Enter The Dragon Geng…

Welcome  to the year of Dragon Geng..

I am sure many of you have waited for a long time in anticipation for Han Geng’s performance on CCTV Spring Gala Night..

I wonder what are your reactions and responses..

Did you find it great? Awesome? Innovative? Was it too short? Should they give Han Geng more airtime and make him a “regular” on the show? How I wish!! Or do you have any other views and opinions..? I hope you can all comment on this and let us share our thoughts on it..

I waited till the end of the concert just for Han Geng’s 2 minute performance..hai (sigh)..! While waiting, I fell asleep a few times..heehee…I read it in Geng Bar that he will only appear at the end of the program, so I had to make sure I can watch his act…It was worth the wait..but….too short.. I was hoping that he will be given more airtime next time..hehehe..!!

So here are the video clips for your watching pleasure…

Thanks to all our happy Gengfans and their hard work, we are able to avail of these videos…!

He was interviewed by the news reporter prior to the evening concert..As the reporter entered his dressing room, she commented to Han Geng that he seemed to be eating all the time when she caught him eating “pon kan” oranges..hahaha..Han Geng said that since he returned from Italy, his appetite wasn’t so good so he didn’t have a proper meal..and didn’t sleep/ rest much for the past two days..and that he has slimmed down a bit..! LOLs

She asked him about his performance for the night and assured him that he can now let on about the act that he is going to performance, no reason to keep it hidden now……hahaha..and Han Geng’s reply? Can I? Really? So cute..!

Reporter asked him if the costume is heavy and who designed it..Han Geng’s reply?….No, not very heavy, the producer and he did the design..notice the part where Han Geng spit out the seeds? That’s when the reporter told him to finished eating first before talking..hahaha..!!! His face is so clear and flawless without make-up..!!! His complexion is actually very fair and it was the make-up that make him look dark. Maybe because of the stage lights, they have to make his face darker in order  for him to be seen..

The rest of the interview was about his performance…and that his father will be joining him in the audience..then she asked him to greet his fans by using a new year song..look at his face..! So innocent and cluless..! Upon the prompting of the reporter he sang the song…

He looked so confident and relax in this interview…! He was asked to dance to the songs that were sung by Tang Jing…

The real thing..!!

Thanks to all the Gengfans out there who kept vigil on his performance and uploaded the vids on YT so that we can enjoy Han Geng..

credits: thanks to those whose names are tagged in the pictures and videos..My DearHanGeng,  and GengBaoChannel @YT

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10 Responses to Enter The Dragon Geng…

  1. henny says:

    Aahh… why I not see the interview? when is it? which channel?
    Well, when I see his performance after waiting soo…long, my first comment is…HA..HA..HA.. its SOO…HANGENG…
    He really like to be hero like in game…
    To bad I really want to watch the interview live.

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Happy Year of the Dragon, everyone! 🙂
    I saw the performances and watched and waited like everyone else for him to come out XD
    He was adorable, amazing, cool … Loved it! 😀
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Observer says:

    Glad to see Han Geng with his beloved father. Senior Han must be feeling very proud of his son that nite 🙂
    Han Geng’s performance? Not bad at all. Enjoyed it!!

  4. onepinetree says:

    What a performance! The only drawback is that I couldn’t hear his voice. Next year, performance with a song, as well!

  5. SuXX says:

    I waited till the end of the show too…4 hours and a half just to watch a 2 min performance! What do i not do for this boy? *sighs*…I’ve already watched it twice on TV and i think it’s going to be re-broadcasted again this weekend hehe XD His performance was amazing but way too short! They said that his performance was the one that took the longest to be created and his rehearsal was the hardest but the performance ended up being the shortest, I hardly had enough time to spazz and it was already over! 😦 It’d be awesome if he got invited every year and did something different everytime! But i think he also wants to spend a Chinese New Year at home with his family. I’m happy that he was able to take his dad to watch the Spring Gala with him! 🙂

    • garnetblue says:

      That’s the product of excellent quality..! And people say that “nice things come in small packages”..now I know how small it is! hahaha LOLs
      I also hope too that he will be asked to join the show every year..!
      If not for Han Geng, the whole show would not be such a success ( That’s only my opinion)..There were only a few exciting parts and the rest were just too boring for the youth..!
      Yeah, me too had no time to spazz..I was like left hanging in the end..! hehehe

  6. valerin says:

    after watching the back stage interview, my appreciation to hangeng and chunwan’s effort keep increasing, tat’s alot to do even we felt the real performance time is short.

    Hoping this year so call water dragon will be wholesome year and live up the bright side of all and good luck
    also find it quite correct to call it water dragon since here at our place, spend chinese new year in rainy days.

  7. mish says:

    The programs of this year’s Spring Festival Gala is much improved under directorship of a new team. This team consisting of mostly young people with average age of 30 brings in new concepts, quicker tempo and flashier and more exciting stages to the program. After watching the interview of the director and the documentary for “30 years of Spring Gala”, I am really touched by all the people who worked behind scene to achieve so much in these 30 years and make “Spring Gala” the best and most watched entertainment program on earth.

    Han Geng’s children program is the the program that cost the most time and effort in this year’s Spring Gala. It takes the team 6 months to brainstorm, design and bring in various new technologies (cartoon, film creation, 3D stage presentation, etc), 2 months for Han Geng to rehearse with choreographers and kung fu masters, film himself to creat images on screen to fight with himself. Every movement are designed specifically and require coordination with many departments. I am frankly very impressed by the end result, especially it is a live broadcast. Although it is only a short cultural program for children to introduce the meaning of Spring Festival, many people have contributed to achieve perfection.

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