Only Han Geng Can

If in football there is Tebowing..

And in basketball, there is Linsanity

Then I can safely say that in showbiz-ball, there is Gengxintegrity…!

Hehehe…I coined this myself, copyrighted by me..!! Hehehe..!!

Han Geng is paying the price of being “over popular” and that’s why he is the target of negative news, bad buddies, misleading messages and paparazzi press..!! He didn’t even have to bat his eyes and instantly there will be news all over the place wherever they can find  space or blogs or forums  etc…

Poor Han Geng was recently drawn into an unwarranted  situation that caught him in the middle of a bitter spat between two veteran actors.. He already has more than his fair share of rumours, gossips, scandals and hype that he doesn’t need that controversial speculation on the top of all those..

Right after that incident on the Everyday Up show (let’s call it such), he was again mentioned in the bitter spat between two veteran actors in a movie which Han Geng declined last year due to his busy schedule..

Let me share some thoughts on being popular.. When one is popular, the tendency is one gets the unfavourable looks and feelings of those who either admire or hate you..Even those who admire you will still harbour feelings of envy and disenchantment..wanting to get at least a little of your glitter & glory..Even if one does nothing, one will still be the target, reason : popularity.

Of course to those who hate him just because he doesn’t comply to their unscrupulous demands, will definitely bad-mouthed him, to get even or to destroy him…!

In spite of all this bad aura encompassing him, he still gets out of it smelling like roses. Just like one Gengfan said that no matter how one  tried to make gold black, it will still shine brilliantly! That is our Han Geng..he is like gold even in the fiery furnace, he will still come out shining brilliantly because he has integrity and his work record proves it..!

The upside of popularity is this; one gets to be an endorser for anything under the skies..

The downside is, many will try to sabotage and destroy that popularity!

Since 2008, Han Geng has been  a powerful endorser for any product that he put his name to..below is the latest data chart on the progress of Han Geng’s role as a product endorser/spokesperson. See for yourself. By the way, this is not a complete list e.g M-Zone of China Mobile is not listed here and many others..

Data Collection for Sale Increase of the Products Endorsed by Han Geng

Edited by Luna

2008 Zhen Shi Ming Eyedrop   Sale Growth Rate: 30%

Source: Korea Joongang Daily

“As Zhen Shi Ming indicated, after Han Geng was chosen to be their spokesman, the retail sale has received an effect of 30% increase.”

2011 MengNiu Yoghourt       Sale Growth Rate: 30%

Source: MengNiu Group Annual Meeting on August 5, 2011

Endorsement Starting Time: March 3, 2011

“Compare to the second season of last year (April to August), the sale of MengNiu Yoghourt products endorsed by Han Geng has increased 30%.”

2011 JuMeiYouPin  increase rate of orders: 150%;  increase rate of visiting IP: 100%; increase of conversion rate: 30%

Source: “Entertainment Sale Style from JuMeiYouPin” written by Tan Xiaofang, Business and Management Consultant  

Endorsement Starting Time: April, 2011

2011 XStep “The retail sale of single product reached 4 million less than a month.”

Source: Tencent News

“ collaborates with Sport Brand XStep…launching a style of fashion shoes limited version called “GengXin Step by Step” entitled by spokesman Han Geng. The products were sold out very fast, the sales of this model of fashion shoes has reached 4 million.” (Note: “GengXin Step by Step” shoes were available for sale on November 15, 2011, and this news was released on December 7, 2011. Approx. 3 weeks since the launching of the shoes. )    

2011 Yishion  Sale Growth Rate: 55%


Endorsement Starting Time: April 2011

“The sales of Yishion Group from January to September, 2011 has reached 3. 543 billion Yuan(RMB), compared to last year, it has increased 55%.”

Just look at the figures and you will realised how valuable and marketable is Han Geng..

Xstep gained RMB 4 million in 3 weeks for a single product..!

Yishion gained RMB 3 billion; an increase of 55% sales

JuMei gained 150% rate in sales order.

With all these figures, who wouldn’t want Han Geng to be their spokesperson? No wonder many are jealous of him and wanted to see him fail. The above chart is not a complete list  as there are other products which he endorsers were not recorded. Those were the ones which are available at the moment. By the way, Han Geng is signed with Yishion for 8 years, that’s how appreciative they are of Han Geng..They are earning billions..!

How is Han Geng valuable? This we can see in his latest Xstep activity where he walked the red carpet with the executives of the company..and the executive spoke up in support of Han Geng in relation to the “negative news” recently. He said that Xstep will continue to use  Han Geng as their spokesperson now and in future.. He gave two specific reasons why they are keeping him..

1. Han Geng is the only mainland star out of their 5 endorsers presenting their product.Also his activities are the most compared to others. Han Geng is the best spokesperson.

2. In the past one year of working with him, we have seen his diligence and his professionalism. Furthermore he is a personal friend. The recent negative news on Han Geng will not affect our collaboration with him. We will still collaborate with Han Geng for future activities..

“Feeling harder to be oneself might be a curse of popularity.”

Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

I can safely say that this applies to Han Geng in relation to the Everyday Show.. he wanted to be  himself, but they won’t let him to be himself. They wanted him to cooperate with their scandalous script but then he got into a controversy because they didn’t get what they wanted from him..Since they were not able to get him to cooperate with their scandalousness, they retaliated with vicious lies..defaming him and his crew.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.”
Aristophanes, The Knights

Han Geng does not curry favour  to people just to get what he wants.. He wins people by being himself and his hard-work..He gains popularity by his integrity and a professional work attitude.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *******

“Do not yearn to be popular; be exquisite.

Do not desire to be famous; be loved.

Do not take pride in being expected; be palpable, unmistakable.”
C. JoyBell C.

This describes Han Geng perfectly. He didn’t seek to be popular but to be exquisite (meaning set apart from others..) He didn’t seek to be famous but fame came to him. He only wanted to be loved. He didn’t want to be what people expected from him,(meaning doing what people expected of him) . He is palpable meaning capable of being touched or in other words, tangible. Unmistakable meaning impossible to be mistaken or misinterpreted. This is Han Geng..!

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Side note: Han Geng will be in Taiwan to record his 2nd album. He will be there from April 16 to May 6..a duration of 20 days..! Hope you Taiwan GFs can catch him there and show your support..hehehe

Credits: tagged in pictures and videos..

Amendment: I would like to make mention that the data chart was translated by Bristlegrass which I was remiss in the crediting..hehehe…. Sorry Bristlegrass, it slipped my mind when I was writing up the post..hehehe…I was supposed to credit that to you but forgotten to…hehehe

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7 Responses to Only Han Geng Can

  1. valerin says:

    thank u again for sharing ~~ update news of geng is muchly appreciate. he ll having his album recording at taiwan, hopefully his recording is smoothly done besides having time to rest. In 特步event, he seems to sweat a lot, is he feeling ok? well, tat’s just my small concern abt him. peace and wish all of us all the best!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes Valerin, he seems to be sweating a lot….looks like he is not taking care of himself properly..thanks again for your appreciation of our blog..good to see you guys reading our posts. It will be good for Taiwan GFs to be the hosts to HG this time. I hope that there will be fancams of his arrival in Taiwan..hehehe..

  2. Observer says:

    Dear garnetblue, Han Geng is very blessed to have so many loyal and supportive gengfans like you. You spoke up so well for him and I hope you will meet him personally one day if you have not already.
    For an artiste, HG does seems a bit uptight. I wish he could loosen up a bit more to endure the tough road ahead.
    Yes, I saw the news how HG was mentioned during the spat between Yen and Chao. Actually I was quite proud that his name was brought up because it shows that the movie industry is growing more aware of his existence and to be positive, this is an extra bit of publicity for him.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hi Observer, though you called me loyal, I can still be very critical of him..hehehehehe..!! That is to say I am not blind to his faults..hehehe….Yes I agree with you that he needed to loosen himself a bit..maybe that’s the results of his strict upbringing and his early training in a school where discipline is tight..
      I also believe that popular people are not being welcome among their peers..It happen to him in his previous employment where he was put on the back burner, so to speak…and now it is happening again !! It’s not an attractive position to be, he tried to counter his popularity by being accommodating and nice to others but then he was taken advantage of…..!
      I also think that the reason why he was uptight is because he doesn’t want others to be hurt on account of him e.g. Gengfans..Plus he knows many youths are looking up to him as their role model, so he doesn’t want to “accidentally” mislead them into “bad vices”…That’s my take on him..hehehe…

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Mind and heart, come together perfectly in this piece… I have heard lots of ‘noises’ as well and I hope these noises will not pollute Han Geng’s hemisphere too much, even if they say that any publicity is publicity, as long as we know what kind of person (with his flaws) Han Geng is and he can keep on carrying out his own person the way he wants… healthily 🙂

    And I cannot wait for the second album, excited! Always thank you for these thoughtful and heartfelt words about Han Geng, I love reading them!

    • valerin says:

      yes. i’m anticipate his 2nd album as well, wish his recording trip at Taiwan is nicely done and he’s enjoy himself throughout the process.

  4. Han Geng… I used to be like; “Woah, Han Geng! He is super awesome!” But now I’m sort of disappointed, I guess. I still like him, but it seems that he frequently runs from trouble. Personally, the only songs I liked on his album were Fire, Queen and My Logo, and I really hope he will wow me and Gengfans all over the world with his new album and movie role!

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