This Is the End: Han Geng is Legally Free from SM Entertainment

I understand that recently, there has been quite a bit confusion and controversy regarding how Han Geng’s lawsuit case ended. As always, I trust Han Geng, and only believe in what he says. Apparently, Han Geng’s company tended to downplay this issue and only presented the situation as accurate as possible, so they basically just sent the copy of letter from Han Geng’s lawyer with Chinese translation to the media. I would like to post the letter here, and I think I’d better not translate it into English based on the Chinese translation of it for the sake of accuracy, and hopefully, Pinetree would be able to squeeze some time to translate it for us ^^ 

Anyway, based on the translation in Chinese news, we know that Han Geng and SME had achieved an agreement regarding his contract and lawsuit, then Han Geng decided to withdraw his lawsuit which was to request exclusive contract invalidation. According to the agreement, no details of this agreement should be released by neither side. Besides, Han Geng’s current company (Yuehua Entertainment) has clearly informed the media who pursued further confirmation from them, that Han Geng has no relationship with SME anymore. Here is the link of news.

I would like to skip the parts talking about his original lawsuit and the first-instance ruling from the court, and only translate the most updated information. Actually, only one sentence…

“Yesterday, Mr. Feng from Yuehua Entertainment confirmed this news to us, and stated that Han Geng is now a signed artist in Yuehua Entertainment, and has no relationship with SME anymore.”

Most of these news were released on Sept 28. And on Sept 27, and one of Han Geng’s friends, also an insider of China’s entertainment circle, stated at his miniblog that “Congratulations to Han Geng, after having been free physically and mentally for a while, you are also legally free on Sept 26 when the contract invalidation lawsuit was resolved peacefully. SME in Korea made a right and smart decision.”

To conclude, no matter what kind of agreement has been made between Han Geng and SME, Han Geng is legitimately NOT an artist under SME anymore.


What’s my take on this matter? Please do allow me write down my personal thoughts here, I haven’t expressed my feelings for this boy in public for a long time  😀  

As I said before, even if I don’t trust any of the other sources, I believe in Han Geng. Ha! This boy is just getting more and more calm and mature in dealing with complicated issues, but he is still as simple as always. He made two posts at his miniblog on Sept 26. I don’t know what matter he referred to, but he is always smart enough to speak up his attitude and feeling to his gengfans without being picked up by the sneaky media.

 “Sometimes I feel I am like a picture, whatever it has been painted, others would like to think that is what I’m supposed to be, actually I only want to be a piece of paper which can create itself freely, showing the best and the truest painting to the people who support me.”

“Movie is my dream, I treat each character seriously, and I would do all my best for any movie I have been part of. No matter it is movie or music, I will never publicize it by hyping up or making up any stunt. I want to work on a firm footing, in a down-to-earth way, this is what I want.”   

I have heard or read him making similar statements regarding his principles for countless times, but surprisingly, I never get tired of reading or hearing them. His sincerity and eager for freedom can always get me. I just know this man would give up any personal benefit or interest to take his freedom back.

Since he filed the lawsuit, many of his fans tended to find out if he had a strong and powerful backup in China, so that he could take the risk of losing everything to fight for his rights and freedom…we guessed and guessed, we used up our imaginations, we tried to figure all the networks he may reach. Now, things finally come to the end, all our conjectures are settled, he signed a newly-established and small company as his management, which is considered as not very strong or resourceful especially in terms of movie opportunities. Personally, I’m not surprised at all. What Han Geng wants from his company is respect and the maximum of independence. I believe he can get that from this one. That’s good enough. As for opportunities, he will get them when he is strong enough, even though he always devotes more than what he can get. I am 100% sure that whatever achievements or opportunities he has got by now, he deserves much more.    

As a Chinese gengfan, I think I am able to say something about Han Geng’s current situation in China. After My Kingdom, he has been recognized as one of the actors with strongest potential in acting by many professionals and the public; he is one of the most popular singers in China; his integrity and sincerity has been well known in the entertainment circle and has reached the public; he has one of largest fandom groups and receives the most devoted fan support and love.

All of these have been achieved within couple of years mainly through Han Geng’s talents, hard-working, and charms, Gengfans’ devoted love and support, and his current team members’ efforts. Han Geng should be proud of what he has achieved by now, and Gengfans around the world should be proud of what they have done in supporting him.      


Ummm…I think we’d better take a break from how good our Han Geng is inside, move on to his beauty outside. I would post several pictures of his recent activities, including a performance couple days ago and the promotion of “the First President” movie yesterday.

This is my pretty boy… 

 and this is my poor sick boy  T.T


Lastly, I want to say, Congratulations, Han Geng, for getting the freedom you value so much; Congratulations, Han Geng, for your excellent acting in My Kingdom; AND PLEASE do take care of yourself…you are not too strong to be sick after 20 days’ promotion for two movies and performances in more than 10 cities in and out of China…   

 PS: Please see the tags for all pictures’ sources


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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13 Responses to This Is the End: Han Geng is Legally Free from SM Entertainment

  1. followurdestiny says:

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂 I’m so happy for him. It really has been a rollercoaster, I hope the ride from now on will be a lot smoother and even more thrilling 😀 … Han Geng can take some rest now, and I hope he does XD — this hardworking boy who is growing into a man 😀 It’s such a wonderful sight to see!

  2. valerine says:

    Congratulation Hangeng, u are free now, no more legal battle, no more label of lawsuit dispute, that;s the most exciting and well relieve part as ever!!

    If u ask me , frankly speaking i admit i have a bit uneasy feeling watching all drama going along these day, but i wouldnt want it to overpower my joy to celebate hangeng;s freedom!! go hangeng go!!

    Actually, there;s one pic tat i feel pity for him, look an innocent boy and with facial expressing which obviously show how tired he would be... poor hangeng yet knowing u have bit sick made me slightly worry abt ur condition. From schedule itself, hangeng's activity is pack. So, hopefully u get ur rest start from China's national day on 1 Oct. TQ for the sharing, appreciate so much!!

  3. Observer says:

    Frankly speaking, I feel that this mutual agreement to finalise the lawsuit is just a show requested by SM. The fact that they did not pursue after they filed the appeal could indicate that they either have nothing solid to work on or they have soften their stand. So instead of facing an outright defeat, SM saved face by declaring an amicable agreement outside court. And of course for Han Geng, without a doubt he has now gained official legal freedom from SM. Congratulations!

  4. Lyn says:

    I heard that they were going to lose the appeal because really they had no grounds. So they made a deal to save face. Either way…Han Geng got what he wanted. Still annoyed that some media outlet reported this wrong and mislead fans into thinking he is back in SME…but they will realize their error soon enough. It’s fine with me.

  5. garnetblue says:

    Thank you for this post…Bristlegrass..hehehe…
    After all is said and done, we should just trust Han Geng’s actions and decisions.
    I am sure there are certain details which we should not delve into as they are confidential and between said parties.
    I would still like to believe that the verdict still stands as record purposes.
    I do hope that Han Geng knows what he is doing. After such a brutal fight in the courts and he was declared the winner, he shouldn’t just give in lightly to SME knowing how vicious they are. I do hope that they keep to their side of the agreement and would not turn around and bite Han Geng in the butt.
    Han Geng is also partly accountable to his many GRice who stood by him in his struggles to gain freedom and should be somewhat responsible for that.
    It wasn’t his fight alone, there were many GRice who “fought” together with him..and I am sure he knows it…!
    One thing for sure is this…Han Geng would never agree to is a flawed agreement which do not favour him. In the first instance, that’s what his lawsuit was all about,…to gain his freedom and cut-off all ties with SME…!! I hope that he made this clear and secured his independent from them….
    We are not privy to know all the details and their concerns as we are not the primary parties involved, but as his fans and supporters, HG needs to give an answer as a way to thank them who stood by him through thick and thin…
    So mark this day in your calenders that HG officially gained his freedom and no more speculations..
    It’s final…!! So let us all move on…!!
    Let’s look ahead and forward to his expansion in the movie world and hopefully into the Korean market too..!! Korean GRice, wait for him, he is coming….hehehe…

  6. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the post!
    Congrats to Han Geng!!! and please be healthy and happy everyday!
    He is one man who is strong in spirit and mind. He is very focus on his dream, and very clear of his objective. From observing afar, over many chaotic months, I am convinced, and have learnt to completely trust his judgement. He walks his talk.
    Wrt his choice of his new management company, it reflected again on his character. Despite the fact that he is insanely popular, and highly sought after, he chose to work with a small, relatively unknown company. He could, but he would not, rely on strong backup to achieve his dream. He wants to work his way up, step by step. I am liking his down-to-earth attitude. My respect for him is up by a notch.

    • Tiffany says:

      One thing to add.
      He mentioned more than once that his fans should focus on their studies and work, and have time for themselves. Don’t waste time following him around. Not to spend their parents’ money on his stuff. Any extra cash should go to charity. No need to welcome him at the airport each time he flies.
      OMG, which artiste would speak his mind as such? Which company would allow him such freedom of speech that is in conflict of their interest?

  7. mish says:

    Another good article, Bristlegrass.
    This is the best result that I hoped for, after I heard him telling the Korean fan in program that it was about time he did something (about Korea) and then his boss in Yuehua had business dealings in Korea. Han Geng’s goal is to gain his freedom to live and perform, not victory, not doing harms to SM or others. This mutual agreement (and the low tone announcement) does exactly what he wants. He (and his work) now has chance to go to Korea one day. He also should have more movie and performance opportunities that were denied him due to the lawsuit and SM relations. Moreover, his kind heart can now rest easy when facing his friends and collegues in Korea. For SM, the benefits are great, The cancellation of original lawsuit means not just saving face and reputation, but that others would not be able to seek same lawsuit with court sample. This result really benefits both.
    It is time to leave the past to the past. He has a great future ahead that we can look forward to.

  8. I’m happy to hear that Geng has had a more peaceful ending to the lawsuit than JYJ. I just hope that SME doesn’t get in Han Geng’s way like they have been doing with JYJ as far as media promotions go in South Korea. I just really wished this lawsuit hadn’t created the gap it did between Geng and the other SuJu members, especially Heechul who was so heartbroken over not even being warned this was going to happen when they were such best friends. Although, I kind of feel that Han Geng felt Heechul might try to persuade him not to and that it would make it harder for him if he discussed it with him. I really hope that now that this is all over, that Geng is able to face the SuJu members, especially Heechul even though he’s in the military now, and begin to mend the bond that was broken. To see a friendship become severed after so many years is really heartbreaking and one can only hope that one day they will come together, but in the end it’s all up to them.

    • valerine says:

      between him and sj is their own business. nobody really know what happen between them, and that is their privacy, so they need not to share it in front of public, then it’s fine. Whatever speculation tat was made abt their relationship maybe close to truth maybe not even close to what we imagine of.

      fans is fans, idols is idols. All are different individuals and responsible to ur own self.
      if they feel comfortable to do what they think is right, then let it be… afterall they are adult. believe they will make their life as good as it would be. Best wishes….

  9. roma kz situmeang says:

    i hope hangeng back to Super junior ;-(

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