Road Leading To MTV-EMA


It’s already a day after the great event on MTV-EMA and Han Geng is now on his way home to Beijing hopefully to a crowd of exuberant and excited fans/media?

At the airport in Frankfurt, departure. Watch  the public/men asking for autographs..

People say that there are two sides to a coin and I wholeheartedly agree with that! Just look at what Han Geng’s win in EMA can do to him and the netizens. There are many who are negative about his win and tried to pour cold water on it. Just as there were many who were bitter about it there were  more  who are happy for him..and rooted for him!

Looking at the negative comments, one can derive from it that most of them are upset because they lost to an “unknown” compared to the more popular nominees of that category! They are actually angry with themselves rather than at the winner..because they were over-confident, thinking that the person whom they supported would win hands down!They couldn’t accept nor believe the upsetting turn of events! They are not the only ones who are upset but there are also those from his very own country! I am referring to those who are bad-mouthing and bashing HG on his win. When I looked at the 5 candidates for the Worldwide Act, I only know two of them, one is of course, Han Geng and the other is the nominee representing North America. Fact is, I don’t even watch MTV but I am aware of it’s significance and impact in the global music scene. It is like the stage where most if not all artists hope to stand on! It’s like a showcase stage where an artist could be seen and heard by millions..!

MTV has always been a Western monopoly and it’s very rare for songs and artists of “foreign” flavour to even get into its charts! To be precise, it’s all  “English”! (I do not mean the people from the country where English originates..ok?) I am talking about the medium of language used here! Most if not all the songs are in English and for other “foreign” songs to enter the charts will be a very difficult and hard climb!

Times have changed, music have changed and so we have to accept the change gracefully. Music is global and so therefore there are many kinds of music and artists who are working very hard for their own success at their own pace and integrity! So we have to embrace their efforts and hard-work..and if we can’t do that, then at the very least, tolerate them!

Han Geng’s win is because of his fans and those who believed in him! These people voted for him day & night, 24/7, non-stop! So to the nay sayers see if you have voted for your candidate in one of these manners… Let me share some of those stories…I didn’t want to share these until after the event because I don’t want to “leak” out to the opponents on the strategies of GengFans’ voting method..hehehehe…!!!

Grandparents of GFs helped them to vote for HG when they(GFs) were in school! After school, they took over from their grandparents and continue voting till very late into the night. They only slept one or two hours a day!! After they woke up they resumed their voting! They voted at every opportunity that they had..any spare time that they had.! If they don’t have grandparents with them, they asked their parents and parents-in-law to help in the voting! They also recruited their siblings and relatives in the voting! Did you do that?

When I say Gengfans, I mean all, including mother fans, auntie fans, students, professionals and male fans..! The whole Gengfandom was mobilised to vote! Seeing their determination to put HG on that podium to receive THAT TROPHY, bystanders, onlookers, professional friends of Han Geng were drawn into that dedicated effort!! Foreign fans started to get the excitement and the urgency too and they  jumped on the band-wagon with them ( so to speak!)!! Did you do this? (p.s. I did this. I voted through all the facebook accounts of my children, my husband and mine.I also voted on the MTV voting sites to the maximum allowable votes and then resumed the next day)

At the time when Han Geng was having his concert in Shenzhen, fans who were attending the concert  rallied together and booked all the internet cafes at the vicinity and took turns in voting…! If I remembered correctly, it was two days before the deadline of the AsiaPacific Act category! They didn’t want to waste time unnecessarily so they used their time to vote,vote,vote!! Were you there?

Their motivation? They said to themselves..if we want this, then it’s up to us  but us!! They do not want to see Han Geng in the audience watching another person picking up that trophy!! THEY WANT TO SEE HAN GENG ON THAT STAGE RECEIVING THAT TROPHY!!! Their battle cry? Han Geng’s victory is all in their hands now! Whether he wins or fails, it’s all in their hands!

I failed to mention that the night prior to his departure for Frankfurt, Han Geng stayed up all night to keep his fans company for the last stretch of sprint voting! The least he could do was to stay up all night with them as they have been doing just that throughout the whole polling days..Fans found out that he was online and so they were encouraged and motivated on the last night of voting! HG did  as in his song Still By Your Side says…Do you know any of those nominees did like what HG did? Never heard of stars staying up all night to “watch over” their fans..! I think that was the pivoting point and knowing that HG is just there online with them, they were all the more determined to push to their limits..The next day at the airport, fans noticed how tired and haggard he looked..that was proof for them that he really stayed online with them albeit quietly!

They had a vision and they carried out their vision in a mission!! They had a goal and that is to win at their own expense!!

Two mothers-to-be, continued their voting activity in the midst of delivering their babies!! One mother after delivery voted with one hand while the other holding her newborn nursing at her breast! The other mother voted until her labour pains started and rushed to hospital for the delivery…….then thereafter resumed her voting activity! I am sharing these stories to show you how and why HG won but I won’t advocate those actions of the mothers..!! Another person I know of continued her voting even while lying in a hospital bed with IV drip!! She got sick because of fatigue and she caught the flu!! These are actions that I do not condone of ok? hehehe.. I was just saying that when there is a goal and a motivation coupled with determination & dedication, anything can happen!! The result is what we see on that prestigious stage at MTV-EMA!!!!

On a lighter note, there were reports all over China on Han Geng’s win at MTV-EMA and everyone is scrambling to make news!! Netizens who saw the trophy in Han Geng’s hands started to remake their own trophies..look!!

There are many more pictures of the ‘recreations” of the trophy. Of these that are shown here,which one do you like the most? hehehe

Below is the chart that shows Han Geng’s win a hot

Han Geng’s attire caught the attention of the media and it was reported that he was one of the six best dressed at the  event! When questioned by reporter where did he get/buy his suit, he answered that it was designed by his own personal designer (a Korean)..Watch the clip below. The reporter was probably trying to fish out what  designer is Han Geng wearing…. like is it Gucci or Prada or some other famous Western designer..Sorry I am not so well versed into designers..hehehehe!!

德国《明镜》等主流媒体也都报道了韩庚获奖的消息,称他是“最闪亮的中国明星” 今天的环球时报,,一版的二分之一篇幅

German “Der Spiegel” and other mainstream media reported on HG’s win and hailed him as “the most shining Chinese star”..!!

P.S.. Han Geng plane has landed in Beijing..!

Credits: thanks to all whose pictures and videos which I am using here..

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16 Responses to Road Leading To MTV-EMA

  1. Observer says:

    Gengfans, you did it!
    Never mind the antis, the more upset they are, the tastier the win.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hahaha…good psychology…yes we did it..I felt like a mother being proud of her son’s achievements..thanks for all your support..
      The win sure felt sweet..!!

  2. Jin says:

    great article!!! thumbs up!!!

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Amazing, congratulations to Han Geng and Gengfans! Such a great effort everyone gave, and such an amazing result! ;-D

  4. valerin says:

    congrats again to all!!
    We promise to do what we can to get him on stage, and even though we don know whats’ the end result beforetat, when it turns out in our favor. everything is pay off~~

    anticipate more of geng’s good music pieces and acting in future

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes a promise was made and the promise was kept. It was a gruesome marathon since the moment, his name was included in the nomination list.. GFs hit the “vote” button running, dashing, crawling, panting and sprinting towards the finishing line!! It’s no joke with 4 million hits a day! To me, that was the plumiest award and the juiciest ! The most credible of all..!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I love Han Geng, and I love Gengfans as the same! They show me everything but negative sentiments. I really appreciate the positive, devoted, and hilarious sentiments they bring out all the time.

    • garnetblue says:

      It’s something that cannot be explained easily. The trust and mutual understanding between them is something like an endearment and compliment. The feelings and emotions are like a relationship of big sister towards a younger brother and big brother towards a younger sibling. Among the professionals, he is their peer. To the mothers, he is their son and wanted the best for him! To the international fans, he is their lover..hehehe!!

    • garnetblue says:

      Oh right now in MTV China, they are having a competition of who makes the best re-make of the trophy. They will ask HG to judge/pick the best re-make..Anyone wants to join? hehehe A prize is involved!!hehehe

  6. Mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue,

    What a great day to see Han Geng standing on the world music stage! It is certainly a dream come true for Han Geng and every fan. I hope this award will bring him more opportunities to make more good music and have more people known about him and his music. It is a pity that China does not have access to most of social networking and youtube, commonly used by the rest of the world.

    • Mish says:

      BTW, you may like to delete or change your first paragraph. MTV never announced votes casted for Han Geng. The news article about 4 million votes each day is about how crazy gengfans voted. By the calculation of fans, according to the votes BB received last year, they needed to cast 4 million votes in order to win…It is not really a good article because it looks down upon this award as simply a fan award. It is sad that certain Chinese media would always try to blacken his name and influence by reporting bad things, just for their own purposes, especially when he has good news or achieve something (no exception in the past few years). Gengfans have learned to ignore those reports.

      • garnetblue says:

        Okay thanks for the heads up..I will delete it then..Sorry. I hope nobody gets offended by that..

  7. Mish says:

    Han Geng is nominated in “the best male artist” category and Clown Mask is nominated in “Best video” in 2012 World Music Award (to be held in Miami on Dec 20 2012). Please vote for Han Geng and Clown Mask!

    • valerin says:

      want to ask if wma’s voting system. how to vote and what is the rules of voting ?
      anyway just wish geng and others all the best ~ thanks

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