Nickolodeon Kids’ Choice Award – Han Geng for Favourite Asian Act

How does Han Geng do it?

Just a few months ago, Gengfans were kept busy voting on MTV-EMA. The final result was that Han Geng was propelled up on that stage, receiving his first (ever) international award! At that time it was paramount that we have to put him on that stage because it was of utmost importance for his career and a stepping stone towards the global arena. We did not know where that will lead him but one thing we do know was that he can be recognised in the international scene. So I thought that was the 1st ever international  award that he will get for a long time yet…little did I know that right on the heels came the nomination for World Music Awards which we all know by now was postponed to an indefinite date!

Now we are barely into the New Year when we got news that Han Geng is again nominated for another major title in an equally yet prestigious awarding show! This time it’s the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards as the Favourite Asian Act pitting against the likes of Psy of South Korea, Sarah Geronimo of Philippines, and Shilla of Malaysia!

So dear Gengfans and friends of Han Geng, let’s roll again! This is quite a tough dice to throw as we can see that his competitors are equally popular in their respective countries..So let’s vote and double the efforts cause we also have the WMA in the running simultaneously..

If you guys are using twitter to vote for HG please use the hashtags..I am “borrowing” this from

Nick confirmed that we can vote for FavoriteAsianAct with Twitter. Please include BOTH #KCA and #VoteHanGeng in your tweets! Each RT also counts as a vote. The important thing is that you only vote for one person in each tweet, but we know who we’re voting for right?


To encourage you guys out there who are still hesitating on whether to vote or is Han Geng latest weibo entry..

To get nominated in these two major international events, KCA & WMA already makes me very happy. Everyone, thank you for voting for me! I also know that there are a lot of international fans who are attentive to me and are supporting me. See you in America!

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That was Han Geng’s way of saying “vote for me” hehehe…that’s his style. He never pushes nor coerces his fans to vote for him directly but he does it subtly..

Getting for him the EMA trophy was like opening of doors for him in the international scene, so I don’t know what other awards might be in store for him in future. Just a few days ago in an interview, Han Geng hinted on the production of a 3rd album maybe this year! At the time of this writing,  Han Geng is in San Francisco together with LeLe and Kunio, don’t know when they’ll be back in Beijing.


Han Geng is at a disadvantage here because Gengfans in China have difficulty in accessing this social media link so let’s help them with this, International Gengfans..! Thanks!! XieXie!

Han Geng says that he will be attending the show on March 23 and asks us to vote for him!! Hahaha..I am eating my words now! He is so straight forward here..“You have to vote for me..ah!”- Han Geng.


Credits: as tagged (in vids) and PokectOfStars, Lisa.

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13 Responses to Nickolodeon Kids’ Choice Award – Han Geng for Favourite Asian Act

  1. Sabrina Kong says:

    There is a promotional video by Hangeng.

  2. garnetblue says:

    Han Geng is getting better and better in interacting with his fans..he knows when to act on his charm to sway his fans votes..hahaha..”YOU HAVE TO SELECT ME..ah!” very straightforward!

  3. Lisa says:

    hahaha thats han geng for ya 😉

  4. garnetblue says:

    Han Geng has just sign-up with Twitter..This is his account..@realHanGeng
    Go follow him..hehehe!!

  5. Lisa says:

    hehe good thing he had a vacation

  6. mish says:

    Everyone still voting? Only a few weeks to March 23 now.

  7. Mish says:

    Han Geng will be in LA from March 21 to 23 for KCA. Will he get green slime on him? Hope he enjoys the festival.

  8. valerin says:

    Stop by to congrats geng and gf with his winning international award
    Thanks million to those who vote for him and special thanks to those coming far to LA to support and greet HG, besides the street (anyway, geng saw u guys and waved at u all, he certainly appear to be more cheerful after knowing u guys here for him, tat’s wat i felt ^^)

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