Tribute To MotherGengFans

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it – Thomas Fuller

For the past few weeks Han Geng has been visibly absent and that makes his absence more felt in the entertainment circle..It seems like there was a void in the world of Gengfans for those who followed him diligently. Fear not, for now he is back! He came back with some very positive news, like his concert will be on the 28th of July and followed by the release of his 2nd album. Direct from his lips, check out the video below


Below is a clip made by Gengfans in honour of Mother’s Day..To all our MotherGengfans, here’s to you..AToast “Cheers”


And here is another clip on Han Geng’s trip to Italy, the completeĀ  journey. Enjoy!

Credits: as tagged in videos..


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5 Responses to Tribute To MotherGengFans

  1. valerin says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all ~ wishing for more refresh start to all of us

  2. mish says:

    Han Geng is very busy with his works recently. From March to June, he joins the film “To our eventually lost youth” which is being shot in many different places in China. In between the shots, he went to Taiwan for three weeks to record his second albumn. He participated in charity work and going to hospital to visit youths and accompanied them to basketball game. He did his Music MV shooting in Beijing, Tokyo and Hokkaido. He is forming a new Rock band for a June concert. He is also rehearsing new dances and prepare the details to start his solo concert tour on July 28 and the release of albumn on July 29. Today two good news came out – one is his 2010 music concept picture book to be released on July 29. And another are pictures when he shot a mini film to be released on May 30 (Fans guessed that it was for Nokia ads but no one knew when he found time to do this) Yes. This kid is very busy.

    • mish says:

      Sorry, 2012 Music Concept picture book. It was to be released in March but delayed to same time with albumn.

      • valerin says:

        those army look of geng is included for his music concept pic book right~~ gorgeous looking of geng^^ thanks 4 sharing

  3. mish says:

    You are welcome, Valerin. I wonder if Garnetblue is taking a vacation. She has not updated this blog for a while. Han Geng has so many good news recently. It is hard to keep up.
    1. Nokia mini film is out – Great dancing again.
    2. His Life magazine June issue cover story. – Pictures are great and the story is even better. I hope someone can translate the artical for you soon.
    3. The black and white photos with army look of him are for music concept. I think they were done last year for the new album but album was delayed so we finally see them now. I love the ones that show off his long legs.
    4. “Best Future” MV for charity is released. Beautiful song. Geng’s voice is so gentle, perfect fit for this song. Geng rushed to Beijing to record it last month after 3 days of movie shooting without sleeping then driving to another city for performance due to missed flight. The song writer weibo at the time with their picture and said “I love Han Geng so much!”. Fans was guessing what project it was.
    5. Tickets for July 28 Beijing concert quietly accept pre-order without any announcement. Within a few hours, all vip seats and the cheapest tickets were all gone. Fans not knowing about it are hoping that more tickets could be available when they are formally on sale (and no one knows when that would be yet).

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