Still By Your Side – Han Geng

“The me that’s in your eyes does not have a soul. The heart that I hide is where the soul dwells“- cr: @Babyskullhead

“What you see is a beautiful shell. What you don’t see is the broken story behind the shell” cr: a friend @twitter.

What runs through your mind when you first set your eyes on this picture?

A picture that paints a thousand stories or a face that launch a thousand ships?

Han Geng is making the music waves again and they are huge waves..!! This time his song was even featured in M Countdown! He managed to secure 1st place on the MAMA weekly music charts of M Countdown for China chart.

Surely and steadily Han Geng is penetrating into the foreign market on his own merit and effort. He has always reiterate that he will do his utmost to present good quality works as a repayment to his fans who have been by his side all this while. He even have a song titled “Still By Your Side” and towards the end of it in the background, one can hear him whispering..”Han Geng is still by your side”..He is such a charmer….Who can refuse him anything? He is such a heartthrob and a child at the same time!! With this combination who can resist him? Not only are  GengFans still with Han Geng, but he too is still with GengFans as his song goes.

If anyone of you would like to purchase his album you can go to this link for your pre-order.. Yesasia..

Just follow the instructions given there..

Han Geng’s schedule for the next two weeks..

28 July – Concert at MasterCard Centre in Beijing

29 July – Hope in the Darkness album release

30 July – World Tour Concert in Shanghai Press Conference.

31 July – Depart for Taiwan.

18 Aug – Shanghai Concert

Friends in Taiwan please give him your support. He will be appearing in 100% Entertainment and KangXi and others including radio …I am just waiting to see what script they have for him on that show..hehehe..I want to see how he spar with  Xiao S..


Thanks to all  those whose videos I am using here and the pictures too.

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2 Responses to Still By Your Side – Han Geng

  1. valerin says:

    is he confirm to be on for kangxi show? wonder why would s jie would do with him heee..
    tonight after reviewing ppl’s weibo about hangeng 78 beijing concert, i’m feeling so excited to be ever want to fly up to that venue even i well knowledge tat my wish would be blank topic since reality hit up on me ~

    very good show hangeng and well done concert preparation. seeing all the good response regarding ur concert really enjoyable and i’m feeling so proud of our geng for his very best efforts. keep on the good word, believe him will go further on his way towards his marvelous great journey ahead

    • garnetblue says:

      yes he is..that’s from reliable source hehe..I am looking forward to see what X.S will dish out to HG..hahaha.. I hope he would retort back to her..!!

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