Han Geng Is Larger Than Life

I thought that I would just rest my fingers for a while after posting the translated article from Trends Health magazine, but it didn’t seem so..I really have to post these videos here and let you guys know how big Han Geng is…..even if he says he is not.! I hope that you guys like them too just like I do..

I would deemed this post as wrapping up the article on Han Geng in Italy..

We have seen his (stills) pictures and read the interview from the magazine and so now let us watch the video..Imagine those fans are already in the news together with Han Geng..!


Whether people like it or not, Han Geng is here to stay..Some hated him for his guts and some envy him for his popularity and the rest for no reasons at all.. Whatever it is, no-one can avoid him for long .. Whether the media want to or not, they can’t help it but to keep following him and writing imagery news/reports on him when there was  nothing to write on……

I have been following the Chinese  Popular Indicator chart (on YT) for some time now and I am so amazed that he is still in the Top 1 even though he has no new works or activities…He has been constantly on that chart and in that spot for weeks now..It’s just that I didn’t think of making a big deal out of it and so I didn’t bother to post anything on it..but I can’t help it but to acknowledge that Han Geng is larger than life..even no-one expected it or realised it, he is there for all to see..! Everywhere one goes or turn their heads, they can see his larger than life poster (in China).. This time he can be seen also in Singapore at the Yishion store..a very big poster of him gracing the store..so if one can’t see him in real life, then just have a picture op with the life-like poster..hehehe…! That’s as good as it gets..

Han Geng celebrated his birthday with his GFs by going virtual on “Mars” (HuoXing) on the eve of Feb.9…. Even if you can’t understand Chinese, you can still grasp what it’s all about. At the start of the video the lady  was saying  that the “people” were  starting to get ready by dressing-up for the occasion……which was to attend Han Geng’s birthday party in the virtual world..! hehehe…

I hope that you have enjoyed these videos..

These pictures are from his latest stint in Mengniu Sour Yoghurt and from CCTV? If you guys know something please share..thanks. We need some interactions and input here..hehehehe…!

Okay, my big question is : Do you like his newest hair-do/ hair style? Personally, I like it because his face is just right for any style..short, long, hippie, crew-cut or close-crop..whatever kind it is….they suit him well.. Bottom line is, he has a face to carry it well..sharp nose, clean jawline, high forehead, piercing eyes..and height..!! hehehehe….

Credit goes to those whose vids I am using here and to those as tagged in the pictures..thanks to you all.

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7 Responses to Han Geng Is Larger Than Life

  1. valerin says:

    Frankly speaking, at 1st sight, i may be not used to short hair style of geng but it turns out looking very fresh and good looking of geng.

    as celebrity, u ought to have own style whether ppl like it like crazy or otherwise
    It’s just styling matter, and most appreciate the willingness of artist to make changes in good way… so why not… personally like his varied style and looking forward to his next piece of work. Jia you hangeng!

  2. Observer says:

    Seriously, I’m plucking up a lot of courage to ask this: Isn’t anybody going to mention about the rumour of him having a serious relationship with an actress. Is it true? Was he really spotted leaving the country with his gf? I know his personal life is none of my business but I thought we could at least know whether he is attached or married. My curosity might not be welcomed here but I am sure some of you are wondering too right?

    • garnetblue says:

      I know we are all very curious, right? hehehe…
      It’s okay for you to be curious and I welcomed your question here..
      I’d rather that you asked here than elsewhere..hehehe….
      Yes I heard about it BUT I don’t think it’s true…If it is, HG would have said so. He has always been true to his word. He would be the first to inform his fans if it were true because he “owes” his fans this “little favour” and respect. He knows his fans trusted and believed in him. We try not to speculate on news that are not confirmed by HG because we may indirectly help the paparazzi flamed the rumours and thereby causing hurt to him..
      And it is confirmed that it’s not true…by no less than Sun Le himself..!
      So I hope that rest the case..hehehe…

    • valerin says:

      Actually i did curious abt this when tat news break out, but still wait for official statement before response to it. wait and wait but news still be dead silent … fade.

      Personally, i believe hangeng will do what he think it;s the best for him.
      If it is true and announce by him, GF definately will be very happy for him and wish him
      very best and be happy.

      It’s been ages since the rumours out so when he prefer to stay silent about it, i would stay out of it.

      Now, he will be ready for his shot for new movie, quite interesting i guess. Cant wait to see how he’s going to portray the character from famous novel. cheers !!

      • Observer says:

        Thanks to garnetblue and valerin for responding to my comment. I am so, so happy that Han Geng has a new movie to shoot. He is definitely good at singing and dancing, but I still prefer him most as an actor. Can’t wait to watch the show!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha~regarding his personal relationship, my personal point of view is, if he is dating, I really don’t care if he informs fans or not…to be honest, better not. That is good for the girl, good for Han Geng too. To me, I don’t really care about whom he is dating, whether or not he is dating, because nothing has been decided, most things about the relationship at that stage is just for fans’ enjoyment of gossips and providing paparazzi and media juicy stories. Just like his movie plan, we know nothing about it until everything has been settled. But, if he get married, I would like to know. That’s one of the biggest and happiest events in his life, I would like to give him my best blessing, and I will be so happy for him 😀

      • valerin says:

        glad to have ppl who has same page as mine =)))
        If he did meet the love of his life, i hope he goes for it and he has my bless over his ultimate happiness. Bless all

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