Clown Mask – By Han Geng

The clown face drawn on the mask is not a tiger.

Always smiling, the angle of the lips never changing.

Always wishing everyone to be happy as his birthday wishes.

But the concerned greetings and hugs always feel like negative 10 degrees

He’s full of vagueness and his expressions change habitually

His expressions are only skin deep at any way

He’s full of mystery and he performs habitually

Turning the illusionary truth into disarray

Under the clown mask you are happier then everybody

But you can’t hide, the redness around your eyes

The clown mask shows an expression of innocence

Hypnotizing you to sleep in a boundless dream

Who can see my real face?

The pain of not tearing, smiling yet not really

Who can see my real face?

Do a magic trick and take the mask off

Whose duty is it to maintain world peace?

In actuality everyone is scared that their naked opinions will lead to lawsuit

Who can hear the murmuring under the mask?

It’s very tiring to live under a smile that’s only skin deep

Ignoring the calls of your rivals

Heartlessly protecting  ourselves

The more cold-heartedly I live

The more addictive the loneliness becomes

The different layers of skins under the mask

All hope to feel some warmth

The more you run away from happiness, the distance grows

I can not catch up, yet others find my situation envious.

Clown Mask is one of the songs listed in Han Geng’s 2nd album. Out of the six songs which have been released, this is the one that appealed to me the most. The lyrics are so appropriate and I can relate to it so well. People in this age and era, tend to hide their true self behind a smile (including me).. This music video is so original that I wished for it to win some kind of award like “Best Music Video” or whatever..

There may be some people out there who are negative about this because they may be  offended by the lyrics of Clown Mask. They reacted negatively maybe because it hits the very core of their existence and that’s why  they reacted so strongly.

Then there are some who do not like his concept in this 2nd album  maybe because they  find it too personal. They may think that Han Geng is still too fresh to take on the world with his personal stand  on society. Some would like to see him take the ordinary route and be safe. Knowing Han Geng, he won’t take the safe path. He always like to take risks and he is adventurous too.. He likes extreme sports and lives  life fully with no regrets.

To those who are antagonists, I would like to say this ” If you don’t eat chilli, you don’t know it’s spiciness” – Chinese proverb

Please do not say that this song is an insinuation about  his time in Korea. This song is about what Han Geng feels and can only be expressed in a song. This songs is a reflection on the past two years since he went solo.. Probably he realised that everything is not what it seems to be.. There are many kinds of people in the world..but categorically there are only 3 groups and they are : 1. Protagonists 2. Antagonists 3. Stoics

Maybe in the past two years, he had learned that…….Society is cruel. People are heartless. Friends are fickle. Friendship is fleeting. Confidences are being exploited. Materialism is a fact. Feelings are fake..!

On a more serious note, I would like to see him win a more substantial award like Best Album or Most Versatile Singer or Best Singer ( dare to dream ..hehehe)..this year.

Someone once told me that generally people (in China) do not buy albums any more. Albums are just a showcase of the artist’s works and what the artist is capable of..the impact is greater when the songs are being played over radio stations where a wider area can be covered..And she also said that HG is getting noticed more by the mainstream public. In general, a lot of them like his songs and its appeal in this 2nd album.Radio stations are raving about the quality of the songs and MVs especially Clown Mask..

Credits :

YT uploader Ariel Tong for the video and its subs.

pictures as tagged..

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4 Responses to Clown Mask – By Han Geng

  1. valerin says:

    thank u for sharing ~~ ur explanation definately hit a spot of my personal thought as well, we do share some common view after all ~~ Whatever efforts tat ‘ve been made by gf are r highly appreciated even though many might holds different view on hangeng himself and his music. No matter what u guys are great and support lovelife hangeng~~

    • garnetblue says:

      The last 4 songs on the album is unraveled just now.. Cynicism, The One, Can’t Calm Down and Still By Your Side.
      Han Geng already mentioned that this album’s concept is all about his feelings and attitude towards the happenings in society..Since he can’t express himself through interactions, then the only to do so is through songs..
      The music scores in this album is not of the normal Mando pop. It is very unusual and unique. His ballads are not ordinary ballads and I like them all..!

      • valerin says:

        Yes ! Cynicism to the society… many things happen, and the expression and sharing tru music indeed channel his voice for the issues.

        Even though i’m not so call profesional music critic etc, overall i can conclude tat 2nd album of geng is a very well made and bringing msg to everyone who listen to his music, and convey the msg behind the music itself. The respond of ppl towards his music msg and concept can be variety in term of personal perception.

        Moreover, his decision to regulate his 2nd album during Dec last year turn out to be right decision, underlying everyone’s effort, this album’s quality and taste is quite there and satisfy at least me who is amazed and overwhelm with the quality of this album. Consistent improving and keep up the good work of geng definately motivate ppl towards positive life attitude in whatever they did.

  2. garnetblue says:

    One doesn’t need a piece of paper to know whether a song is good or not..We don’t have to be professionals to gauge the quality of a song..I believe that we can differentiate between good and bad..As his supporter/fan I can honestly admit that sometimes his “live” is not up to my expectations when I know that he can do better. I know that his “live’ on My Logo in the past recent months has not been up to par as was before.hehehe

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