Two Years Yet!

Han Geng has come a long way from the time he debuted as a singer to the time he became an independent actor..

I was watching through all those videos of Han Geng before and after 2009 and have realised that Han Geng has indeed been flying high with colours..!

Watching this clip, I began to count-off one by one the things which Han Geng has achieved according to his plans and wishes.. Watch the clip and you’ll know what I mean..Recalling all those things which he wanted to do and to be..

Warning: This video was shot in 2008 while he was still with the former agency, so if some of you find part of the interview  unpleasant then please skip it..My purpose of showing this is to measure the time-line of Han Geng and show the consistency of Han Geng.. It also proved to me that Han Geng is a man of his word..his wishes and his dreams came to pass after some hard knocks and a rough period. One by one, Han Geng checks-off the agenda on the list of things he wanted to do.. We can’t erase the past but we can change the future! And this is what I hope to focus on here with this video clip..that is:- the positive energy from this clip.

Of course there are changes in some his dream lover, for example, I wonder if that is still the same or he has moved on to some one else. I know for a fact that one of his dreams was to act opposite Maggie Cheung and then anything can happen according to time and distance, right?

From this interview, I was able to gather some precious gems and glimpses into Han Geng’s what is the most treasured moments in his life, his past ambitions, his  frequently used  interjection and etc…

Did you also noticed that he mentioned about being a temporary teacher for ten days in a primary school when he was 18 years old..? He also did the choreograph for their dance and the arrangement for the stage as well.. So now, I want to get back to 2012 Spring Gala Festival Night on CCTV was said that he is  involved in creating a new choreograph for a segment of the concert. We have all seen his costume for that event but what we don’t know is exactly what he will be doing..he did say that he can’t let on about the program because that was part of his keep things under wraps and to protect the element of surprise for that evening..! So let us just wait with anticipation for that evening and it’s coming soon… in just two days time for us here in the Eastern Hemisphere..

News excerpt

China’s first large-scale music festival that was combined with a marathon, the “2012 Xtep-Xiamen Music Marathon” was held at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center on the 7th of January. Artists hailing from China, England and France gathered at the scenic Egret Island, and put up a splendid stage that was full of the passion for marathon for everyone.

Under the relentless cheers from thousands of fans, popular idol Han Geng, who was the guest for the final act, finally appeared in an all-black outfit and leather shoes. After performing the explosive “My Logo”, Han Geng removed his shades, and passionately sang to the soundtrack of the movie “My Kingdom”. Although he had only performed two songs, he was able to bring the atmosphere to its climax. It was unfortunate that he only performed such a small number of songs*, and others (people) are guessing that it might have something to do with Han Geng’s high net-worth.

Han Geng will be making an appearance for the second consecutive year on CCTV’s Spring Night Gala in the Year of the Dragon. The photos of him undergoing his practice sessions at CCTV wearing a “Dragon’s Robe” have been circulated on the Internet, but when he was interviewed, regardless of how everyone tried to pursue the question (about what’s in store), Han Geng would always use the words “watch it on the day itself” to parry these queries, maintaining a high degree of secrecy. Because of his participation in his first silver screen work “My Kingdom”, he had temporarily put his music career on hold, but this year, his main focus is on his music career, including the release of his new album in July and also embarking on his world tour.

* The original article employed the use of an idiom, 惜歌如金, to explain this sentence. It is literally translated as ‘cherishing song numbers as though it were gold’, meaning that the appearance fee is expensive.

Source: China News
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

So as we compare the time from 2009 to the present year, Han Geng had already achieved some of his dreams and still have a long way to go..So far he had visited a number of countries and Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong on official duties..On the side-lines, he has been to Germany and Italy, and on both occasions, he was the invited guest. In Germany, as the guest of Audi cars and in Italy,  guest of Salvatore Ferragamor in Milan Fashion Week. For the past two years, he has vacationed in Hawaii and Hokkaido (both starts with a “H”) and Koh Samui Island in Thailand..(he went there twice!!)..

And nowwwwwwwww…………………Han Gen’s earnings for 2011……… as published was…. an eight digit figure..!! That’s all I can tell you..!! hehehe…!

For this year, we anticipate his 2nd album..and his world tour, included are Malaysia and Indonesia…then USA & Canada are under consideration.. hehehe . If I may make a suggestion, let’s go to Sophie Lee’s weibo account and petition for Han Geng’s concert for our respective cities and countries..what do you guys think? She is his promotional manager anyway, so maybe she can take into consideration our petitions..hahaha….

If I am not back here by Sunday, here’s to everyone who celebrates the Lunar New year..A Happy and Prosperous Year of the Dragon..

Credits :

As tagged in pictures and video..also to eternalsnow, thank you.

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5 Responses to Two Years Yet!

  1. MiSuXX says:

    OMG this old interview is sooo precious, thanks for posting it! I remember watching this at the time and feeling so proud that he was one of the Beijing Olympic torch bearers! Can’t believe i’ve been with him through so many years already! He didn’t change at all yet he changed so much at the same time. I mean, he is still the same cute, humble, polite gentleman he was back then but now he is more mature and free to be himself. It’s just incredible to see how far he has come from then til now. Like a real eagle, he has been flying higher and higher, and making me prouder with each new accomplishment he achieves! That’s my baby! 🙂

    I hope he really does bring his tour to North America, i’d be the happiest girl in the world if he does end up coming here to Canada! I was even considering flying all the way to Asia to attend his concert but if he actually comes here, i’ll just die with no regrets!

    Hmm…i wonder what kind of perfume he wears, I’ve heard from many people who got a chance to get close to him that he smells really nice! XD

    And yes, I can’t wait to see what he’s preparing for the Spring Gala, the anticipation is killing me! >.<

  2. followurdestiny says:

    So funny, that video was one of the first video’s worked on as a subber at, even if it seems so long ago or not long ago at all… it feels all a bit nostalgic and Han Geng has come such a long way… I’m happy for him 🙂 And I now he will go further and move on to even greater things… I like the fact that he’s steady in following his dreams and knows what he wants … Wishing the best for 2012 for everyone! Everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Dragon!

  3. Observer says:

    Han Geng looked absolutely gorgeous in the video. I got to know Han Geng after he went solo but I have also spent time surfing trying to understand his past activities when he was in Korea as well. So, I might be indifferent in certain aspects. I felt that if I were to believe that God has a hand in everything we went through with our lives, be it good or bad experiences, it would mean I would chose to embrace not only his future but also his past, because he is part of the past. A forgiving and accepting approach might help everyone to push forward with a peaceful heart for the future.
    I am thinking that wherever he went, whatever he had done, there will be people who have loved him and taken care of him and have cherished him. So, I wouldn’t want Han Geng to discard or block out any part of his life. I would prefer him to enrich his life by not forgetting the beautiful moments that came with it at various juncture of his life.
    Han Geng timing to go solo couldn’t come at a more appropriate time and I feel such happiness seeing him bravely making headways. Han Geng, may the Dragon Year be the best year ever for you!!!!
    Wishing everyone here a healthy and wealthy Lunar Dragon New Year!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes this is what I was trying to say…we all have our past life, be it good or was the plan at that time at that situation…
      So I really hope that we can accept reality and move on..hehehe..
      Han Geng needs our understanding and support..not our “fights”..
      He is a great guy and I really wish him the best that life can give him..
      We ourselves are also like him, putting our health and family first..!
      We are very happy for him and of course to all those who support him too.
      Happy Lunar New Year to all…
      I am looking forward to the show tomorrow albeit no blackouts or no signals..otherwise I would be..huhuhu….hehehe
      Hope everything goes well tomorrow..
      Cheers everyone!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Happy Lunar New Year! I am looking forward to Han Geng’s performance on the Spring Festival Gala show tmr. Does anyone know the link to the live show?

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