Han Geng – Asia Pacific Act (EMA)


Calling international Gengfans, please also go to Twitter & Facebook  to cast your votes for Han Geng (if you have access to these two sites). China GFs do not have access to these so it is a slight disadvantage for HG when the opponent’s fans have these two additional voting sites. Thank you!


A big “thank you” to all of you who voted and helped put Han Geng on the Asia-Pacific platform in the next round of MTV-Europe Music Awards.

After a fierce contention  with fans of other equally strong nominees, Gengfans managed to snatch the title for Han Geng in the Best Asia Act category.

For the next round of voting, it will be competing with fans of a stronger contender whose music career proceeds Han Geng’s by a few years. We shouldn’t be undaunted by this as we know that when we stand together we can overcome this hurdle, on condition that we increase our effort and intensity. This time around, the polling period is shorter, which is 2 weeks only..so we need to double or triple our efforts.

And for the icing on the cake for this round, Han Geng thanked his fans and that he is proud of them..!

Excerpt from Taiwan Apple Daily (newspaper Oct.16,2012)

韩庚昨表示:「能入围已经很开心,胜出第一轮更要感谢所有粉丝,无论结果如何,都替我的歌迷感到骄傲。」他进入第二轮票选后,将有机会参加中欧时间11月11日晚上9点在德国法兰克福举行的晚会。(Translation: To be nominated is already a joy.  I have my fans to thank for in winning the first round. Irregardless of the outcome, I feel proud on behalf of my fans.)

So here is the motivation for us to step up the votes. Do not slack off. One small hesitation could cost serious damage..hehehe…!

We all know that Han Geng is called “the miracle of 1.3 billion” in Korea, and now we can see how true that is..! Ever since the start of his career he has been breaking records left and right….either in music or some other category. In this MTV stage he is the 1st Mainland Artist to make it thus far, so all the more we should support him and hand him the Worldwide Act come November 11.

On another note, Han Geng’s World Tour Concert at Shenzhen stop was a complete success..This time it was a 20,000 seat arena. According to some accounts, there was a middle-age lady who attended all four concerts starting from Beijing-Shanghai-Shenyang-Shenzhen. This concert will be made into a 3D movie and be released next year.

There is this other little matter…hehehe…Han Geng won the Most Popular Actor and according to him, that is his 3rd trophy in recognition of his capacity as an actor.


As tagged in the picture and video..thanks

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19 Responses to Han Geng – Asia Pacific Act (EMA)

  1. Mandy says:

    Han Geng himself let us made this possible! Vote Vote Vote!

  2. mish says:

    Vote! I really want him to go to Germany, so more people know about his music.

  3. garnetblue says:

    I really want to see him up on that world stage..It’s not just for himself but also for the Chinese music industry & artists..When he wins, China wins too…hehehe..I also noticed that in the list of those nominees, HG is THE ONLY CHINESE..He represents the whole of the Chinese music industry, if I may boldly say so..!!

    • mish says:

      He is the first mainland China male singer to be nominated in the MTV EMA and the first Chinese to win Best Asian Act.

      • garnetblue says:

        Wow !! how awesome..Maybe that’s his destiny..he was born to do that (?) hehehe..It’s just waiting for him to make his move..hehehe..!!

  4. Jin says:

    Go go hangeng !! wanna see u in frankfurt baby !

  5. garnetblue says:

    It is big news indeed that even Philippines is reporting on it..
    Normally Philippines do not report on artists from Mainland China unless they are very big stars eg like Jet Li or Jackie Chan.. I hope that with this exposure, HG can finally come over for some kind of activity or endorsements maybe..hehehe..Or they may even sell his CDs here..So please continue to vote for him until he clinches the Worldwide Act title. It will help him a lot to further and expand his scope of influence..

  6. valerin says:

    keep voting every day, jia you !

  7. Kim Stewart says:

    I have access to Facebook and Twitter, how would I vote for him on those sites?

    • Mish says:

      He won! MTV best Asian Pacific singer! Another record. The first Chinese singer to be invited to MTV EMA ! Now is the hardest of all. World best act. Let’s vote vote vote till Nov 11, so he can stand on that stage all singes dream about!

      • garnetblue says:

        Now the climb is getting steeper..we have to be persistent and consistent in the voting. Actually we did it!! Han Geng gave us a head-start and now it’s up to us to push him up further. I think he is now preparing for his trip there and later this month, he will be in London for a cultural activity on an invitation.
        This is major stuff so please do not slack off. Thank you..

  8. Sabrina says:

    Hangeng’s Flight schedule for Germany is out:

    Flight LH721 Operated by Lufthansa
    11:30 Nov 10th, 2012 Beijing, Capital Airport, T3

    15:00 Nov 10th, 2012 Frankfurt, Frankfurt International, T1

  9. Lisa says:

    the video

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