing well. So happy to know that. LOVE is POWERFUL!!!
    Thank you very much, Garnetblue~ 🙂

  5. valerine says:

    i’m definately touch by rizka[‘s effort. Feel bad for her when i learnt tat she couldnt come to meet HG personally which she has a chance in one event bcs of health issue. Jiayou Rizka, bless u 🙂
    Hangeng did go to visit orphanage center or day care center for children, maybe one day he ll have chance to go 4 HEC. Keep on hoping and take care of ur health, Rizka.

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