Han Geng Wins Worldwide Act On MTV-EMA 2012



I am still trying to settle down myself so that I can write on this most talked about nomination of Han Geng on MTV-EMA ..

Here are some pictures that need no explanation..the pictures speak for themselves..

This is a proud day for all fans and supporters of Han Geng..To those who believed in him and  voted for him for the past 50 days, this is an honour.To see him standing there on the stage receiving his trophy was such a delight and triumph!!

With this win, Han Geng’s market value will rise higher….!

He is such an adorable child by speaking in English and Chinese in his acceptance speech. Also expected of him..he bowed..!

There are many things I wanted to write on but for now let’s just savour the moment and basked in his glory for a while. Let’s just wait and see what the others say..I just wanted to add this..the total votes cast was 184 million ..I wonder how many did HG get..(please correct me if I am wrong) I got this from weibo.


credits: as tagged in the pictures and video..

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8 Responses to Han Geng Wins Worldwide Act On MTV-EMA 2012

  1. sty says:

    congratulations! HANGENG
    thanks to sharing, G.blue!!
    hhhh I’m so happy!!!

  2. iamkevinb says:

    That’s more than what last year’s winner Big Bang got versus Britney Spears… a new world record set by GengFans, plus C-pop and K-pop fandoms worldwide.

  3. valerin says:

    congrats geng and gengfans plus other fans!! happy for all!
    all the work of voting is definitely pay off and very proud of geng’s achievement.
    Believe he will work hard to produce good music while bringing some acting piece of work to us…

    He is a good inspiration and will never stopping stepping towards his dream
    best wishes

  4. onepinetree says:

    Congratulations on Han Geng and all Geng fans for making history! Han Geng again raised up his bar for his dream. It is interesting to watch him how far he can soar.

    • henny says:

      Long time not come here, and many great news about Hangeng. Glad to see him still working hard. But anyway, there is any news from his fans in Korea, are they still follow his news?

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I want to leave my more serious congratulations here. This boy has come a long way to what he achieves now. For many celebrities, this might be the peak of their time, but for Han Geng, it always seems like just a new start. I have so much more expectation on him, sometimes, I don’t even know what exactly I expect, it is just a feeling that he can be more, he can do more, he can present more of his talents and accomplishments to his fans. Always a good feeling to be able to walk along with him in my life.
    Thank you, garnetblue!!!! I hope I could contribute more to our blog as soon as this term is done.

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