Han Geng is “Daddy-Long-Legs”

The title might be a bit shocking to some of you but to the rest it may not be so……

When you first read the title, what flashes through your mind at that moment? Does the image you have is that of an insect or the novel by that title? Have anyone of you read the novel “Daddy-Long-Legs” or even watched the movie? I was reminded of this name when I watched the last public activity of Han Geng for the year 2011, it was so apt…The launching of “Love Life” charity project (China) press conference on 28th December.Tag-line is ” I am a pioneer of charity

I learned in that conference of what Han Geng really do behind the cameras in his own spare time. Han Geng is a celebrity, a star, an idol, an actor or whatever you may want to call him..but once in his own private time, no-one really knows what he is up to except a few of his intimate and closest friends. We only get to see his “star-side” and that of “in-front-of-camera” side, so therefore we know very little of his private life..but that is not to say that it is bad or being negative..! By now, most if not all ardent GengFans have already known who and what Han Geng is! What we see on stage or in camera, Han Geng is Han Geng…no frills, no thrills, just simple and plain Han Geng…In other words, what you see is what you get..!

From the little of what we see of Han Geng either in the distant or up-close, his conduct and character do not lie. Even when he is under pressure, he never burst out into tantrums or behaved like a “divo”.

He is always a gentleman and a “soldier”..hehehe..! Why a soldier, you may asked. Well, it’s because he is the son in the 3rd generation of a soldier family..Traditionally, especially in Chinese culture, parents usually wanted their children to follow in their footsteps..for example, if their great, great grandparents/fathers were doctors, the sons/daughters are expected to carry on the trade so as to keep the name/trade alive.

Han Geng when he was very young was expected to follow in that footsteps but “fate” took a turn in his life (if one may say so) when his elementary dance teacher noticed his talents in dance (traditional). So because of the intuition and conviction of that teacher, Han Geng’s parents were approached for permission to further developed his talents in Beijing (Cultural University for the Minorities (in dance)) where all talented and aspiring students aimed for. He not only graduated there but was also a star student and impressive too. He may be a nobody in that vast campus but was never a nondescript student..everywhere he went (in that campus) he was noticed, probably because of his good looks and tall stature..hehehe More than that of his good features (although it helps) he was an excellent dancer..He excelled in many areas and that’s why his presence was felt among the students and teachers. What little opportunity he had, he grabbed them with both of his hands making the most use of it..He impacted those whom he had met or have acquainted with…that is Han Geng!

Coming back to his present state in this time, Han Geng is noticeable to many among his peers as a very soft-hearted person but with a firm conviction of what he wanted in life..From the time he left China to pursue his career in South Korea, he already visualised what his future is going to shape like, but unfortunately or fortunately, things didn’t go the way he expected to be.

Seven years down that road, he was back to square one, by starting all over again in 2009/2010 in China. That seven years was a learning experience for him and a growing-up period too..

Today, Han Geng is standing tall and proud as an individual and nevertheless a  solo artist whose acclaims are being sounded in the entertainment circle and beyond..! All these glitters do not fazed him because he knows what is reality..these are temporary things to have for a moment. They come with his status as a star but after all the glittering gold-dust have settled, life still has to go on ..He looked at all these as a means to his livelihood,  to earn for his family and give them financial support.

What Han Geng earns is put back into society..by funding poor students to give them an  opportunity to attend school and be a good contributor to society rather than to become a burden of the state. He has a good vision, helping others to help themselves. By doing so, Han Geng is making these students to be model citizens when they reach adulthood..and thereby eradicating poverty bit by bit..easing the burden of the state. This will also make the students realised that they are valued and are people with worth..!!

In this video clip, Han Geng mentioned that he is sponsoring 7 students, in the aspects of their  education and daily expenses up to  university level…! He is so kind for taking such a risk..who knows what will happen in the future? Where will he get the money? So in conclusion, he has to work and work in order to earn the money to help these children..these are the only ones whom he make-mentioned but what about those he did not mention?

Remember the video clip where he carried a baby in Thailand? I have an inkling that that child is also under his sponsorship….

So to end this year of 2011, let’s have a wonderful year ahead..together with Han Geng..! Meet him tonight in ShenZhen New Year’s Eve concert..

And for those of you who are living in Europe, please take note that Han Geng will be going to Florence and Milan, Italy from January 10 to 18th..2012!! A beautiful start to a new year..and on CCTV Spring Gala Night, see Han Geng there too..!!

Here is wishing all our friends and readers a very

Happy and Prosperous 2012..!!

May the new year brings you good health and family reunions..!!

May your “piggy-banks” over-flow with blessings and riches..!!

To one and all…God bless you..!!

Thanks for sticking with us throughout the year and hope to see you all again next year..!!

새해 복 많이 받으세요



Selamat Tahun Baru

Manigong Bagong Taon

Buon Anno

Joyeux Nouvel An

If some of you can’t find your greetings here, I apologize for the omission…please add them in the comments column so that we know who our readers are..hehehe..thanks


to all our friends and readers who took quality pictures and videos which we used very often..a big “thank you”

to those who translated press & magazines articles..we appreciate your works..”thank you”

to all who contributed in the comments…we felt your support..”thank you”

to my fellow bloggers…thank you for giving me the opportunity to practice my writing skills..hehehe..”감사합니다” & “谢谢”






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10 Responses to Han Geng is “Daddy-Long-Legs”

  1. Mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue and anyone who is reading, Happy happy New Year 2012!
    I love “Daddy-long-legs” novel. I love Han Geng. But never did I connect them. That is very good imagination! I wish Geng’s “Love Life” movement in China will be taken well and more people will be happier in their lives in 2012 due to his effort.

  2. onepinetree says:

    Dear Garnet Blue, always grateful for your posts at our blog. Now I am writing this comment in the new year of 2012 :). Happy New Year 2012!!!!! What can I talk about this young man, Han Geng? I am just glad that I get to know him as my idol and my star. Every time I hear about this kind of news about Han Geng, it is no more surprise. What I know about Han Geng is that all those charity activities are from his heart.

    Here is the link I translated three years ago.

    Unfortunately, the pictures appeared to be expired. If you want to see the original pictures, you can go to the Korean photographer’s blog directly:

    I just want to re-emphasize what the Korean photographer observed Without camera:
    “Although all of them were bright and cheerful,
    which was just a pleasure to watch,
    especially Han Geng often grabed my attention.

    Because I was unable to carry the camera all along,
    I had to take pictures whenever I had chances.

    Nevertheless, Han Geng faced kids with very warm eyes and helping hands.

    Although it’s same for other members,
    in particular Han Geng looked warm.

    Without constrain, he put arms around kids’ shoulders,
    during a break he had to take a brief break,

    Neverthelss, being in sweat, He played with kids.

    Probably what kids need the most is not the TV show for them,
    but such warm helping hands and heart.”

  3. valerin says:

    Happy New Year 2012, wish this will be fresh and prosperous year for everyone

    No matter what occurs in life, it is always inspiring from hangeng
    and somehow i believe hope and love will always be there, just sometimes we might overlook and miss out of their presence, hangeng is one of the lightness of good virtue in person and as in unique way (my feeling), and i thank him and wish to see him in future for more.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Happy 2012!!! Love life and let love continues to fly, fly even higher!

  5. followurdestiny says:

    Happy 2012! May the new year bring everyone lots of happiness, smiles, love and good health!

    I love this article, Han Geng, he is one of a kind, such a kind heart — I’m happy reading this and I wish all good things will go his way and everyone around him from now on!

  6. Observer says:

    Wishing all Gengfans here good health and joy for 2012!
    Han Geng, may many good things come to you and happiness in everything you do
    in 2012!

  7. bristlegrass says:

    I know it’s late due to my intense schedule of cleaning, packing, and moving, but…HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! Happy New Year, Han Geng!! Even during my busiest time, he is still and always someone in my heart. I would feel something missing if I don’t check his news and stories. THANK YOU, Garnetblue, for always keeping us updated, and as always, I enjoy your words in describing Han Geng and his deeds and personality. Nowadays, many people who work in this entertainment industry have chance to have personal contact with Han Geng behind camera, and gengfans constantly seeing or hearing compliments about our Han Geng from those people who have no particular vest interest to promote him. At first, we really pay attention to such comments, now, we are used to it a lot 🙂 but all those comments just come out randomly and keep reminding us how good this boy is.
    Oh, I heard a story a few weeks ago, really “private” one about Han Geng 😀 . It was told by a gengfan, and she was told by her friend, and her friend heard this story in class from her professor…hehe…This senior professor was on a flight travelling to Beijing for a conference, and by accident, he was sitting beside a young man, and they started chatting for a long time during the flight. He asked him what he did, the young man said, he is singing for living; then he asked him why he flied to Beijing. He said he is living in Beijing, and he wanted to go back asap, because his mother is not in good health. The professor didn’t know he was Han Geng until he walked out the airport terminal and saw so many fans welcoming a celebrity called Han Geng. He went back home and told his wife about it, his wife blamed him not asking for a signature from Han Geng. The professor went on Internet and found out how popular and good Han Geng is. He talked about this story in class and praised this young man in front of his students.
    PS: I am also curious about what else they talked about on plane…hehe…

    • mish says:

      Happy New Year, Bristlegrass.
      It is only a few weeks to Chinese New Year. I can’t wait for the boy’s performance in the Spring Gala this year. His dragon costume from rehearsal has a touch of martial arts and traditional dance. Lets hope. He has been too busy recently. I hope he can relax a bit and have fun next week in Italy, a country he longed to go to.

  8. hangeng u loke so handsome

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