Trends Health Magazine -Part 2

This is the continuation of the translated article of Han Geng’s interview on Trends Health Magazine, March issue.

I think some of you were not able to access the link which I posted  previously so this is for you guys..!

Story III: My Kingdom

When the film “My Kingdom” was released, a reporter asked me, “What do you think of this fan movie?” I asked him, “Have you watched the film?” He answered, “Nope.” Then I retorted, “Then why did you say this is a movie for fans?” He said, “Everybody says so.”

“Everybody says so” — this kind of take-for-granted attitude is terrible. (Alternative translations: this kind of mentality is very scary.) There are some so-called “opinion leaders”, who would like to stand out and talk about other people’s lives volubly with indiscreet remarks and criticisms. In fact they are not the persons concerned, so they shall never know how much effort the parties have made or how the parties feel. Moreover, they just act on assumptions without any communications in most cases. As a newcomer of the cinema world, I should bear all the pressures any newcomer should bear, I should also make the greatest efforts to work hard on the things I should do, but I would not tolerate this kind of assumptions.

So I told the reporter, “Sorry, would you mind watching the film first before interviewing me?”

One of my friend’s parents filed for divorce when they were already old. The judge asked them why. The old husband said, “I hate poached eggs all my life. But she would prepare one every morning for me, making me eat it all my life!” The old wife cried, “You looked as if you enjoyed it very much and ate it up every time, I thought you only like it.” It even sounds a little funny, but it is somewhat a sad thing. I believe that it’s not only about the poached eggs, but also many other accumulated misunderstandings because of  the lack of communications and expressions between the two, happy couple became unhappy ones in the end and wasted all their life.

During the shoot of My Kingdom, there was a scene of ErKui (hangeng’s role) exploding and lashing out all his emotions. I have never received professional training on acting, so before the shoot, me and the rest of the crew were discussing on the best way to express this scene. We tried many times but they did not reach up to my expectations. Finally, we decided to use the simplest way—what would I do if I was in ErKui’s position? Yell? Rage? Make a big fuss? And it turned out that the most instinctual reactions could express the emotions in the most natural way.

In the past two years, I’ve learned how to better express myself, conveying my ideas to people, telling them what kind of person I am, and not just through words but through actions.

For example, many people thought I that I would act in  an idol  drama, or sing a dance song, but then it made me more determined to do something unexpected which will surprise people. I like jazz, I like rock, and I will infuse these elements  into my music to express my attitude. My dream has always been to be a good actor but never a good singer, and as a matter of fact, I don’t hide it or pretend  to strive for legendary achievements in music.

Short cut is never the path I chose or will choose to take.. This is the third story I want to tell.

Story IV:Twenty-eight Year’s Old

The question most frequently asked recently (of me) is “Do you feel CCTV Spring Gala Festival has boosted your popularity after your performance there and that all your hard-work has finally paid off?”
My answer is no, I have never actually viewed myself as an extraordinary person. My greatest joy now is that I can do what I like to do, I can choose what I want to do, and have more freedom for personal development. Actually, I think that I am quite lucky, there are others who work much harder and have harder times than me..  Besides, this is only just the beginning for me, there will be many more challenges/obstacle for me in the future and I shall try to be steady in doing everything and do my best.

Do I sound too formal?  I  think that time will cure  all problems.

I turned twenty eight on February 9. A rather awkward age. Am I matured? Even the staffs complained that I am too childish at times. But can I still be like a child? Eat when I am hungry, sleep when I am sleepy, cry  when I am  unhappy and forget everything when I am happy? Children might be the happiest group, and for us who have grown up, where have all the happiness gone?

In the VCR of one of my songs “Because of Dream” played in my concert, I said, “I always think that I am a simple person, but, it seems that, I did not choose a simple road. ” I really don’t like to celebrate birthdays because I think it’s just an excuse for people to party and have fun. Without a birthday, we can still have fun, can’t we? I don’t like to exaggerate things and maybe this has to do with my rather quiet and reserved nature.

During the flight to Italy, at the customs in the airport, my crew and I were called into a small room for investigation. Most people were rather irritated, but I didn’t feel so- Just give the customs what they want, that easy. My view is ‘By right, these procedures are perfectly normal. You are unhappy because you have not been granted the shortcut way. In this modern day, we must strive to simplify our complicated life and not exaggerate it, because our emotions and desires have already been magnified.’

If you were to ask me what is my greatest gain over the past 28 years, it is this – the greater the applause, the more I have to  calm myself and see what I truly desire. As to how I will turn out in the future, let nature take its course.

I don’t have the extravagant thought that when someone remembers me in the future, they will say ” Han Geng ..ah, not bad”

Story V: The Secret of Life

A young man left his hometown to seek his future. Before leaving, he went to visit the clan chieftain for some guidelines. The chieftain told him that there were only six words for the secret of life and the first three is : do not fear. Thirty years later, the young man has become middle-aged with some achievements and some sad stories.  After going back to the hometown, he visited the head again. Then he learned that the old gentleman had passed away. His family took out the letter he left for the young man. The anchorless man remembered that he only heard about the first half of the secret of life thirty years ago. After openning the letter, he saw three words: do not regret.

For my graduation in High School, I did a dance piece, called “Stepping on the Journey” aka “Beginning of Conquest”. Time flies and ten years have gone, but I feel that I am still on the conquest journey-It’s been five years after my debut, and I am still receiving awards for  best newcomer, isn’t this comical? Finally, after 3 debuts  I can truly stand on the stage that belongs wholly to me and sing a full song by myself. Isn’t this considered  a long conquest? But I have never feared or regretted before.

When I was a student, the most inspiring sentence to me was, “Begin everything from the most realistic and practical point”.

Hence in school, we would wake up at 5 a.m. and practiced till 10 a.m., kicking each leg high up into the air for 1000-2000 times a day. The teacher will observe you with a bamboo cane and hit you should you slow down. I couldn’t feel my own leg anymore after the practice, but could not complain at all, because this might result in punishment if the teacher heard it.

So if you ask me for the secret to success, there is none. All the things and people that I have encountered and experienced; no matter how plain, including all the hardships which I endured before, all came to enrich me and established who I am today. The amount of experience and understanding of life far surpasses most other 28 year olds would have, and this is the greatest treasure of my life, because they allow me to find the correct directions—to me, this is more than enough.

I am a very traditional person who want to get married and have children in the future. Yet, I am also very inquisitive and love to explore new things, play new games, meet new people, attempt new breakthroughs in my work, to achieve more possibilities. But the most important thing is not whether I like old or new things, but that after each accomplishment, I slow down to reflect on myself, to see what I have gained or lost in the process. When that’s done, with my original intentions and all my new gains, I clear everything and start a new journey afresh as a newcomer.

Sixth story: Tony Leung

Hangeng: ‘What’s up, Dad?’
Hangeng’s father: ‘Can’t I just call you even if there isn’t anything?’
Hangeng: ‘Oh, then I don’t know what we can talk about…’

This is the normal conversation between me and my dad. We talk when there is something going on, and end the call once the matter is resolved. Before every departure and after every arrival, I will send him a message to report my safety.

Before I became popular, I always looked forward to the day of success, when I can buy a big house for my parents to live in comfortably, so that they don’t have to work hard anymore and can enjoy life. When I have achieved that, then do I realised that material satisfaction cannot make up for the emptiness in their hearts—parents’ perception of happiness may just be having dinner with you and have a chat afterwards.

A while back, Tony Leung posted a journal of his holiday activities on Weibo (Chinese twitter). (Tony Leung is hangeng’s idol)

When I first read the post, my first reaction was that: ‘Gosh, he is my idol after all. Isn’t that how I choose to spend my vacation? I would give myself a month’s break every year for vacation and this is how I spend it—I watch TV programs or advertisements to see which place seems interesting, and then I buy a ticket and fly over straight away. I don’t even bother looking for travel agencies and just book any hotel. If I don’t know what I am going to do, then I may just stay in the hotel or sunbath at the beach or have a drink at the local pub—the point is to do whatever I desire. In real life, it is very impractical to act on one’s own desires; hence we are often very unhappy in real life.

When I am unhappy, I will not speak and choose to exercise, and then I will feel very happy. Then, my appetite returns and I eat something, following which I take a hot shower and  lie on the bed, drinking a bottle of Mengniu Sour Milk. I would feel very comfortable and extremely happy —it’s that simple. Watermelon, strawberry, grapes, kiwi fruit, pineapples, pomegranate, green apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes….if I can choose, I want to eat loads of vegetable and fruits at every meal, because this replenishes all my Vitamins, ions and trace minerals—all which revitalises the body. Drinking water helps to moisturise your skin, so eating a whole variety is also a bliss. So kids, don’t be picky with your food. Haha, I suspect myself of doing some kind of commercials. So back to my main point, the morale of my last story is for everyone to learn how to pursue their own happiness, no matter how simple it may be.

That’s the whole translated article from the magazine…Hope you guys like it.. don’t forget to thank those who took time and effort to translate this..

Credits go to those who did this and as tagged on photos..Thanks very much.

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  1. sty says:

    thanks for sharing this article.
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    proud of your Geng

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    That’s funny the last part, I was so deep in emotion but that last part crack me up Lol!! Commercial, ok Han Geng we all know that hehehe…

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