Geng O Geng

Many days have gone by and still we are not keeping an update on the blog..You readers may ask this question everyday, waiting for the new post or update..hehehe

Well many days have passed and still what is there to write about Han Geng that which you don’t already know about?

Yet in recent days, there were speculations that Han Geng had injured himself on the head and needed stitches..Well that may be true and as to the cause of that, no-one knows except his crew and staff..hehehe.!!

Just so that to make Han Geng visible again, I am going to post some recent pictures of the accumulated events that Han Geng attended.

But first things first, Han Geng will be in New York for the Chinese Film Festival events and the tentative date is November 9 at AMC Village Vll. There is another chart schedule posted a day ago which put Han Geng and director Cao XiaoSong on November 11 so just check in for latest updates later.

Let me see, Han Geng has been to many places in Asia since he went solo, and the places he has been are quite unexpected.Take for example, Surabaya in Indonesia which not many popular stars would visit..! Majority of foreign stars would just stopped in Jakarta but not so in Surabaya..and therefore it was understandable of the chaotic disorder there when Han Geng appeared! Can’t fault them for their frenzy and  their arduous behaviour. Their exuberance cannot be contained..!! For a little known Chinese star like Han Geng to be recognised  in Indonesia was already a huge achievement for him. He had made a big impact in that part of the world whether he is aware of it or not…

Just yesterday, he performed at the opening day of the Nanning International Folk Songs Festival as the finale performer and brought the house down..!! He sang just two songs, QUEEN and MY LOGO and literally the crowd just surged forward to the stage when he appeared. There were some positive feed-backs from various sectors, like staffs from the organisers of the event who praised Han Geng’s attitude and GengFans’ conduct, which made their jobs easier to manage.

There was one GF who mentioned that while she was waiting for a bus to the airport to pick up Han Geng,  a car approached her  and  the driver asked her whether she is going to the airport to pick up HG. The car was in fact carpooling  people to the airport with a fare of 30 yuan pax. What surprises her was that how did the driver know that she was going to the airport, precisely to pick up Han Geng? There was nothing on her which indicates that she is a GengFan/Rice…hahaha..Did her face show any tell-tale signs? Anyway,that was her fan-account and to me it was astounding that people can spot a GengFan anywhere..!! hahaha!!

This group of dancers are no ordinary dancers. They are GengFans who practiced a  dance for Han Geng to welcome him to Nanning.. Whether they were able or not to perform for Han Geng, I have no idea but it was mentioned that they were all ready to dance for Han Geng when he arrived at the airport..!!

I hope these pictures can satiate you readers for some time…!

I would just like to make mention of a little project that is now on-going at It is called Han Geng Birthday Project 2012. Maybe some of you are interested to participate in go and join them. Below is the link to the page…

For those who would like to purchase My Kingdom DVD here are the links.

“My Kingdom” DVD YesAsia links
My Kingdom (DVD) (China Version) – DVD Regional All, Chinese subtitles

My Kingdom (DVD-9) (China Version) – DVD Region 6, Chinese + English subtitles
courtesy of


As usual, I would like to thank those whose works I am using here, like their pictures and video clips..Thank you.

P.S. When you watch the video on the Nanning concert event, did you hear what the English speaking host said when she introduced HG? Did she say ” Taiwanese singer, Han Geng?” Please share your views.. Thanks

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12 Responses to Geng O Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~ our Han Geng is relatively quiet recently. I do hope Han Geng could take more rest now, but seems unlikely…Anyway, I’m waiting for his next big move.

    About the English intro in the video, I am not quite sure about what this host said, her pronounciation wasn’t clear enough, she mumbled a little bit, I think…Haha, I didn’t pay attention. BUT from my point of view, the cameramen literally suck, they almost missed out all Han Geng’s important moves by either shooting far away or only shooting the upper part of his body for couple seconds…I truly want to see his moves in Queen’s dance, since he didn’t use this song a lot 😦

  2. garnetblue says:

    Attention readers, The event in Bangkok, Thailand, has been adjourned/postponed due to the flood-waters reaching Bangkok from the North..

  3. Observer says:

    Ok, I have turned up the volume and the host seem to be saying, ‘ Coming up, we welcome the talented singer, actor on stage……’.
    About Han Geng’s head injury and the way Han Geng dressed up his head, I believed is true. But I am curious why it is like a classified matter. The injury is probably nothing serious but it is funny to pretend nothing happened at all.
    Things seemed to be kinda quiet lately and I wish Han Geng will be receiving another great movie deal soon.

    • bristlegrass says:

      His head was injured, and got three sutures. I heard that the hair around the wounded area has to be shaved when getting stitches, so he cannot make any hairstyle and has to wear cap to cover it up when performing. I think it’s not a secret, just Han Geng doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, and he doesn’t want Gengfans to be worried.

  4. says:

    支持韩庚 也没想到 还有这么多默默支持他的人朋友

  5. mish says:

    For anyone who is planning to see Han Geng in New York, the tickets for Nov 8 opening ceremony is already on sale. ($25+$10 fee) The tickets for Nov 11 ‘My Kingdom” movie and Q&A with Geng ($6) will be on sale on Nov 4. Here is the link.

    The film festival is recruiting volunteers. If anyone is interested, here is the link for application.

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