Bambino Geng In Italy (Milan & Florence)

A New Year brings fresh hopes and new plans..!

Han Geng you are truly loved..what can I say…hehehe!

Even in Milan and Florence you have people who like and love you..though your flight was delayed, they were there waiting patiently for you.. You didn’t disappoint them because you gave them a warm smile which made their hearts flutter..! Some Gengfans who were also in transit in Frankfurt had the pleasant and unexpected surprise encounter with Han Geng which made them go crazy..and had to hurry to their next connecting flight..hahaha…

Some interesting notes for our pleasure..

Han Geng was looking stylish at the airport..and smiled at the fans who welcomed him..!

Han Geng is very accommodating towards his international fans.!! Look what he did..!!

He autographed on a payment slip/ receipt…!! The story: This fan was too excited when she met Han Geng and wanted his autograph..but she had no pen and no paper, so she rummaged through her bag, found a receipt then borrowed a pen from some Italian students near-by and that’s how she got that precious autograph..and Happy New Year Year in Chinese..!!

When Han Geng found out that he has Italian fans he was really happy and he noted that they are very beautiful…and he also commented that when he first went to eat pizza, he  noticed that it is spelt “pizzaja” or “pijjaza” not what we are accustomed to … “pizza”..hehe

The fashion editor also mentioned that when it comes to eating (food) Han Geng cannot be defeated. . He said that when they arrived in Milan, the first thing was to look for food and it was Han Geng who volunteered to lead the way and miraculously he found it ( the well-known restaurant) without much effort and without getting lost too..hehehe That’s Han Geng for you, well, he is known as the great eater aka food lover,anyway…hahaha..’Where there is good food, there you will find Han Geng..” hehehe my own quotation for him..

This is the hotel which they are currently billeted in, in Florence..Grand Hotel Baglioni. The fans who are currently following HG around are requesting for a fans-meet with Han Geng on Sunday but sadly Han Geng and crew will be going to Milan on the Sophie Lee told them not  to push through with their plans of meeting Han Geng at the hotel. They are making this request on behalf of the many fans who are not able meet Han Geng and also for Gengfans who are foreign students there..They are persuading Han Geng to stay because they have been wanting to meet him for a very long time and don’t want to miss this lovely opportunity..!!

Some airport arrival pictures for your scrutiny…credit to the one at Baidu Gengbar..

Han Geng is there for a health magazine shoot and according to the fashion editor  戚小塞新浪个人认证 plead to international fans please do not take pictures of Han Geng when he is doing the official shoot so as to keep the sanctity of the  work and creativity of the people behind the shoot..It is to protect theirs and Han Geng’s  interests as professionals..It is alright  to watch the photo-shoot from the side-lines quietly…thank you. This is the only plea from the protect all their work & effort put into the let us co-operate with their requests…hehehe…

Credits: as tagged

Chemicalvila@YT and fans who shared their pictures..

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4 Responses to Bambino Geng In Italy (Milan & Florence)

  1. followurdestiny says:

    Again so close by and yet so far away…
    I hope he’s having a great time in Italy! And that he comes again, soon, to Europe!
    Thank you for sharing this update! *sweet*

  2. valerin says:

    hangeng’s trip to Italy, besides cover shoot, they r going to milan fashion week (so good to have ~~)

    A lot of delicious local foods, and hoping hangeng and his friends have good time wit it, and enjoy themselves besides working

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