Han Geng Day!

Han Geng, we wish you a Happy Birthday..28 eight years have gone by..but we only met a few years ago. You don’t know us but we know you by your name. So we hope that you are well and here’s our wishes for you!

Count your life by smiles, not tears and your age by friends, not years.

If not for Han Geng’s birthday today, February 9, it would just be any other day..But since it is his day, then let me write a few sentences for the sake of commemorating his day..!

Since last night, he has been receiving greetings and well-wishes from friends and family..the ones he received were from Mars..the virtual party that he attended..Was he too scared to have a real party and that’s why he had a virtual one instead??? Well that question needs no answers..

Very preoccupied with the game..! Learning to “hide” his new Hair style?

So Geng what keep you so engrossed on the screen..? Anyone interesting?

What is making you smile so gleefully,Geng? A new admirer? A beautiful gamer?

Hey Geng! Is it too intense for you? Why are you biting your lips?

Aha…your hands are giving you away..! Can’t hide your emotions? Getting intense is it?

What are you pondering on? Are you trying to figure out your next move?

Have you decided what’s your next move going to be? Or are you thinking of how to answer the fan’s question?

Eh? Have you found the strategy? You seemed surprised..! Who did you see? Or what did you see? Food? Girls?

Okay Geng, what’s that? You have time for a photo-shoot whilst playing with your fans..?

Now see here, Geng..why are there only girls all around you? Where are the boys? hehehe…

Latest micro-bo entry from Han Geng..:-

@韓庚微博: 28歲生日,收到了很多朋友的祝福,謝謝你們!雖然平時大家忙,很少有時間聚在一起,但有你們在,我就很快樂!還有所有愛我的庚飯們,我愛你們! ! ! 2月9日 13:49

28th birthday. Received a lot of blessings from many friends. Thank you! Although we are  usually very busy and with very little time to meet, still I am very happy because you are here.. To all my Gengfans who love me, I love you!

See how much Geng appreciates his fans and friends..! Hahaha…

GengFans tribute..

Credits: as tagged in pictures and videos..thank you

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11 Responses to Han Geng Day!

  1. sty says:

    Geng ri Kuai le..
    Happy Birthday
    May your 28th year be a blessed, healthy and successful always….

  2. sty says:

    @ garnetblue,.. cake. looks so delicious, want to taste it .. kkkk

  3. Observer says:

    Han Geng, have a Very Merry Happy 28 Birthday!
    Nice cake.

  4. onepinetree says:

    Han Geng, Happy Birthday to You~~~~~
    You are already 28 years old 🙂

  5. mish says:

    Wish Han Geng a very happy birthday with lots of laughter!

  6. valerin says:

    i did wish hangeng birthday at his weibo but wish to place the wish here to him again. happy birthday hangeng and wish dragon year to be the great year to have

    • garnetblue says:

      I also left birthday wishes at his weibo too…

      • valerin says:

        yup. but fail to join his huoxing micro party , never mind , gf did record what his response and everything turn out to be great^^ There’s a news about his world tour concert, exciting news to see tat ^^

  7. followurdestiny says:

    I hope he had a wonderful birtday 🙂 28 years (aka 4 years) old already 😀 … and may all his birthday wishes come true!

  8. Mandy says:

    HAN GENG!!! I wish you happiness and health! You and I are a year older this month…we are getting wiser and wiser!

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