New Year Greetings

Hello everyone!

images.jpg new 2013

Year 2012 is ending very soon in just about a few more hours.. To all our readers, bloggers and followers we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for supporting us! We feel that we have not done our best for this year in the area of more write-ups but we know that you would understand us. We won’t make any excuses for the lack of posts because we felt that Han Geng moves too fast and too furious for us “elders” to catch up with him..hehehe!!

We really appreciate your interest in this blog of ours even though we were not perfect….hehehe! Many of you are an encouragement to us as you gave us inputs and corrected us when we were misinformed. Thanks for a wonderful year and time with you guys! We have progressed quite a lot! We have some old readers who left and also there are new readers who recently found us!


So wherever you may all be, we would like to wish you  a very Happy and Successful New Year of 2013! May the New Year brings you good fortune and most important good health. May your family be drawn closer and be complete….a family who sticks together becomes stronger in adversity. Just as the proverbial saying..United we stand divided we fall..

Just like Han Geng who is getting stronger & successful everyday in his spirit and his career, we hope you guys will also be that too. Let’s wrapped up the year for Han Geng..

The start of  year 2012 was slow for Han Geng and it picked up speed when his 2nd album was released..then it built up momentum and velocity like a hurricane that landed him with the World’s Best Act at MTV-EMA. Just as we thought that was the major global award for him, what followed (right on it’s heels ) was the WMA with 3 big nominations for Best MV (Clown Mask), Best Male Singer and Best Male Entertainer..!!  In addition to that, Han Geng was invited to perform at the awards show too. WOW!


Just to put the icing on the cake, Han Geng recently returned from Taiwan with a haul of 3 awards…that is…

Annual Best All Rounder Artist
Annual Best Stage Performance
Annual Single – Wild Cursive.

Now to enumerate his activities for the year…

2nd Album launch- Hope in the Darkness

World Tour Concerts

Winner of MTV-EMA Best Worldwide Act

Filming of “To The Youth” (to be released next year)

Nominated in WMA for 3 categories (and invitation to perform)

On the covers of 15 major magazines

Attended 9 top magazines annual festivals

Pepsi, Nokia endorsements

Charity Activities.


Looking at the list, it doesn’t seem much but they are all good quality work and of importance. As for WMA, it is postponed to a later date, sometime in early 2013. So let’s keep voting and keep our fingers crossed, hoping for favourable results at the start of 2013 for Han Geng and us.!!

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6 Responses to New Year Greetings

  1. mish says:

    Happy New Year, Garnetblue! Thank you for all the wonderful posts done in 2012. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Best wishes to everyone!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank You Mish for your kind words..I really appreciate all your’ve made this enjoyable for me..Happy New Year too to you and your family..God Bless. If you have any “live” link to tonight’s New Year’s Eve countdown concert attended by Han Geng on Dragon TV, please post it here..thanks..hehehe…

  2. sty says:

    Happy New Year, Garnetblue !!!
    Happy New Year Hangeng
    Happy New Year Gengfans
    Happy New Year Everyone !!!

  3. Mandy says:

    Belated Happy 2013! Thank Han Geng and YOU for keeping this blog alive and running!

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