11 Responses to Han Geng’s Italian Line

  1. onepinetree says:

    I had a big smile while reading the fan account. I personally like the airport fashion better than the fashion show 🙂

  2. Mybrownie says:

    Thanks Garnetblue for the news of Hangeng from Italy, can I translate this fan account from the Italian fan and put it on our website in Hong Kong? Because of the fake fan account that was spread crazily on twitter, all the fans are very confused about what happened. I read the Weibo entries by @carolctry and their video. I think this is a true fan account and fans should read this one instead! Thank you!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes you can take it out and make things right just credit it to those who wrote that account…hehehe
      But one reminder for all Gengfans out there..!
      Believe in Han Geng and only what he says is reliable… ..

      • valerin says:

        many confusion may be made. Maybe it’s seems complicated but actually it is much more easier to just believe Hangeng for his every moves =) Believe he himself knows what to do.

      • Mybrownie says:

        Thanks! It seems we cannot believe in anyone any more because something happened around us recently. After all, the only one I can believe in is Hangeng.

  3. Mish says:

    Hangeng is the only Chinese star to be invited to Milan Fashion week this time and gets a lot of attention by the fashion world and media. I am glad that international name brands have started to take note of this rising star. During his week in Italy, he did photoshoots for two top magazine covers as well as photo book for his own second albumn concept. His new style will be released in Feb, so he is keeping it a secret for now. I think he must be really surprised and nervous when fans show up everywhere in italy. Hehe. Italian fans are lovely. They waited and searched or him in the cold for days. Some lucky and met him many times. Some unlucky and never found him. But they all showed their welcome to him to their country. They respect his space, his work and his wishes to withhold the pictures. Applaud for you, Italian fans.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes I also want to thank the Italian fans..they gave him his space and respect Han Geng’s wishes..I salute those Italian fans for their conduct and how they kept their emotions and excitement under control…hehehe

  4. garnetblue says:

    Oh there is this story too about the Italian driver who drove them to the airport commented that Han Geng is China’s Tom Cruise and Lele is George Clooney..hahaha!!

  5. Observer says:

    Han Geng looked really great in Italy. He looked charged up. I’m sure we will hear a lot more from him this year! Han Geng Jia You! All the best and looking forward to your Sunday’s Spring festival performance.

  6. valerin says:

    Maybe hangeng would worry if his style and photoshoot process will be affected at tat time seeing many fans taking chances to meet him up. Quite appreciate how italian fans behave like gave him his space and respect Han Geng’s wishes. Some might feel hangeng didnt smile, i bet he is happy with his fans, bet inside of him to cheer it happily instead playing cool facing them (especially during his cool photoshoot?? tat’s only my opinion)

    It is normal for fans to wish seeing hangeng’s smile. Just hope tat hangeng ll relax himself during his vacation and travel happily

  7. katy says:

    News from Hangeng always make my day ❤ I will always love him from the bottom of my sapphire blue heart 🙂 Hwaiting! He has everyone's support and will carry on being our successful and amazing Hangeng 😀 ❤

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