“My Kingdom” – New York Itinerary

As previously mentioned, Han Geng will be going to the New York Chinese Movie Festival this November; it is confirmed.

The date is as follows. He will be there from November 8 to 11 as per his official website.

As I have mentioned quite often, this blog has the best GF readers. Why? Well many of you are participating actively with us by posting your own opinions and news in the comments section…Here is one proof of a beloved GF who wanted to share more info on Han Geng’s itinerary in New York and how to avail of it..our regular reader, Mish posted one such latest news on that.

mish says:

For anyone who is planning to see Han Geng in New York, the tickets for Nov 8 opening ceremony is already on sale. ($25+$10 fee) The tickets for Nov 11 ‘My Kingdom” movie and Q&A with Geng ($6) will be on sale on Nov 4. Here is the link. http://www.nycff.org/en/TICKETS/

The film festival is recruiting volunteers. If anyone is interested, here is the link for application. http://www.nycff.org/en/JOIN/

the tickets for Nov 11 “My Kingdom” movie and Q&A is already on sale in Bloomspot. https://www.bloomspot.com/new-york/ny-chinese-film-festival/
The film festival said that the tickets for Han Geng’s event is selling fast. They said after you buy the ticket, you will get an email offering a link to RSVP for any film and Q&A you want.

I hope that with this latest info, it can help our readers who are planning to go there next week.

Hope you give a warm and friendly welcome to Han Geng and company. Hope that Han Geng will have a memorable time with you guys in New York. Hope that in future he will go to USA more frequently in the course of promoting his up-coming movies..hehehe!!

All you GFs out there, have a wonderful time with Han Geng in New York…!

I do hope that he will be “asked” to sing the theme song of “My Kingdom”……at the festival.!!

Credits: to the owner of the picture and thanks to Mish for the info..

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25 Responses to “My Kingdom” – New York Itinerary

  1. valerine says:

    Thank you for the update post of geng’s trip to New York for Chinese movie festive. Looking forward for this, thanks

  2. rizkahangeng says:

    my jie jie in US is ready for this event in New York ^^ Han Geng, welcome to New York.

  3. mish says:

    You are welcome, Garnetblue. I hope more Gangfans will show up at Lincoln Center in two days to give a warm welcome to Han Geng. Ha Ha.

    Another news here: The US and Canada version of “My Kingdom” DVD is available on Amazon for pre-order now with publishing date at Feb 14 2012. http://www.amazon.com/My-Kingdom-Chun-Wu/dp/B005TZFZ8I/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1320624133&sr=8-3

  4. garnetblue says:

    Thank you to all you readers out there..You have made this very exciting..!!
    Hope to see lots of pictures from the event later this week. Ha Geng is flying off to New york soon..hehehe!!

    • mish says:

      Yes. Geng is on the plane now for New York. He should arrive at EWR around 5pm this afternoon. It is a pitty I cannot go to airport to welcome him.

  5. Mandy says:

    Do u guys think I should get him some American food goodies? Will it be appropriate to hand him stuff at the Q&A session?

    EWR! Not JFK? Prob to avoid traffic?

  6. garnetblue says:

    I am catching on the excitement of you girls there..!!
    Please ‘supply” us with loads of pictures and video clips, ok? Thanks..
    I am anticipating what kind of attire he will be wearing for the red-carpet..?hehehe
    Looking forward to the event though I am thousands of miles away…
    It came to my knowledge that “My Kingdom” won the award Golden Angel in one of the Film Fest in LA, I think. Anybody can confirmed on this please? Thanks

    • deepocean02 says:

      @大武生制片人 27日:超长一天。十几个小时飞抵洛杉矶,直奔“中美电影节”开幕式现场。看到在美国电影之都举办盛大的中国电影人的聚会,甚感欢畅。席间“大武生”喜获“金天使”青睐,原有之疲顿瞬间消逝。心中充满感激,谢谢所有为影片付出过的……

    • valerine says:

      i think his carpet appearance should be in black attire as his favourite and mostly would go for black suit because in such big occasion, he will wear formally to attennd the event. For Q&A session, probably casual black attire as well, let;s see how’s he go for…

      please, anyone … i mean anyone … plz generously share pic of geng, no matter what angle u have is well accepted and appreciate!! have fun guys!! well, i should copy these statements and pleads to twitter and hopefully more ppl respond to my wish~~ hehe…

    • mish says:

      Yes, Garnetblue. “My Kingdom” received Golden Angel award from Chinese American Film Festival in LA in October.
      See http://www.cafilmfestival.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=502&Itemid=113&lang=en


  8. followurdestiny says:

    An exclusive interview by AKPF (credits to them) Just linking the article here. It’s a very interesting read <33

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for the link..I just finished reading it. Never knew that Han Geng is so flirty outside China..He is real charming, no wonder he could charm over girls’ hearts. I supposed he has conquered America in a way..And he said that he is not good with words!! That goes to show that still waters run deep..he will rise to the occasion when the situation calls for it..hehehe..!

    • valerine says:

      Like to read tat article. we got to know the other side of hangeng, envy jay who get to interviewed him in person and have a picture, so good~~
      Glad to see hangeng enjoy himself in NY trip 🙂

  9. Hi there fellow GFs, I noticed this website a few days ago and it’s overflowing with love for HanGeng! I had the opportunity to interview him and the video of the interview will be released by @AKPF soon. I’ve uploaded other video from the My Kindgom viewing interview and Q&A with fans in the meantime as people wait for the exclusive one-on-one. Enjoy everyone and let’s keep showing support to HanGeng! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL51D447A6A266D67D

    • valerine says:

      It’s great interview and like it very much.
      Notice AKPF had articles about hangeng’s endorsement and magazine, thanks a lot ~~

    • Observer says:

      Hi Jay, welcome and nice to hear from you! The more we share about Han Geng, the merrier and fun it will be!

  10. christinelee says:

    wish he comes to visit us here in Aus 🙂

  11. I think it’s so funny how he’s said he’s a bad lover, not romantic, bad with words etc, but yet he can flirt with an American reporter XD

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