Han Geng On Trends Health Magazine-Part 1(Updated)

Just like I said before that I hoped someone would try translating the article/interview in the magazine, and someone did! Below is the translated article which will be posted in parts..Today I will post up part one of the long article. After you have read it, please tell us what have you gain from it and you will realised that you are starting to love him over again..! Courtesy of Yukicorn@Gengbao.net

[120227]Six Stories on Han Geng(Trends Health March Issue))

Han Geng Exclusive Interview

Six Stories on Han Geng


On February 9, Han Geng had his 28th birthday. Twenty-eight is a sort of an awkward age. (I) asked him what kind of person he would like to be? He was silent for quite a while, and then said that he hoped not to set a supposed-to-be image of himself. Meanwhile, he would not want to omit(skip) all the human feelings, all the ups and downs a person should experience. No distress, of course, does not mean you don’t care. As the happy representative of 2012  anti-depressant movement of Trends Health, Han Geng was invited to go to Italy for the photo shooting and shared six stories of himself, about giving up, facing things, self-expression, growing up, pursuing happiness and the secret of life.

Story I : Luo Fa Zhi Yi (Hair cut and Clothes Change)

In the Buddhist Scriptures, there is a story about Shakyamuni before he became a Buddha, called “Luo Fa Zhi Yi”. When he was still prince Siddhartha, he cut his hair with a sword in order to make a determination, saying, “Today, I shave and hope to cut all the distress, bad habits and karma. I shall concentrate on the transcendental meditation and hope to learn the truth soon.”

Cut hair to Ming (make people palpable), one must cut the hair relentlessly, which needs a little bit courage. So when knowing that in the schedule, the first thing to do  was  to crop off the hair, I felt a little bit uneasy, as I hadn’t done that for years.

To appear with a totally new image, will it leave more space for others and myself to grow?

During the trip to Italy, many fans went to visit us….Some are Chinese students studying abroad, some are Chinese Italians who cannot speak Chinese, and there were native Italian girls as well. They were waiting outside the hotels from morning until night, just waiting there—My first reaction was,  in such freezing cold weather, if their parents knew of it, how much their hearts might ache. Then I will think, who am I or what shall I do without disappointing so many people of the world; for their love to  me. This might be a question for many artists and stars to face with.

Of all the awards I have been achieved, the ones related to fame took the majority part. I wondered sometimes, for I did not know what to do to fulfill the image of “Han Geng” in their hearts—every time I deny or changed a little, they would be more determined and said, “No, no, you should be like that.” At some moments, I even find it  quite funny: who on earth is Han Geng? You or me? Although I am an idol, that does not mean that I should be unreal, the truth is: I smoke, drink, and sometimes lose my temper. I hope that what other people see in me and feel about me is the real me, and not the skin(superficial) of an idol.

Actually the more you care, the more cautious  you will become and then you might lose yourself (identity) and the result might turn out to be the opposite. I will then just stood back simply and asked for the peace of mind. There was a certain time, I was eager to play in a play, almost crazy about it, any roles will be OK. But then for some reasons, I couldn’t…I would feel it was such a pity and be entangled about it, kept asking why it wasn’t me. When I wasn’t thinking about  it and have accepted  fate, then came about seventy or eighty scripts were sent to me—it seems like a joke(of life). And the fact is, later,  the state of mind was much more abundant than before—people can see what you’ve got.

So what I’d wanted to talk about in the first story was not about  hair cut, but of giving up, knowing when and where to give up.

Story II:  The Little Snail

There is a song “Tourbillon”, witten by Huang Weiwen for Eason Chan; “Without any expectation, the Autumn is there. Looking around I’ve got everything what other people are longing for: wine, sports car, camera, and gold watch.” It might be tacky on the use of the words, but it does reflect the  kind of different feelings.

When I am on the stage as a singer, all the spotlights are shone on me, the harsh lights make me barely could open my eyes. It is such a bright world beyond your imagination. Even myself will be very excited, with all the blood pumping and quite a high spirit. But after three minutes when you get off the stage and walked to the corner, and find it’s such a dark place, also beyond your imagination. In fact my real life is just like that the  moment of getting off the stage, that is what my life is like. All the glamorousity and cries of the crowds came from the shining image(mask) on the stage. But when I go home alone, maybe, I will  just have a bowl of fried rice/ noodles or a hometown meat pie, nothing different from all of the other people.

I have passed the most entangling time of my life before the termination from SJ. Most of the time, I dare not to look at myself in the mirror, just muddling along and keep escaping, hoping that the situation might become well and things might turn for the better, until the bottom-line had been crossed. In fact, my mind was already full of holes (spaces) during the escaping.

I had read a small story before: a little snail asked his mom, ” Mom, why are we born with this hard and heavy shell?” Mom said, “Because we don’t have skeleton to support our body, we can only creep and can’t creep fast.” The little snail asked, ” Sister caterpillar also don’t have skeleton and cannot creep fast, why doesn’t she have the hard and heavy shell?” Mom said, “Because sister caterpillar will become butterfly and the sky will protect her.” The little snail asked again, “But little brother earthworm also has no skeleton and can’t creep fast, can’t become butterfly, why doesn’t he need to carry the hard and heavy shell on his back?” Mom said, “That is because little brother earthworm can drill soil and the land will protect him.” The little snail cried and said, “How pitiful we are! the sky won’t protect us and the land won’t protect us either.” Mom snail comforted him, “So we have our shells! We neither depend on the sky nor the land, we depend on ourselves.”

After all, nothing is a big deal. If anyone likes me, I would try my best to fulfill the wonderful performance of the few minutes. Some day when no one likes it, and I am left alone, that’s OK. If I felt lonely and bored, I just go to find some friends for a meal or a drink, or playing table tennis together. If I was lovelorn, I would feel sad and glum, and go to get drunk and cry “Why doesn’t she care about me?” If I saw something I like very much, I would buy it if I can afford it. All of the human emotions and desires, just face it! Escaping doesn’t solve any problems.

This is the second story I wanted to tell.

Okay, I will leave it here for now…There is another part which I hope to post on another day..This two stories of his is already quite hard to chew on so please chew on it carefully and tenderly..hehehe

So in my conclusion, Han Geng is well-learned and very wise. He takes life as it is and for the things that he can’t change, he just have to accept and not manipulate fate..just his attitude towards his failure in getting the desired script makes me think again of what kind of person he is. He doesn’t need to hanker after things which weren’t meant for him; just let it go..and when he least expected it, a ton-full of scripts landed on his lap..! In this alone, we can learn from him..it is no big deal. Just move on! Something better would turned up!

Another thing is that he hoped people would not place him high on a pedestal …what we see is what we get and yet…….? What he meant is he eats the same thing that we normally would eat e.g. fried rice/noodles and dressed the way that we normally do too…like a towel around him …hahaha…So the fact of the matter is, that he is not that glamourous like what we thought him to be..it is all part of his job; to be glamourous and untouchable..!

Another thing which I wanted to point out is this: from Han Geng’s perspective on his fans who followed him relentlessly all over the place wherever he may be….he has this to say..he is very concerned! Look at how he said about those fans in Italy, he cared for their welfare. He was concerned that they were in the freezing cold and how their parents would worry over them..! He is Han Geng.

These two pictures here are not from the magazine, they are just bonuses for you guys..enjoy!

Credits: as tagged on the pics..and yukicorn @gengbao.net


I am sure you guys are waiting in anticipation for the rest of the interview…well here is the link of the full translations..courtesy of a fan at Baidu Gengbar through the kindness of yurikorn.. Please click on the link for whole translated article. If anyone can’t get through the link, please let me know in the comment box below and I will try to make it avail to you.


Thanks to everyone who made this possible..please keep on reading and you will find loads of treasures..

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5 Responses to Han Geng On Trends Health Magazine-Part 1(Updated)

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Thank you for translating this article. I like all those stories told by him. Among these two stories, the little snail story is my favorite 🙂

  2. garnetblue says:

    There is more to come and it gets more interesting..

  3. sty says:

    Oh… Geng, you’re so very concerned about your fans, I will not mind waiting for you, 1 hour, 24 hours, or when the weather is hot, cold, it will not matter. see you smile, greet, greeting, or if allowed to give us your autograph, that’s enough.
    and thank you for the translation
    good interview.
    waiting for part II.

    • garnetblue says:

      Were you able to get access the link for the rest of the translation? If not, I think I will have to email to you the rest of it..

  4. Mish says:

    The magazine article is very nicely done. From his words, I can feel this boy has quickly matured into a man in the past two years, yet still retained a tender heart and sensitive nature. Among the six stories, I like the little snail the best. He has grown to appreciate what he has, even the burdens. It reminds me of one of his friend, Teacher Wang, once said two years ago that he was sorry that such a nice youngman like Han Geng struggles so hard in life and must carry a heavy rock while he proceeds forward. I felt uneasy then. But now I am happy to know that this youngman has chosen his own route and is carrying the rock voluntarily because he does not want shortcut in life.

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