Sun Le’s Official Statement


A few days ago, Han Geng went to record a show for Xstep on Hunan TV together with 3 other celebrities..In that event, Han Geng’s back wasn’t in good condition as you will notice in the video below..He didn’t dance as vigorously like he used to..


Honestly, I don’t know what I can write about regarding this recording as nothing much was revealed except that infamous controversy which came about immediately after it..Is it Déjà vu?  In 2010, something like this happened and now two years later it’s happening again on Hunan TV which was quite surprising for me because I thought all the while HG and the production crew were on friendly terms with each other..I never thought that this would happen…I thought that by now they would have known of HG’s character since they had collaborated years before..Again the issue is about respect..respecting the artistes and their work..It is unfair to “dictate” or “request” an artiste to do things which is against their principles.. just because they are celebs/artistes and therefore should obliged to the “demands” of certain producers and directors..No one is beholden or extorted to has to be a two way communication and of mutual respect. If one party declines to comply with the request, then the other party should respect and honour the decision of the said party..By subtly and insinuatingly manipulating the artiste into a controversy on the show just for ratings is indeed underhand..

By now I am sure many of you know the story and  for the record, we would like to post this official statement by Han Geng’s manager, Sun Le… in regards to the recent controversy. I also hope that concern parties would let this matter rest..and that includes us..hehehe!!


Sun Le’s Statement:-

“(With regards to) Han Geng recording the show Tian Tian Xian Shang on March 19th, there is only one reason for the temporary halting of the show in the middle: the content of that day’s Tian Tian Xiang Shang recording was starkly different from that which was agreed upon two days prior (to the show), and not only that, there emerged much content that had deliberately not been disclosed by the show’s director. When we requested to pause the show to negotiate, the show’s director and the producer actually claimed they also did not know of the show’s content.

In the course of our work, our entire team always has a sincere cooperative attitude towards anyone we work with. At the same time, we hope we can receive an equal amount of respect.

Our entire team never takes part, nor plans any sort of stirring up of news (t/n: publicity based on scandals or rumours), and also hopes that we will not be maliciously used by any person or company.

As for Han Geng’s personal life, he does not wish for it to be dragged into any part of his work. Han Geng thanked everyone for their concern; he is currently single, and looks forward to having a beautiful relationship (in future).

With regard to this recording of the show Tian Tian Xiang Shang, we will only respond this once, we will not make any further responses to any statements about the show’s production team, many thanks to everyone for your concern. Han Geng will continue as always to make good music and film good movies for his movie fans and music fans who love him, and also will insist on not stirring up any news, steadfastly (with his feet on the ground) pursuing his dreams in the entertainment industry.”
Source: Sunle’s Sina Weibo
Translation by: abcdehs @
Take out with full credits.


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15 Responses to Sun Le’s Official Statement

  1. mish says:

    Thanks, Garnetblue. Just like to share my observations.
    1. From 2010 incident, everyone in industry knows how Hangeng and his team would react, and this program decided to copy the same controversy (only change is to replace one lady’s picture with their actress in recent rumor). Why? And this happens at the same time as 2010, right before Hangeng’s CD and concert promotion is about to start.
    2. When it happen, no audience on site knew things went wrong because Hangeng was all smiling and cooperating on stage and was called off stage quietly when others were performing. When he apologized to audience and hosts and talked of respect at the end of recording, fans cried knowing what went wrong but still kept silent, hoping the program would cut off that part after negotiation. But next day, their media started news attacking Hangeng walking out not wanting to perform folk dance (or for the actress). Then fans started to post fan cams to prove that Hangeng did not walk out, was very cooperating and even danced twice with injury.
    3. Then Sun Le issued this statement and many supported Hangeng. Then the program started shifting focus to Sun Le, saying first he did not asked for script. When it was disclosed that Hangeng arrived in city at midnight, went through script until morning, and went to the program hours earlier and did rehearsal, the program then said that they provided the script to Sun Le but he did not read. Many who worked with Hangeng and Sun Le before defended them. Now a staff of the program (an ELF who hates Sun Le) started to spread that Sun Le cursed them during the negotiation and the news is now about Sun Le. – Damage control by shifting focus?
    4. Glimpsed from the one page script posted by program, they prepared more surprises for Hangeng other than the love scandal (which they simply put 4 girl types for him to choose) which was not recorded since Hangeng was asked off stage in time. For example, they brought a school senior of Hangeng (who no fans had heard of before) and asked him to talk about how Hangeng’s crazy fans bother this school senior and disturb his life …..
    5. This is the first time Hangeng went on this program after going solo. Hangeng only knows one host. The other 5 or 6 are new. This program and TV station is known to have close connection with SM and Korean entertainment. The TV and media actually signed a big cooperation agreement with SM to share artists in music, TV programs, TV drama, etc. and promote for each other. In the past, whenever they have new shows, or dramas or artists, Hangeng’s name was always used in their promotions (never true though) Also, SM recently launched a new team in China (to replace Hangeng’s influence).
    6. For this kind of setup, it does not matter if Hangeng or Sun Le did or not do anything. It is either this scandal or that scandal. Since Han Geng and Sun Le would not reply after statement (same as last time), it is up to this TV and program how far they want to play it.
    7. I read from someone who worked in another Chinese TV station that they often give different versions of scripts to artists. Many artists and agents are angry but could not do anything when they found out on stage. It is kind of sad that not many dare to say no.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank You Mish for this extra info…
      I hope that Han Geng gets to grow stronger and tougher as he progress further into the industry…
      The thing is HG do not have a powerful and wealthy backer, so it is easy to intimidate him and his team..
      I wonder if those people ever do this kind of thing to,let’s say Jackie Chan ????

    • Leay says:

      Wow I’m so glad i read this comment. Cause all the things u’ve mentioned, cannot be found on the web at all. All i see are negative reports and comments on this event. Seems like someone intentionally tried to wipe out all the posts that showed or defended Hangeng.

  2. sty says:

    thank garnet & mish, this explains everythings
    I’m interested in points 5.program TV & SM working together!!!!!!!
    what, why it happened and then to be big issue! hmmm you know what I’m thinking right now?
    Han Geng, I hope he is strong to face this.
    Geng Fans, lets love him more

  3. valerin says:

    “they prepared more surprises for Hangeng other than the love scandal (which they simply put 4 girl types for him to choose) which was not recorded since Hangeng was asked off stage in time”.

    well, i’m not suprise to see above statement abt off script incident happen bcs tat tv station always goes for gossip and recently heard one famous HK star did have complaint abt those crew, and other artists as well, sadly no one can do something abt it….

    i’m furious with all those disrespect thing happen, when ppl follow some sort of custom action by majority ppl doesnt mean it is ethical and should obliged all ppl to follow them. When ppl refuse to obey, they are count to be bossy person or even making them look bad in a way to punish them, this is such ridiculous and shameful to those manipulate ppl. .

    Since last incident in 2010, hangeng and his team pretty much aware such incident will greatly harm their reputation even though they can stand firm abt their principle and they are not at fault. But ppl who is not his fans don even acknowledge what truth to be truth, they just notice such scandal did exist in this artist , and tat’s how 1st impression to thought of in mind. And please after 2010 incident, hangeng and his team is not naive to ever bump themselves into such scandal again and some saying he’s doing this for publicity, who would be dumb enough to make themselves look ugly??

    yes, time pass and memories of those may fade but record remains to be with artist. Those scandal and gossip is made intentionally, and i dont believe this station didnt have any clue abt hangeng;s work principle and etc… If hangeng willing to get involve in gossip with them, is one thing. When hangeng refuse to do so, they should at least thoughtful abt it due to his image etc.
    On the contrary, they later spread negative news abt hangeng’s refusal to coperate in performance and giving hard time to the tv crew by showing annoy faces. Luckily, gengfans record clip when hangeng on stage with his every action and exprression, showing he is coperate and smiling expression. Then, blame turn to sunle after his weibo of clarification (tat’s sad to see tat)

    i’m not agree with the outcome of this incident, but we are not them in place, many things we dont know even though i hope for better solution out of this. No matter what, i believe hangeng and his team, in these 2 years, their efforts confident me tat they do what they mean, and i admire their courage and determination to make life better (lovelife). Entertainment industry is complicate to understand. Best wishes to all of us, gambate, fight through all the obstacle =)

    • Observer says:

      Hi valerin, is it convenient for you to give me an idea what the 2010 incident is about?

      • valerin says:

        In 2010, similar incident happen, which gossip artist with hangeng is invited to the birthday theme of recording which hangeng and his team lack of acknowledgement this girl;s participation in script. Hangeng is the type of person who really concern abt his family’s privacy as they r not artist and they should not be bother and he wish to protect them from media exposure. Again tv crew wish to shoot touching moment of geng with his family, therefore they invited old folks (grandfather or grandmother, i’m not sure which one is ) from heilongjiang. As ppl might acknolwedge gransparents of geng is quite old and their heath condition is not so good, yet they’ve been traveling long hours and wait for long for their shoot, since duration of tv show recording is undefineable. PPl furious with tv station’s act to bother hangeng;s family privacy and wish to create much more explosive news with the gossip thereafter…. More, before hangeng’s appearance in shooting, there is incident where personnel frm tat show/ station publish weibo of rumours for hangeng being bossy, and late to come for shooting set while hangeng is arrived, sitting inside one room at tv station to wait for his turn and even having weibo communication with fans abt his current situation. Thus, fans of course protest tat suspicious weibo( accuisation) by showing evidents of geng’s presence which tat shooting started right on time thereafter,

        At tat time, when hangeng and his team refused to continue the recording, next day here come the drama blasted over internet. And same like this many accusation arouse, respect is what hangeng really meant it and wish to have mutual understanding and respect with all the ppl working around him.

        If anyone feel my sharing is really bothering, plz kindly remind me (wonder how to delete post in wordpress, anyone has idea abt it). and welcome to correct me bcs these details is quite sometime and my memories is on bigger pic but not details, bcs this is an unhappy incident. Still, hangeng and his team have my belief and wish they are in good hand now, stay strong, improve to be better and continue to excel.

  4. garnetblue says:

    Thanks Valerin…Most Gengfans already knew of the story which happen in 2010.. Unfortunately it was HG whom they targeted which was very foolish of them. They wanted to use HG to promote and hype up their own shows but it back-fired on them.. If they wanted to “aim” at HG’s integrity, they made a grave mistake because HG is known for his integrity and professionalism in the industry and outside of it…..They picked the wrong guy to use for hyping up their shows..
    I remembered the incident with that other station, gfs retaliated by boycotting the show when it was aired in order for it NOT to rake in the ratings..

    • valerin says:

      Thanks for understanding, i do hope my sharing wont make any harm to geng’s and gengfans’ reputation. It is utmost important to establish mutual understanding and mutual respect among partnership as hangeng’s image and reputation is all interconnect with his spokeperson career and others. They have their own vision and concern in hand. As simple fans, i just express what i know and of course i share what i believe, furthermore faith in him remain stronger as ever, tat’s all that matter. jiayou !

      • Observer says:

        Thank you both for filling up the gaps for ignorant GF like me. Most businesses exists for one simple reason – profit. I believe the China entertainment industry is relatively new compared to Taiwan’s and Hong Kong’s, so certain areas might not be very regulated . The TV stations know that viewers want drama, excitement or fresh stories of their celebrities and so they will resort to any means to pull in viewers.
        Most artistes/celebrities if not all had their fair share of malicious rumours, scandals, heartaches and headaches, but the tough ones will live to tell. This is part of the occcupational hazards that come with being in the entertainment industry.
        At this point, HG and team probably cannot afford to isolate themselves from such activites yet, they will have to tread carefully, armour themselves against potential attacks and find a balance so that it is a win-win situation for both HG and medias.
        Han Geng’s movie, new album and concert will be coming out soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will enjoy great success in all of it.

  5. valerin says:

    to observer, please dont say urself as ignorant fans, as long as u love him, willing to spare time to listen on his side of stories, tat’s greatly appreciate. No matter we know geng for how long, he may not be the prefect, flawless artist as ppl might dream of, but his personalities and his attitude of life journey is respectable. From many perspective, ppl might justify this and that, however, those remain ppl’s opinion on him. He himself take charge of his life, good or bad, believe this will be his precious life journey. Ever since he;s made his life decision to leave his former company, he is grown men who responsible to his own action, therefore, for best or worst with whatever incident happen to him, he surely have my faith on him. I’m not saying i’m blindless support whatever he did, but the fact is whatever incident happen to him until now mostly has uncover stories, and soon or later these kind of thing just pass by….. when tough time occur which make one feel puzzle, just calm down and sit back to observe, after this u ll see things in much clearer mind. Again, need to express tat there’s no definate right or wrong over ent. incident bcs it is something relate to own personal life experience, different context or justification. Hopefully, hangeng ll excel even greater in his future life journey, keep on improving and inspire to be greater.

  6. polly says:

    Just come here to say hello.
    It’s been a long time since last time I was able to browse the website.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hi Polly, Good to see you here and that you haven’t forgotten us…hehehe
      Hope that you are like us waiting for his second album..
      Welcome back..!!

  7. I love how the back of his jacket says “hangeng” in English.

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