What Are You Doing, Han Geng?

I wanted to start this year with something positive and pleasant in this blog of Han Geng’s but it seems that it will be half and half.

For a start, his concert which was scheduled for Thailand in January was postponed indefinitely and so was WMA. Fans were “crazily voting” for him when news came in that due to logistics and visas issues, the event was postponed to a later date pending further announcements.

So what do we do in the meantime? We continue to vote where it is applicable regardless.We continue to “defend” Han Geng! We continue to “protect” him! We continue to “support” him! Maybe some of us are too busy with our private lives that we can’t be consistently  keeping up with his affairs, right?

What I do know is  that Han Geng had a lightning visit to Thailand! What he did there, nobody seems to know!

Just like any other year, Han Geng will always be having controversies running right after his heels no matter what! Whether he is silent or quiet, there will always be controversies following him. As what people used to say; that in showbiz there are no permanent enemies nor friends! When one thinks that one has friends in that industry, reality will hit one in the face when friends turned traitors or took advantage of oneself!

The good side of this is that it creates news and thereby one’s presence is still noticeable in the business. In this kind of business, one has to be seen and heard all the time or otherwise like the proverbial saying – out of sight, out of mind.

The downside of this is that it draws negative perception which is bad news for an artiste.

However, on a brighter note, Han Geng is currently in Malaysia doing a photo-shoot for Baazar magazine. Prior to this, all we know was that he will be going to Malaysia. Everything seems to be hush-hush when he left for Malaysia yesterday (23rd January). Today he posted a picture of himself accompanied by his “tweet” that Langkawi is very beautiful! So now we know which part of Malaysia he is in….hehehe!


We have been trying to second guess the concept of the magazine shoot ever since the day we found out that he is going to Malaysia. We have even informed fans in Malaysia that he will be there but we had no details about his visit. The most that Malaysia can offer is the 4 “S” , Sea, Sun, Sand, and Sky for a “beach” concept. Other than that, there are the hills and forests! On the other hand, there are the mountains over on the Borneo side of Malaysia. Now we have to wait for the magazine to be released..hope it is soon.

48bd3cf8jw1e14ete6xg7jThis picture is by courtesy of Sophie Lee his promotional manager.

Now the other good news is that Han Geng’s EMA trophy arrived in Beijing personally couriered  by none other than a vice-president of MTV-ASIA who is based in Singapore. She flew all the way to Beijing to personally  hand him the engraved “Han Geng” trophy.




77bd9cabjw1e13icd3advjThis is Han Geng recording the theme song for the movie “Cloud Atlas” Below is the video clip of the song, Han Geng’s version only. This is indeed a prestigious invitation for Han Geng and his company. They were specially picked to perform the theme song for the movie by the people in Hollywood. This is probably due to the fact that Han Geng won the prestigious title in EMA..this has brought attention to Chinese music! So let us put Han Geng and Chinese music further up by clinching the WMA title for him. Maybe this is the destiny of HG to put Chinese music on the global scene..There were other famous singers before HG and also better than HG, but why then it is he who clinched that EMA title? So I called it “destiny”! Han Geng is there at such a time and at such a place! All pieces fitted in place..!

Let’s wait and see expectantly how far, how high and how wide can Han Geng soar..!

Credits: courtesy of the video up-loaders. As tagged in pics.



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8 Responses to What Are You Doing, Han Geng?

  1. sty says:

    wow!! dia di malaysia, apa kau melihat dia?

  2. Mish says:

    Thanks, Garnetblue. It seems that he and his team had a great time in Langkawi. Sun Le posted that they finished work earlier and enjoyed a half day vacation. A fan posted a picture of him at Langkawi airport. After he went back to China, he recorded a few Chinese New Year performances which we should on TV in a couple of weeks. Another news is hs movie “So Young” will be in theaters on April 26. He may start the promotion tour soon.

    • garnetblue says:

      But I am wondering what happen to his World Tour concerts? What happen to the concert scheduled for Thailand and the other countries? Just watched a video clip of him saying that his concert will be in July and the rest of the time will be busy with shooting movies…? Will he be on CCTV Spring Gala Night? He has too many things on his hands and letting out very little info…hehehe..Wishing you a happy and prosperous CNY ..hehehe

  3. hannie says:

    i really like his version of cloud atlas, his voice is really soothing and gentle 🙂
    and i hope he can continues his world tour and comes to Indonesia too

  4. garnetblue says:

    Reblogged this on Garnetblue's Blog.

  5. if there any news about the world tour, can you notify me personally(tru twitter)? oh ..im so scared if i missing it..i quite busy these day n do not able to check every blog for his new…T.T

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