MTV- EMA 2012 – Han Geng Nominated As The Best Asia Act!

Hey guys…! Thanks for the support for this blog even when we are busy with our own households and not able to post for quite sometime…

Let me apologize for being absent for so long..To be frank with you people, I believe that Han Geng is doing fine and well so I thought that I would just take a break for a while….hehehe..!!!

Han Geng has the usual charisma and charm and also the usual concerts  so therefore there is no need for any posts lately..hehehe!!

Let me just share what I know and let the rest of you debate and discuss on!

Remember I posted about Han Geng being in Top Ten in German Music Charts some weeks ago, well his songs manage to get into the list of MTV-EMA and him being nominated for THE BEST ASIA ACT!! I thought that just for Han Geng’s name to appear in the music charts of Germany was already something to be proud of since he was the only Chinese in the Top 10! Little did I know that Han Geng was nominated for the MTV- EMA  (Europe Music Awards) of 2012!! Again he is the ONLY CHINESE from China to be nominated.. Han Geng is up against 4 other singers from Asia that is:-

Yuna (Malaysia)

Super Junior (South Korea)

Exile (Japan)

Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)

So you can see, it is a tough act for GengFans to help support Han Geng; him among the veterans except for Yuna of Malaysia! But I believe that if we put our minds to it, we can excel and achieve the maximum effort just like what happen in 2008 Beijing Olympics.. Can Gengfans do the feat again and go beyond what was achieved in 2008? YES IF ALL DECIDED TO VOTE EVERYDAY BY USING ALL WEBSITES AND PAGES.

Best Asia Act

Vote for your regional 2012 MTV EMA category here! Voting closes on 14 October–the winner will go on to vie for a Worldwide Act nomination!

Known as “the most influential male celebrity in China”, Chinese Mando-pop singer and actor, Han Geng is undoubtedly dominating Southeast Asia.

Known as “the most influential male celebrity in China”, Chinese Mando-pop singer and actor Han Geng debuted in South Korea in 2005 as the only Chinese member of Super Junior but left to focus on a solo career in 2009. His 1st solo album sold over a million copies, and tickets to his first concert sold out in a record-breaking 37 minutes. To date, he has received over 20 awards for his solo works, including Best Artist of The Year and Most Popular Artist in Asia in 2011. Han Geng’s second album ‘Hope in the Darkness’ was released in July 2012.

When we look at it we will think that it is impossible but if we have faith and work together, I think we can make it to the Worldwide Act!! I never thought that it would be so soon that he would appear in the Europe stage. He is truly the pride of China and GengFans all over the world.

He is truly an inspiration for all who want to make it on one’s own hard work and efforts! Getting into the Europe music scene itself is already a winner for Han Geng! If just in case he doesn’t make it, it is still alright because he has achieved what most people only hope for! He has put China’s music on the Europe map!

This is how you do it..hehehe..! Taken from weibo..

@PocketOfStarsMy wrist brace is back…I’m going to die voting for him in this aren’t I, lol.

Now to another topic..Han Geng again broke a record for being the youngest artist in China to hold a solo concert in a 30,000 seat stadium which was a sold-out! This concert was held in Shenyang, his hometown, where most of the town-mates came out in full force in support of his 1st solo concert on home ground!! To me it’s a sort of home-coming concert after one full circle..!

What Han Geng has achieved in just 2 years is a phenomenon and a feat beyond any other! From a 3,000 seat to a 30,000 seat concert in 2 years…is…WOW!

Lastly wishing all our readers who are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival..and Chuseok…A happy reunion day with your family and folks!!

Credits : as tagged in videos..thanks.

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10 Responses to MTV- EMA 2012 – Han Geng Nominated As The Best Asia Act!

  1. mish says:

    Welcome back, Garnetblue. And Happy Moon Festival! Busy voting…..

  2. valerin says:

    hi welcome back. How;s ur day been? hoping everything in good shape.
    Good to see ur post again. will keep on voting ~
    even though it’s bit late wishes , still wish u Happy Moon festival and now is national day with 8 day holiday in China , is it? saw it from weibo. Thanks =) and good luck

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for your concern..hehehe..I’ve been very well except for some household chores..(smile). thank for your continuous support.

  3. MiSuXX says:

    Guys, guys HAN GENG WON!!! We made it OMG!!! To be honest i was quite shocked, i thought SJ would win for sure since they have such a huge fanbase and the entire Kpop fandom behind their backs but we still made it! *bawling* ;; Now we have to vote even harder for him to win the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category, he’s up against Gotye, a really strong candidate but nothing is impossible for us Gengfans! Let’s all “jia you” and make another miracle happen!

    • mish says:

      Han Geng – Best Asia Act! So happy! Yes. Let us vote for him for Best Asia/Pacific Act!

      • garnetblue says:

        I am happy that HG won..all the while I already have this suspicion that he would win because there are no other fans who are as dedicated as Gfs.The way they voted was very rigorous and systematic…and 24/7 for some of them..hehehe…And what motivated them is they wanted this badly..!!! The hunger is what drove them forward..hehehe..I only did what I can..(smile)

  4. Lisa says:

    *does the happy dance*

  5. onepinetree says:

    thank you for keeping this blog rolling! I am very proud of Han Geng’s achivements
    since his solo activity in China. I was unsure how he would make it in China. I guess I underestimated Han Geng’s talent and capability.

    • garnetblue says:

      Actually I didn’t do much..hehehe… I was hooked on “Faith” and was watching it online..I try my best..My expectation for HG at this time is that he can do his acceptance speech in English..!!! hohoho…

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