“I is Han Geng” by Han Geng

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Title : June 19, 2012 – Han Geng’s 2nd Album & Concert Tour Conference -寒更(Hope in the Darkness)

Author: Si Woo Kim

Translated by: One Pine Tree

This video was released on the eve of Conference:

Although it is a short video of 20 seconds and with a few words of monologue, the overall concept of the 2nd album Han Geng tries to pass through was unreservedly expressed.

Monologue translation:

“In life, there are many impossibilities.

But you should not shrink back out of fear nor give up to shun criticism.

Bravely challenge and express yourself!

Music will free us.

July, the light from polar nights breaks the darkness and regain the light.

I, is Han Geng.”

The last statement ” I is Hangeng.” The previously released promotional video ended with this statement as well.  He has used this statement more and more often. I felt this statement became a symbol of promoting his album and transformed to a new brand. I am feeling very proud of him.

The last Chinese four letters are translated into “Break Darkness and Regain the Light.”

In order to explain this statement, I have to explain first the concept of polar night (極夜).

“極夜” – polar nights without the midnight sun

Then, what about “寒更”?

“寒更” refers to the first moment when a glimmer reveals right before the dawn at the end of a long dark.

Interestingly, Chinese pronunciations for both “寒更” and  “韓庚 (Han Geng)” are same.

In the world of the darkness with a gleam of hope in life, a fighter without losing the fighting spirit to fight for the light.  This is the name of Han Geng’s 2nd album/Concert, 寒更, the same pronuicatino of “Han Geng.” This name reflects Han Geng’s determination that he will never give up his own belief and commitment no matter how hard and difficult the incoming ordeals are.

Han Geng is now moving forward, little by little, in order to pioneer a new way in his life.

Although it has been a few days since the new song was released, his song is ranking the tops in the various charts.

One day before Conference, on June 18, Han Geng’s Weibo:

“寒更, with the name of the light, send a tribute to the soul that will not compromise forever. On June 19, 2012, please meet the world of 寒更 at the HanGeng’s 2nd album/concert Conference.”

寒更 was referred to “the soul that will not compromise forever” by Han Geng.

This 2nd album may be more important than the first one to him.

If he insists on uncompromising soul enough to decide “寒更” as the title for his 2nd album, I as a Geng Fan have to endure all those ridiculous slanders toward him and cheer and support him.

This is Han Geng’s Photo Book:

The design came out so clean and beautiful, so I was very impressed at the first look of this photo book. In addition, “Hope in Darkness” printed in English made me thrilled.

Album, photo book, and any other products related to the 2nd album are associated with this statement.

And some of nice pictures of Han Geng at Conference:

And a sneak preview of his photo album: Two Shots!

Ah…… He is so attractive!!

When am I going to get his photo book!!!!

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10 Responses to “I is Han Geng” by Han Geng

  1. garnetblue says:

    Thank you so much..! It’s beautifully expressed and written..Truly it’s such an arduous journey with him..As always, there are criticisms, positive and negative..The negative ones are (as usual) very ridiculous and way overboard..The usual clamors of plagiarism is rife in the net..and then there is the usual fanfare of fan-wars..Controversies will always arise and surround Han Geng’s efforts and concepts..Nevertheless, I trust him to deliver good quality works for his worthwhile fans, locally and internationally.
    He will always be different from the rest of the pack..!
    I like his “mind”..he thinks out of the norm and strikes with a sharp blow..! When others thought that he has exhausted all his talents, then BANG! came out this new idea of his and the titles of his albums reflect his inner thoughts and emotions..He doesn’t think like a normal person does..
    He does it with style and pomp..!
    I actually like this new concept of his..and his voice just goes to show that he has talent..talent beyond one’s expectations..I like the way how he controls his vocals and I know it’s not easy to maintain the pitch without getting off-key.
    Only Han Geng dares to take this kind of exceptional risk..He is really into quality and the sales of the album is secondary..He is confident that quality sells and has no fear of failure..! His attitude towards failure has always been a step for improvement and opportunity..
    Thanks again, Pinetree…
    Missed you..!

    • onepinetree says:

      “Plagiarism”…. Trust me, there is no single person who is from this concept. If you look at things from the superficial perspective, yes, his MV reminds me of many things. However, his concept, determination, and willingness made Han Geng and his works free from “Plagiarism issues.” When we say, “plagiarism”, we meant by stealing “ideas” or “concept” or “major theme” without giving out the credits to the original author. Some expressions methods/ways in Han Geng’s work may be similar or even same with some other people’s works. He cannot be free for that fact. But he is definitely original in terms of expressing his ideas.

  2. mish says:

    Welcome back! onepintree. The music concept photo book will be on sale on July 29 as well (same time with the album). Music concept book – music CD – MV – concert tour would present his idea of music experience as a whole, from 2D to 3D to 4D. All would center around his self expression of 寒更 “Hope in the darkness”. Dispite all the adversaries hidden in the darkness, I am sure that his light will finally come out.

    • onepinetree says:

      The first album and this second album just made me realize that why Han Geng had to leave the SM. His talent and philosophy just do not match with those of SM. Although I am really missing his trendy “look” from “sorry sorry period”, I am very happy for his solo activity in China.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Haha, Pinetree, so glad to see you again. I am back too! Very cool music concept book! Definitely on my shopping list.

    I just saw the teaser of “clown mask”…Brilliant one!!! I love the dance, the music, the idea, each scene of the MV, everything!!! Looking forward to the entire MV, maybe it will be my favorite.

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, we all are back as Han Geng come back with his 2nd album. We are more strategical fans, ha ha, whereas Garnet blue is a devoted and consistent fan 🙂

  4. valerin says:

    “寒更” refers to the first moment when a glimmer reveals right before the dawn at the end of a long dark. i adore this concept very much. everyone got their own 寒更miment, so break tru it and love life~~

    • onepinetree says:

      As much as I love our ” Korean letters: Han Gul” (表音文字, phonogram), I really adore “Chinese letters” (表意文字, ideogram). It’s really entertaining for me to watch How Han Geng makes a best use of his language.

  5. Gan says:

    Do you know where I can buy this photobook ? I love it so much >o<

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