人氣小天王韓庚- Popular Little Heavenly King Han Geng

The year of 2011 is going to end soon..To be exact, there is only about 14 days left …!

With this countdown to the New Year, I have been anticipating Han Geng’s moves these last few days..Compared to this time last year, he is not as fully booked this year. This is not because his popularity has dimmed but because he is too busy working in other areas of interest like “filming a TV series maybe?” “Redoing his 2nd album over again to get his own satisfaction on perfection..?” This boy has his own high standards on quality and he is his own quality controller!! Nothing shoddy or of inferiority can passed his eagle eyes and his “sense of uprightness”.. He always give his all and most often than not, over what is expected of him..and that costs him his health..he doesn’t take care of himself enough! He is a giver not a taker..!

Even he is not as busy as last year, he still commands an absence presence in the entertainment circle..Though he is not seen at most times, like recently, but he is felt in many ways. I thought that this year he won’t be receiving any awards for his works because he wasn’t doing much activities in relation to his music, but I was wrong! He received an award in the recent New York Chinese Film Festival for the “Asia’s Most Popular Artist” Below is the compilation list of his awards in 2011 courtesy of gengbao.net

2011-05-05 L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award Ceremony
Won Music Scene New Power award

2011-06-24  2011 China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Migu Exhange Ceremony
Won “Artiste of The Year”
Won “Singer Who’s the Most Popular Search Term of the Year

2011-08-19 LUX 2011 Fashion Power Awards & Fashion Weekly 5th Anniversary Celebration
Won “Asian Idol of The Year”

2011-11-11 2nd New York Chinese Film Festival
Won “Asian’s Most Popular Artist”

2011-12-04 Beijing Entertainment’s 10 Years of Influential Power Award Ceremony
Won “Most Popular Idol Singer”

So here I am amazed at his achievements once again without much efforts from him..!

Now, let’s see what he is up to this year-end…He is starting to get busy this week with him flying all over China once again.. I won’t be surprised if China’s Airline Industry awarded him with an award like “Most Frequent Flying Artist of the Year” ..kekeke…!!

He recently came back from Thailand and as always I see in him a sense of being unchained and free while he is there..he seems to me like he is setting himself free and wild over in Thailand..maybe because of the different aura and atmosphere ! “Thai princesses” tend to pamper him a lot and make him feel like a Thai prince..hahaha!! Do not get me wrong here, I am trying to project Han Geng as giving off different aura in different places depending on the degree of heat in the global gengfans..!

It looked like it’s the time of the year for Han Geng to bless others.. In Thailand he auctioned his personal items to kick-off the donations for the recent flood hit victims..Now he was in Jinan for the opening of Yishion new store and he also donated RMB 100,000 to students of the university there..(can someone please give the name of the university)



This other video is to show you what kind of father Han Geng is going to be..


Han Geng is not just going to be a pampering father to his children but also a strict disciplinarian and good counselor too..I read from one magazine article that he won’t tell or dictate what his children will do but allow them to find their own destiny in life in order for them to learn of life..I can see where he is going with that philosophy…it simply means this…I will support and provide for you but you will have to find your own life and do your part as well. This is a good way to start children in the journey of life…let them learn through experience and that will make them strong spiritually and emotionally..very good principle.!!

Oh yes!! Our popular little heavenly king will be in Shenzhen for the New Year’s Eve Revelry countdown party..!Watch out for him..! Let’s hope he will introduce his new songs from his 2nd album..!! I am anticipating that from him…..by giving us a wonderful surprise.!!!


Credits: as tagged in the video clips, pictures and gengbao.net thanks

P.S – If anyone find any discrepancies in my write-up here, please kindly rectify and comment. Thank you..I would be most appreciative …hehehe

Han Geng’s (Tentative) December Schedule

17th Dec. – China Mobile Fan Club, Zhejiang, Jiaxing

18th Dec. – China Mobile Fan Club, Zhejiang, Jinhua

22nd Dec. – Xinxiang Large-scale star-studded concert, Henan

23rd Dec. – Hohhot china Mobile Fan Club, Inner Mongolia

31st Dec. – Shenzhen Satellite TV New Yr’s Eve Sonic Boom Concert

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6 Responses to 人氣小天王韓庚- Popular Little Heavenly King Han Geng

  1. sty says:

    I won’t be surprised if China’s Airline Industry awarded him with an award like “Most Frequent Flying Artist of the Year” .. aku sangat menyukai ini kkkkk… begitu banyak penghargaan yang telah dia dapatkan. semoga tahun yang akan datang lebih dan lebih baik untuk nya. terimakasih garnetblue. kuharap tahun depan kau lebih sering dan rajin mem pos nya disini kekkekeke

    • valerin says:

      semoga dia sentiasa bahagia dan sihat belaka
      menghargai dia sebagai artist yang penuh dengan kasih sayang dan menjadi motivasi, inspirasi untuk membantu lebih banyak orang ~~ menanti album barunya di mana dia banyak mencurahkan usaha dari perfectionist hangeng ^^

  2. Thank you for post the link,I hope to share a better video to more people,and Han Geng also be more to international.
    Keep going!
    Add concert video ~
    111203-2011 Unlimited Music Club Concert(XinJiang)

    111211-China Mobile Stars Concert(BeiJing)

  3. mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue, Nice work again! The students he and Yishon donated to are disabled students from poor families in Shandong, not to a university. About December schedule, Henan concert on the 22th was cancelled due to weather. But he mentioned that he will join a charity event on the 28th.

  4. valerin says:

    i shall call him upon the title of charity geng which i found best suit to his identity besides respectable artist ^_^

    he shows that he really cares abt the charity and he do what he promote, hopefully this can inspire more ppl following his foot step engaging into charity world, of course with own circumstances and condition ~~

    thanks garnet for ur article

  5. bristlegrass says:

    Wow~~~my dear Garnetblue, thank you so much for the updates!!! I will finish my work for this term pretty soon, will be back soon!!! Now is December 21 in China. I think I will remember this date in my entire life.

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