What’s On,On Han Geng

As I was writing this,I clicked on something erroneously and suddenly everything was gone..I tried to recall it from “somewhere” in the archives but couldn’t find the draft…I was so upset with it cause I have to rewrite but then  my train of thoughts was lost “somewhere” along the tracks too…..So annoying….I hoped that it would be automatically saved  but it wasn’t  and that’s why all my hard-work was lost in the intricate network of the web …..

Now here is the story, Han Geng has a new project, hopefully, coming up for the summer screening in the movie houses..which is titled “To Our Eventually Lost Youth” (This doesn’t sound grammatically correct but it will have to suffice for now.) I hope that they will shorten the title to make it more easy sounding on the lips..and to entice viewers and movie-goers..This movie is Zhao Wei’s directorial debut as a movie director. Here is a short news clip from one of China’s English newspaper.

As time goes by, in the short two years stint of Han Geng going solo, he has shot in 3 movies ; 1st film was a cameo part, the 2nd. was as a supporting cast and his 3rd was a full length movie with the character crafted suitably for him..

Looking at those movies which he appeared in can briefly tell us what kind of strategy is Han Geng getting into…He was trying to get a crash-course in movie acting by appearing in those small roles just for the sake of honing his acting skills …In “My Kingdom” he had the role of a male lead and that’s where one can see his real acting talent but unfortunately, the editing was badly done..I was able to catch it on YT and was pleasantly surprised with his acting except for the part of editing, everything would have been fine.. For the movie, “My Kingdom” director Gao is not a movie director by profession.He is more known as a music producer rather than a movie director.

And true to Han Geng’s own words, he only accept scripts which he likes and are challenging. He is not into fame and glory..He is more into quality and substance as we see him in this new movie with an “unknown” director who earned her fame as the female lead in “Princess Returning Pearl” in 1998…more than a decade ago..

So far, we haven’t seen him collaborating with any big-time directors with major roles under his belt..Those two movies were directed by relatively “unknown” directors who are yet to make it big as directors..! Hopefully, Han Geng will have a breakthrough in his movie career soon..Our best wishes for him for another successful blockbuster and box-office sales record..!


While we wait patiently for his next movie, let us watch some video clips made by a GengFan..If you’re into sexy posterior,especially Han Geng’s then pay attention to  the clip @3.11 and you’ll see what I mean..hahaha….

This is another clip of Han Geng’s agility in folk dances..never get tired of watching his many different dances..

The one below is a news clip on Han Geng’s appearance in the MengNiu 12th Music Billboards Awards..of how he is going to perform..

So let us watch him this Sunday 8th April..and today our time at Hunan TV with the Everyday Show..promoting Xstep..

Recently, Han Geng has also joined the ranks of those who graced the covers of a Hong Kong men’s magazine..Jmen for the summer issue..Watch out for it, you guys from HK..heheh..

One last picture and I am done…hehe


To those whose pictures are tagged..to YT uploaders..MyDearHanGeng and TaiwanHanGengFanlulu.



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4 Responses to What’s On,On Han Geng

  1. valerin says:

    Thanks again for sharing hangeng’s latest news and progress. He seems to me in pretty good shape and i cant wait for his lin jing character in his shooting movie….

    Tommorow he ll be perform for Mengniu musical event. i’m sure he ll deliver another stunning performance to us, way to go~

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you Valerin. it’s always nice to know that someone reads my post and responds in the comment column…hehehe..
      Yeah, I am looking forward to his performance tomorrow night but I don’t think I have the channel in my subscriptions..
      I wish someone can upload the whole show on YT, not just HG’s cut..hehehe..It would be entertaining to watch the whole show…

  2. valerin says:

    to Mish, thanks for sharing the link, wish my connection is good enough to watch it, even just glimpse of geng is fine enough, plan b would go for waiting patiently for gengfans’ sharing.

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