Transformers & Geng

Last May I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work and it turned out that I had to do some interpretations as well because the work I volunteered for was for a Global Congress that was held in Manila. There were many  delegates from all over the globe and since I speak Mandarin I was able to interpret for some delegates from Taiwan and Mainland China. Some of those from Mainland China came from ……guess where? Heilongjiang!!

Naturally my first question to them was…”Do you know Han Geng?” Hahaha!!! I wasn’t too surprised when they replied in the affirmative. I would be terribly surprised and disappointed if they said no..and that will surely deflate my expectations of Han Geng being the King of Popularity, right?  With their affirmation it sealed the title for Han Geng as the King of Popularity…….hehehe……So we were able to struck up a short conversation about you know who..hehehe…they were also surprised that I could speak to them in Mandarin considering that this is Philippines until they realised that I am not from Philippines..but only a resident here. I would also like to mention that the way they pronounced Han Geng’s name is not like we do. It has a slight upward tilt to the “Geng” It was soft and lilting! So I thought to myself..aahh that’s how they pronounced his name..hahaha!!


So now what has our boy been up to? His website is not as updated as his it is hard to know where he is all the time since we don’t live in China. I believed even if we lived in China, we still won’t be able to access all the information regarding his activities and movements. Many things and plans that he has are always kept in a hush-hush manner…until with a loud bombshell…it was announced that he will be part of the cast in the next installment of the Transformers none other than Michael Bay the director.

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With that announcement, a series of explosive reports went viral in the social media sites from Korea to Poland! I didn’t even know that he has fans in Poland too..!! What will his role be in that movie is anyone’s guess.. Let’s have a simple game…if anyone can guess right what he is going to play….Please write your answers in the comments box below…thank you..

I do hope that that will be a stepping stone/a breakthrough for him in the international film arena.. And finally, I think I will be able to see him on the big screen here in Philippines..! For his other two movies, they were not shown this will be one that I can look forward to..

Credit: KOR.HangengFan@YT

As usual there were many reactions, comments and questions from the public; positive and negative. The one question that stood out was this – Can he speak English? In my view, it is not an issue.. he can have a part where the character does not have to speak English. But knowing Han Geng, he will challenged himself to do a perfect job for his 1st Hollywood movie..and torture himself to study and improve his English.. I have confidence in him that he can do a superb job like all the other things that he sets his mind to do!

21381_10152018502391679_1798966775_n 998714_10152019579071679_1417012118_n 1012803_10152019578621679_2050035853_n

There is a little bit of news that I am not too sure of…about him going for space travel? It is a new fad I suppose where one can pay to travel to space for a short trip……..but in the case of HG, he was one of the six that was shortlisted for space travel? Does anyone know about this? If you do please share to us what you know..thanks..! Oh I managed to get a video clip of his performance in Ypop Shanghai..and in it he did confirmed his potentiality as a candidate for space travel!! Hope his dream of going to space comes to reality..

Credit: Hannie209@YT

Now one more thing before I conclude this…Is World Music Awards still on? Looks like many people want a piece of Han Geng!!

More news on this link :

Credits: the pictures do not belong to belongs to those who own them. Thanks you.

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13 Responses to Transformers & Geng

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  2. hanz says:

    The space travel is a real space project. Step1: Playing the game and chose top 6 winners.(Han Geng is one of them. ) Step 2: Vote 3 people to join the space travel traning. (The vote still not starting, but we already know the result. How could someone loss the vote when he can win ema & kca) Step 3: Do the space travel traning, but only one person can go to spcae on 2015. So, he can be the one or not to be. We cant forecast the final result. But it is a big project include 22 courtry join it. Also Han Geng seem love it. He work so hard in his career. He deserve do what he want to do. So, I will support his decision. :]

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for your help in giving additional info on space travel.. I know for a fact that there is such a programme but not too sure on the details..Thanks a lot…So HG won’t be “spacing out too soon..”? I am happy for him..Let’s support him and start the vote when it is open for voting..! Looks like the Earth is too small to contain He now needs to go and conquer space!!

  3. garnetblue says:

    The film is set four years after the Chicago invasion and battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”
    On the addition of Han Geng to the “Transformers 4” line-up, the director described him as “one of Asia’s top stars in the worlds of music, television and movies and has become one of the most influential entertainers in China.” credit: – CNA/sf

  4. valerin says:

    HI, it’s been some time since the last time i submit my comment here.. Nice to have u here. ^^
    As usual, like ur article abt geng as usual.
    Hangeng definitely the King of Popularity for sure in China, mark my words for tat 🙂

    As u mention above, my guess for Hangeng’s role would be the bad guy character whose mind been hijack by Decepticons doing bad things for them in Asia region, due to Hangeng’s mystery influences. At some point around, Hangeng struggle within himself to break through the mind control of Decepticons, which at last set free from them but facing the reality that he must do something to save his home land with autobot’s help. Tat;s my wild idea for T4 story line 🙂 these might be crazy as it sound. tat;s merely my imagination plot 😉

    So, is tat mean u r currently staying in Philippines due to ur job circumstances.
    For Hangeng;s update news, u can log on either to weibo or twitter to obtain the latest news of him. Fans site like, fuckyeahhangeng, tumblr etc… there;s much more channel to seek for HG;s whereabouts. Quite anticipate T4 especially Hangeng in it. i cant believe the news myself when the actual news break out with the announcement by director Michael Bay. Way to go , Actor Hangeng. Besides T4, hangeng got his another romance movie in hand to film. quite varied style of acting , love it. Keep up the good work, Actor Hangeng !!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes Valerin, I am living in the Philippines currently with my husband and children. I actually do go to those sites that you mentioned but unfortunately is no longer in service..hehehe..I am actually a member there. It seems that the site no longer exists..! When I clicked on the address, something else popped out..I also do go to weibo and HanGeng Baidu bar for info too…hehehe.
      Thanks for dropping by..Let’s wait for Transformers..This will be my fourth Transformers movie..hahaha…HG playing a villain as his first Hollywood movie? Too stereotype..but not unexpected. I hope for something substantial and concrete…High hopes for him!

      • valerin says:

        u can try to add in twitter, they still working and lots of geng’s update info is tweet around. u can add me too if u want, i only been there for Hangeng, it’s my 1st intention. but i still learning how to use it since i’m not working along with the 3g product very well :p villain character is Hangeng’s wish to act in so i imagine him to be villain & innocent one at the same time 🙂 i wish something unexpected & vow factor from the movie itself 😉

  5. Leay says:

    The space travel is sponsored by this company called Lynx, basically this company is associated in some way with Unilever. The giant brand that makes Dove, Lipton Tea etc etc. Anyway, it’s basically Unilever wanting to expand space tourism like so many other companies are trying, so they created this little project, where people from all over the world (76 countries) can participate to become one of the 22 participants to go into space~~~ (By space we’re talking about the atmosphere where that guy did his highest parachute jumps) Anyways if you want more info on the whole process just google Lynx Space and stuff will pop out. Oh, yes, and only one person gets to have a final free ride on the little shuttle!!
    As for Geng’s English, he’s already been studying really hard, he said it in a recent interview.
    Also, the majority of Chinese fans don’t know about Geng’s activity either until they are officially announced. And those who do have info. keep it silent until it is officially released. It’s just the way GengFans in China have been doing things, because of all the past lessons and events that have happened and out of respect for Geng.

    Btw, international fans really seem to be lacking info.. like a lot D: *is super puzzled*

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks Leay for the extra info on space travel.. international fans do lack info on Han Geng because there are not many English blogs on him. So you see I am trying to share his news in this blog (smile) even though I have other things to do.hehehe… There are many international fans of HG but the news or info they get on him are usually misleading or inaccurate…so I try my best to give correct, accurate and updated news on HG for them..

      • Leay says:

        I guess so. There are also many annoying things you have to deal with when you can read Chinese as well.

        Sometimes I feel like it’s better international fans don’t have all the information. But then, sometimes you kinda hope they know what’s going on. Such a dilemma so torn apart 😡

  6. bristlegrass says:

    My dear garnetblue, I am finally able to take a little break from teaching and visit our little blog, rather than reading fast news, I finally have sometime to read through more in-depth feelings of gengfans for Han Geng. I am soooooo happy to find out you are still active here. I saw some Chinese gengfans posted your article link to weibo. Geng is really good at keeping secret…I mean, breaking and good news…giving us big surprise…well, we should’ve known that long time ago, hehehehe~~~

    • garnetblue says:

      Good to see that you are having a break..hehehe..don’t work too hard….but then money is useful, right? hehehehe..Do take care of your health.. Yup! We know that he can keep his mouth tightly zipped just like in December 2009! Actually I was not surprised at all that he will be able to enter Hollywood but didn’t think that he will be cast in this kind of movie. I have always thought that he will have his own movie but not expected to be included in such a way! I am happy for him..I believed his character is important enough for Michael Bay to make the announcement himself!

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