7.28 – World Tour Concert Beijing Stop

Let me write this down while it is still fresh on my mind..hehehe

I will start with one very good news…Han Geng makes it into the German Asian Music Charts for the month of July at the……#9 spot! He is in Top 10! He is the only Chinese in the chart  heavily dominated by Kpop! Again he stood out among all because he made it on his own without any big companies or powerful backers behind him..! He did it by his own tears and sweat in this short two years! Congratulations Han Geng!

Next in my list is ….He had a sold-out concert held on July 28 competing with London Olympics of 2012..! Here is an account from one of our staunch supporters, Mish.

Han Geng kicks off world concert tour at Beijing on Olympics Day. Despite heavy rains and floods in China, all tickets were sold out in advance, even after the agent increased another 1000 seats. More than 12000 people traveled from all over China and some from abroad to see this show that he prepared for two years. Flights were delayed. Trains stopped at flooded area. Buses were cancelled. Government warned that concert might be closed if heavy rain leads to flood. But fans still are traveling there to meet him. Six hours before the show time, the square before MasterCard Center is already jammed with exciting fans, forming a market of fan- made souvenirs and the Sun is out! Let the Geng party begins!


What Mish  has shared is just what I wanted to say and since she has done it then it’s easier for me just to post her account..and  I believe there are many of you out there waiting to burst out all your views..

Just some tid-bits on what I know..

There were fans from Korea who came to the concert. Han Geng’s maternal grandparents and mother were there. Vicki Zhao, Tan Jing and the rest of the celebrities whom I don’t know and only Han Geng does..! hehehe

To summarize it, it was a successful concert despite the setbacks like weather and distance..The concert went well without any major hitch. He received many praises from his peers and media. Now Han Geng is commanding more respect from the media whether they want to or not. This time, I hope that they will see him from a new perspective.

Being absent from the music scene for two years and come back with such a loud bang is indeed a major feat for him. This time around, his concert is more of world class and  higher standard. And the incredible thing is it is five times bigger in seating capacity than the 1st concert which only seated a little over 2500! That’s one of the signs of progress and success..! According to some people, at this present time, most of the concerts by other artists were not so successful in spite of having less seating capacity and cheaper ticket prices. Han Geng’s concert was indeed an eye-opener for them..his tickets were priced way higher than the other well-known singers (I won’t reveal the names here ..hehehe) and yet he had a SOLD-OUT CONCERT!

Feedbacks In Weibo

This time in his concert, there were no invited artists except Liu Qian’s (the illusionist) behind the scene collaboration. Altogether Han Geng sang 24 songs..10 from the album GengXin and 10 from his new album..Then the other four were theme song of the movie My Kingdom and covers  from three  other singers..Wang Feng, Faye Wong & A-Mei.

Before Concert


During Concert


Congratulatory Flower Stands


I Am Hero




My grateful thanks to all those who contributed in the videos at YT.
Credit goes to them all. Also to those whose pictures are posted here.. Thank you…!



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11 Responses to 7.28 – World Tour Concert Beijing Stop

  1. wang jin says:

    thank you posting such a detailed description of the concert for people who couldn’t make iit on 7.28:))

  2. Observer says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful coverage of Geng’s concert. I hope I can watch him live one day.

  3. valerin says:

    congrats for geng 728 concert success. best wishes for upcoming shanghai and shenzhen’s concert ! today acknowledge hangeng’s arrival at taiwan for publicity of his 2nd album , way to go geng, waiting for the broadcast! cant wait for it ~

  4. Wellkyu says:

    On my twitter timeline that’s was crazy update about his concert
    I just like ‘WOW’
    I just keep ‘Oh yeah he does it!’
    on my mind just how to attending his great concert, he is the real entertainer
    the seats was full, that’s not an easy thing really
    Wonderful concert!

  5. Susan Zhang says:

    During this whole week, I am deeply adicted to all videos of Beijing concert. I am killed a million times by the song “Can’t Calm” , much much better than CD version. I am waiting for the DVD. Can’t wait……

  6. mish says:

    Han Geng has a very busy August with packed activities every day. His official website has more updates on the schedules now. http://www.chinahangeng.com/whereabouts.php.
    This is a running list . 1. Aug 1 to 10 Taiwan promotion – He recorded many TV and radio shows and magazine interviews. Many programs can be found in youtube now with English subtitle. I recommend “100% entertainment” and “Kan Xi Lai Le”. Both programs are very funny. 2. Aug 11 to 14 – Guangzhou – TV commercials for two companies. 3. Aug 18 – Shanghai – world concert tour. 4. Aug 21 – perform in CCTV-MTV music award ceremony and receive “Most popular male singer of China” award. 5. Aug 19 – Nanjing – performance in a festival. 6. Aug 22 – perform and sing the theme song for ” First lession” TV program (to be broadcasted in all schools in China on the first day of school year) 7. Aug 23 – Beijing – fansign event during daytime and receive award at a fashion award ceremony. 8. Aug 25 – Zhenzhou – media interviews and fansign 9. Aug 28 – Yangzhou – perform in Beauty pagent contest and award ceremony. 10. Aug 29 – Shenzhen – Press conference for world concert tour. 11. Aug 31 – Gueyang – perform in “China gold record” award ceremony. His next month schedule is not posted yet, but a few world concert tour locations have been released. – Sep 15 – Shenyang, China (near Geng’s home town). Oct 13 – Shenzhen, China (near Hong Kong). and Oct 27 – Bangkok.

    • valerin says:

      the Bangkok one has been postpone to jan 2012 , but the ticket selling will be available soon, this month or next month (oct ’12 ) , not so sure abt it . thanks =)

  7. Sabrina Kong says:

    Known as “the most influential male celebrity in China”, Chinese Mando-pop singer and actor, Han Geng is undoubtedly dominating Southeast Asia.

    Known as “the most influential male celebrity in China”, Chinese Mando-pop singer and actor Han Geng debuted in South Korea in 2005 as the only Chinese member of Super Junior but left to focus on a solo career in 2009. His 1st solo album sold over a million copies, and tickets to his first concert sold out in a record-breaking 37 minutes. To date, he has received over 20 awards for his solo works, including Best Artist of The Year and Most Popular Artist in Asia in 2011. Han Geng’s second album ‘Hope in the Darkness’ was released in July 2012.

    ASIA:http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/han-geng。Please vote for HANGENG if you love him.

  8. garnetblue says:

    Dear friends, thank you all for your comments..

    • Mish says:

      Dear Garnetblue, I miss you and your posts. Come back soon when you can. I guess everyone is busy voting Han Geng for EMA recently.

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