Wild Cursive

It has been worth the wait for Han Geng’s 2nd album. By the looks of things, it’s going to be wild and exotic!

A short teaser was released a few days ago and just look at him getting into the song..! This is only a short teaser.

This is the full audio of the song “Wild Cursive” which was revealed yesterday..Listen to Han Geng’s voice! It’s just simply amazing the way he control his vocals..I like it! He surprises me once again.. No wonder he was kept hidden all those times, he was a big threat! He voice has matured if I can described it that way.

With the courtesy of our friends over at GengBao forum, this song has been translated and from the lyrics, once again I see his thoughts..Someone described him as the Dark Knight..and somebody else over at Sina weibo called him Little White Dragon..your guess is as good as mine..

Published on Jun 14, 2012 by


Ignite the flaming grenade of the blackened night
The heat suck the air dry
Even the cold wave cannot cloak the ocean of flame

Deceit, creating pain
Turning the world evil
Blood burning with righteous indignation, cannot be restrained
I take a stand

I brandish the wild cursive (wild cursive)
In a flash the black and white divide
Fierce, unrestrained, wild cursive (wild cursive)
Scream. Forbid the apathy, greed, and meager lingering to survive

I madly scribe the wild cursive (wild cursive)
Like a surging tornado
Do you dare to wild cursive (wild cursive)
Scream; release all your frustration,
Only a bold unleash can bring delight!!!

Look, look, look, the glacier is splitting, spring is coming
My age of prosperity will exceed your expectancy
Brandishing the wild cursive, unyieldingly scream
Let me (scribe) the wild cursive, to write a brand new era

Translation by windchime@geng-bao.net
Please take out with all credits

Credits: thanks to all those whose pictures I am using and videos.

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7 Responses to Wild Cursive

  1. Mish says:

    This is a great song and totally him. It was to be released on June 15 at 0 hour but a music site put it on one hour early. Fans waiting online went crazy with it. It is very addictive too. I have listened to it for hours while working and not get tired of it yet. This song must take a long time to produce, From lyric to song to music to his singing, too many sparking points to count. All the names in the production team are big names too. Producer is the top Taiwanese dance music writer, who did Queen for him. Song writers are two Swedish big names who did some top chart songs before in us, europe and Japan. I think one does more Rock and one does more R&B. The lyrics speaks out for him like “Say no” in the 1st album. So this song is a fusion of east and west, of rock, R&B and dance music. Great job! Geng!

    • garnetblue says:

      thanks Mish for the extra info on the producers and the song-writers. In fact, I was surfing the net to find out who they were..Yes..I was blown away by Han Geng’s voice..I was truly amazed by his skill in voice control..I thought the songs in his 1st album was already showing his character but in this one, he shows his metal. He is really good, no doubt about it. I’ve known it all along that he can sing even when he was with the old company..just not many chances for him to do so..I’d love to hear him sing an English song..I believe he can because he has the determination to improve himself and that’s the key for success.The lyrics is again about injustice and unfairness in society.

  2. valerin says:

    like the song so much !!! another side of wild geng reveal, this is another awesome meaningful yet explosive song from geng again!! Cant wait for his album ~ cheers! definately show his personality and his vision expressive fully on this song~ way to go geng :p

  3. Wellkyu says:

    Love that song so much
    I Heard that more than 14 million fans in Weibo and his name appears more than 74 million times in Weibo search. King’s of Weibo lol
    I can’t stop repeat that song, overwhelmed for sure.
    Wonder is there’s just one MV? Waiting for more, his voices…
    I hoped someday HG will has official account at Youtube, you know much people reupload his MV, at least for foreign fans like me that’s would help much cause I confused where to watch better and the problem is my network hard to access China’s pages
    However That’s not a problem when enjoying HanGeng voices, oh so glad you shared here^^

    • Mish says:

      I love the song too. The high quality CD version is better to hear the details and the base. And the louder the better for Rock feel. In the press conference, he mentioned that there is a second MV for this song to be released. In his concert, there will be dance for this song too. He is busy with preparation of concert now. His friend, Liu Qian, a master of magician is in the team to add magic to his performance. Another world renown Spanish magician also mentioned in weibo that he had meeting with Han Geng. Also, dancers audition is next week.

      • valerin says:

        yes !! magic geng , wonder what kind of magic performance he will shown hehe…..yes, high quality version of cd is much better details to be heard and higher level of rock style of feel . ็‹‚่‰~~

  4. bristlegrass says:

    I like the song, especially the title, because I like the artistic and emotional expression of this type of calligraphy!

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