Han Geng on His Life Magazine

Sometimes it is just too much to follow Han Geng on his activities..like this time, when he is preparing for his next full album.. It is simply too taxing to keep all the updates for a mother-fan like me…I am not complaining, it’s just that Han Geng moves too fast for me to catch up with him..hehehe . It’s like playing catch-me-if-you-can… I am really thankful to all the readers here on this blog because you guys have been helping me by giving me info on his latest escapades and whereabouts.

There is one Gengfan who has taken the trouble to translate the article in His Life magazine and has kindly allow it to be used by fellow Gengfans around the world.

A special thanks to Mish who has contributed some of his recent activities in the comments section of each post. It is heart warming to know that our posts in this blog are read by people who are interested in Han Geng and his career.. In his weibo account, the number of his followers has reached 13 million !! He opened his weibo account in June of 2010 and it’s now June 2012, so it’s approximately two years now.. By the end of June, most probably the number would have reached 14 million!!

Just to re-post some latest info given by Mish on Han Geng’s. She is so kind as to share with us what she knows..

Tickets for July 28 Beijing concert quietly accept pre-order without any announcement. Within a few hours, all VIP seats and the cheapest tickets were all gone. Fans not knowing about it are hoping that more tickets could be available when they are formally on sale (and no one knows when that would be yet)

“Best Future” MV for charity is released. Beautiful song. Geng’s voice is so gentle, perfect fit for this song. Geng rushed to Beijing to record it last month after 3 days of movie shooting without sleeping then driving to another city for performance due to missed flight. The song writer weibo at the time with their picture and said “I love Han Geng so much!”. Fans was guessing what project it was.

Below is the translated article from the June issue of His Life magazine by Wang Jin (GF from Dublin, Ireland) through a reader of this blog..

His Life Magazine Interview English TranslationHan Geng: Composure/ Calmness is new, maturity is  old.

The stage which Han Geng chose for his career in the past 16 years: Han Geng still feels nervous before each stage performance despite having years of experience in it. This apprehension dissolves into excitement at the instant when he starts to dance.
Maturity is old: A teenager who matures really early in life learns not to cause trouble to anyone.
Composure is new: He has experienced most types of negative emotions already. His current motivation in life is not to fulfill what most people deem as successful, he has lived under scrutiny and other people’s expectations for too long. Now, Han Geng wants to return to being himself.
Han Geng has been pushing forward for 16 years now.
Han Geng is still shooting Vicky Zhao’s new movie <<to our youth which eventually fades>>. The camouflage pants, crisp cut hair and that palm-sized small face makes Han Geng looks almost like a high school student. On the day of the shooting, the sunshine that hit Han Geng’s face looked extraordinarily beautiful. Han Geng talks about a movie (don’t know the name and I really don’t know how to translate this part>_<). In the movie, the main lead had to keep running to keep his life. In real life, the 28 year old Han Geng has kept pushing forward in the past 16 years to fight his destiny- the same pursuit which once landed him in the centre of criticisms will carry him further for a long time to come.
Han Geng is from the Hezhe ethnic minority group in China, and at 12, he was very thin and small. During a stage performance in primary school, he was spotted by his teacher for his outstanding body ratio, who then brought Han Geng to Mingzu University of China to learn to dance. Up till the week before school started, Han Geng could not even do a split. The teacher used some extremely excruciating but express methods to increase his flexibility. Han Geng did not have enough time to bid goodbye to his past, nor was he aware of what dancing could bring for his future.
Dancing one’s way to become a celebrity is unique and characteristic to China…..Nearing the date of graduation, Han Geng started to ponder about his future path. Should he continue to dance or head for university? The offer given by the Shanghai Military Dance Group sounded appealing too, especially since the offer included a free apartment/flat. But deep within, Han Geng felt that his life shouldn’t be just that. That year, SM was having an audition in China, so Han Geng asked his teacher to plan a Jazz dance for him. The results came back: the good news is Han Geng doesn’t need to enter the military, the bad news is that he has to be contract-bound for 12 years – the lost freedom was the price he had to pay for the fame.
Youth will inevitably fade away: want to walk through it calmly and with no regrets.
Perhaps, it is because Han Geng has been labelled as the well-rounded youthful role model for too long, people seems to have forgotten that Han Geng has just turned 28. Very few people feel that Han Geng should still be allowed to throw tantrums. Indeed, in Han Geng’s remaining youth, he can no longer act willfully and irresponsibly anymore.。
The movie <<To our youth which eventually fades>> seemed to evoke some of Han Geng’s memories. We would always gasps and be held back by his extraordinary journey and life experience, and tend to overlook the fact that he too was once a teenage boy who underwent puberty and has his first relationship. Distance relationship is hard and tedious to maintain. Han Geng was in Korea while his girlfriend was in Beijing, and they could only meet up when Han Geng returned to China to redo his Visa. In the movies, true love can overcome all obstacles, but in real life, distance was a real problem.

Han Geng is very well-known and popular, a simple Weibo update could easily invite tens of thousands of comments. This tremendous attention has also placed him under a microscope, making it very difficult for him to safely secure the things which he values greatly in life. He is so used to placing his whole focus on pursuing the final goal that he often missed out the most exciting bits that occur along the journey.
Han Geng decides to take off the extravagant exterior and return to being himself.
Han Geng shares his happiness and sadness with his friends. In front of them, Han Geng is willing to show his true emotions and return to being the normal being, one with shortcomings and emotional ups and downs. This will allow Han Geng to better face the future challenges while allowing Han Geng to live a happier and fuller life.
The years ahead belongs to himself, he doesn’t want to use extravagant methods or techniques to appeal to audience’s senses. Freedom came with great difficulty, and fortunately his youth has yet to fully fade away. Han Geng wants to sediment his past memories slowly but meticulously, being aware that some things may take time to be fully understood, just like how true charisma develops with time.
(To be continued)
To the Gengfan who was so kind to share with other non-Chinese fans by translating the article..
To the up-loader of video @ YT..
And as tagged in pictures..
Extra! Extra! Latest news..!!
Han Geng going blonde!!!
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8 Responses to Han Geng on His Life Magazine

  1. valerin says:

    welcome back garnet blue ! thanks for keeping updating news about hangeng ~~
    concert in beijing is selling ticket already , the concert hall is quite grand with 360 degree LED, great~~ wish one day can go for his concert without any concern ~~ best wishes

  2. sty says:

    ohh … Garnet
    I do not know what to say!
    Han Geng BLONDE now, right?
    OMG .. I am going crazy..

  3. mish says:

    Welcome back, Garnetblue! Too many good news from Geng indeed.
    1. June 8, he recorded two TV programs and finally showed his new blondie look for his second albumn and a little bit of his new song and new dance “Clown’s mask”.
    2. June 9 he showed up in Nokia marketing event. Thousand fans jamed the mall (with 5 storied). Everyone who saw his new look said that no photo or video can do justice to his beauty. There is an HD interview by Qiyi is a little better. http://yule.iqiyi.com/20120610/dd6de30c99d7b54f.html
    In the interview, he said that he will finish movie shooting in 20 days. His 2nd albumn is at final stage of production. He is currently busy in preparing for the concert.
    In the rest of June, he will record another TV program on June 15. His albumn and concert announcement press conference (and ticket sale formally begins) on June 19. He will perform in Chengdu music festival for 45 minutes solo on June 23.
    And rumer has it that his world concert will be held in Shanghai on Aug 18, after Beijing (July 28).

  4. followurdestiny says:

    Welcome back, Garnetblue! Kind of missed this blog, like I missed seeing Han Geng in action…but he’s “back” again, and how! 😉 I saw this MV teaser today for one of his songs 狂草 from his 2nd album! Check it out! I’m now too excited for the new album! It is said that the whole MV will be released on June 19 on the day he’s holding the press conference as mentioned by mish… LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySqT4-yWOQU&feature=g-all-u

    • onepinetree says:

      it feels like the movie, “300”. Very interesting!

      • Mish says:

        The first song “Wild Cursive” will be released by 100 radio stations worldwide tomorrow on June 15. Maybe you can hear it in California. From the part in the teaser, it is my favorite rock style. His voice is powerful.

  5. garnetblue says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments..It’s nice to know that I am appreciated…hehehe..!
    Good to see that you all are still loyal to this blog..
    Will try to keep this blog updated to the best of my ability..

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