Tidbits On Han Geng

Aahhhh….Han Geng finally surfaced from his hibernation after a month of “non-appearance” in public..!!  So I decided to post some latest pictures of him in certain events which he had graciously attended…

Can you see Han Geng? He is hidden under the cap and scarf…but I can recognised him anywhere even if he tried to go “in disguise” hahaha!! Look at all those stuff..! Indeed, he doesn’t travel light..!! This picture is taken back stage while waiting his turn on stage..! In waiting, he uses his time by playing games on his psp..

Anyone can guess what’s this event is, right? So I don’t have to elaborate further..hehehe..There is a very good article in that magazine..It seems that they are not tired of featuring Han Geng in their issues..that means that anything on Han Geng sells..giving them big bucks in terms of sales..

Below is an excerpt from the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine December issue.

Han Geng Turns Life into an Adventure
At the “My Kingdom” premiere, all the reporters received a big gift set containing a yogurt drink endorsed by Han Geng, cookies, chocolates, hand wipes, movie ticket voucher, eco friendly reusable bag as well as a letter asking the media “to accept this young man who is dedicated to march into the movie world with open heart and mind”, from Han Geng’s fans. It is Han Geng’s debut movie in a leading role. Just in the Beijing district alone, 47 Han Geng fans clubs group purchased tickets to the movie. (Post) hotly discussed on Weibo is “Mankind can no longer stop Han Geng’s fans.”

Han Geng who makes so many people crazy for him is actually a genuine kid; even his dreams give out a sense of righteousness. “If I wasn’t an actor, I would be a soldier. I would like to go on an adventure with my girlfriend in the future.” But an upstanding person sometimes can be crazy too. Gundam models, extreme sports are his favorites; very manly.

Possess Super Power to Teleport
I originally planned to travel to several countries for my last vacation. However I did not get to travel to many places due to visa issues and distance between places. That is why I particularly would want to possess the super power to teleport. Even from the Antarctic to the Arctic, I could get there in the blink of an eye. This way I don’t have to waste time on transport. I could even travel across the universe and into the space!

Play Extreme Sports
I like the feeling of being placed on field of death and fight to live. Extreme sports is tempting to me. I have tried bungee jumping and skydiving, the rush of excitement to the numbing effect (of the brain) by free falling from atop such a high altitude. There are many of these activities that I have yet to try, such as aggressive inline skating, mountain boarding, BMX cycling and etc. Thinking of it gives me hope in life and I will challenge each of them one by one.

Go On an Adventure in Primeval Forest with Girlfriend
I want to go to the Antarctic the most and to circle around the North Pole. I also want to go to a primeval forest, go with my girlfriend. It is isolated there and there are many rare or even dangerous plants and animals in there. We can go on an adventure together. I will protect my girlfriend. The two of us will never be separated after experiencing this kind of journey together.

Be a Street Performer for a Day
Street performer is really the master of all. If possible, I would also like to try experiencing this life style, not for money, solely for the love of music, love of arts. Simply perform for the sake of self happiness.

Be a Gundam
I want to be a fighter like Gundam who can battle freely with enemies although it sounds very violent, haha. I like to assemble Gundam models, putting thousands of pieces together for a (final) piece of work. (T/N: I am not exactly sure if Han Geng meant he wanted to be a Gundam or own a Gundam. But it seems his response meant he wanted to be a Gundam)

Held Father’s Gun
If I was not in the entertainment business, I would probably be a soldier or a pilot because my father came from a military background. My father had a profound influence on my development. For example, (he taught me) to be dependable and (do things) seriously, don’t be over-ambitious, must be responsible for own work and to family. I have liked military styled clothing; very handsome and manly.

Play a Complex Villain
I want to play a character that is very different from my true self, such as the complex villain played by Nicolas Cage in Face Off. Obviously, just being handsome is far from enough to play such character; needs to mobilize each and every body cell.

source: Harper’s Bazaar December 2011 Issue
shared by: yukicorn@geng-bao.net
translated by: hannie@geng-bao.net
Please take out with full credits.

Thanks to our friends over at Gengbao.net we are able to read this interview..!

“I also want to go to a primeval forest, go with my girlfriend. It is isolated there and there are many rare or even dangerous plants and animals in there. We can go on an adventure together. I will protect my girlfriend. The two of us will never be separated after experiencing this kind of journey together.

This particular portion made me smile when I read it..and I burst out laughing in the end..! Oh Han Geng..! how naive are you? Who will protect who in the end? It’s unpredictable in the jungle anything can happen there!! hehehe..But it was nice to know his inner thoughts and looking for ways and means to keep a relationship. He at least showed effort in trying to make relationships strong and to keep them..unlike others who break-off easily..He values marriage..! And he is trying to make sure that they understand each other and sacrifice for one another..Yes! that’s what marriage is all about..looking after the other person’s interests and protect them. It’s a give and take situation in marriage.. you give some and you take some..none can be selfish or self-centred in a marriage..! Good for you Han Geng…! Hope you can put all these ideas and energy  into practice in your marriage..!

In Bangkok, Thailand

If one looked carefully, one would notice that his attire has a hint of Thai element..especially the trousers..

This one is very similar to the Thai costume.. Anyone would like to comment on this? Maybe our friends from Thailand can verify this..hehehe! I am talking about the style..!At a quick glance, I can see the similarity and that’s why I am humbled by his sensitivity towards the Thai people, by being identified as one among them..in order to help them overcome their recent hard times..

Let’s compare with the real Thai costume…what’s your observation? hehehe!!

This Gengfan was successful in bidding for Han Geng’s PSP which was auction to help the victims of the recent flooding in Thailand..If I remember correctly, it was between 20,000 – 25,000 baht. that was the price she paid..I don’t know what’s the cost of a brand new unit, anybody has any idea? hehehe..!!

This lady got the bid for Han Geng’s fedora..I don’t know how much was the bid, so anyone would careto tell us..hehehe

And this necklace with his special logo, was also auctioned off but unfortunately, I don’t know to who and I don’t have a picture of it… I am sure if Han Geng auction any of his personal items, they would be sold off..! I wonder when will he auction his kisses? Do you think that he will ever do that? hahaha Being such a gentleman and a gallant one at that, I don’t think he  will ever do that even if in the most dire of straits..He is saving his kisses for his future wife but wait..what about the on-screen kisses? hohoho…

This one to wrap-off today’s post..! You will definitely like this one..! It’s one in a zillion chances you’ll ever come across this again..!! Sorry Geng, I can’t help it..you are too tempting and gorgeous to not share this with the others…

Happy reading guys..! So sorry for being “silent” for a while…was too busy with home affairs..take care guys..will come back with another post soon..before the year is out..hahaha!!

Credits: as tagged in the pictures. Also to gengbao.net and the video up-loader

Thanks guys…!





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8 Responses to Tidbits On Han Geng

  1. sty says:

    terimakasih garnetblue, dia terlihat lucu di pic terakhir. hahaha

  2. mish says:

    Nice to see your post again, Garnetblue. I have a few comments.
    1. I think the first picture was taken in the airport VIP room. A traveler there took it and posted on weibo.
    2. The lady won both bids for the hat and the necklace. I think it was 20,000 baht for hat and 25,000 baht for the necklace. PSP was less price.
    3. I seems that you are right. His clothing does look like Thai style. He also used darker foundation on his face. He must really love Thailand.
    4. The last picture by his stylist is funny. But I like the “Angry bird cake” picture better. The HK fans carry the cakes from HK to Thailand for his Christmas gift. After traveling and working two days nonstop, he spent time in midnight to assemble them, took pictures, edited and posted them to show his appreciation. He really is a good kid.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you Mish. I appreciate all the feed-backs here..That’s why I always say that GengFans are the best..helping each other irregardless of race and status in life…
      And yes I have that picture of the “angry bird cake” as per HG’s weibo entry..hahaha..!

  3. mizo9k says:

    For more information.
    In Thai, for new PSP is about 7,000 baht.
    I think she paid for it 20,ooo baht.

    For his clothing, On that day I and my friend wondered about his trousers.
    but didn’t think it seem like Thai style until read your post. ^ ^

  4. valerin says:

    thanks for the article~ very joyful , very meaningful charity bidding from generous fans
    memorable trip of thai to have especially the angry bird cake make its scene and pic of hangeng fooling around with his coworker~~ joyful !

  5. smile says:

    To tell the truth I haven’t read the translation of the Harper magazine, thanks for sharing it 🙂 like you I’m smiling at the part where he would like to have an adventure with her girlfriend in some sort of forest, surely the type of girl he prefer must be adventure as he is…and for the trip to Thailand this time I am please to read he donates his things to help the victim…

  6. misuxx says:

    Oh i can never get tired of that pic of him wrapped in a towel showing off his amazing booty hahaha! Did you guys know that “Han Geng’s ass” was a trending topic on twitter the day this pic got posted on All Kpop? LOL!!!

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