The Youth Of Han Geng

In one’s life journey, which part of it is really significant or important to oneself? Or should I say impactful? Childhood? Youth? Prime? Or the Golden years?

A majority will say it is their youth and some will even say it’s their childhood..! However one looks at it; the factors occurred or happen could influence one’s outlook in life! I am also very sure that none of you are yet in the Golden years bracket, right?

What is youth? Some say youth is in the age bracket of 16 to 25 years..and yet others say between 12 to 19. What say you? Han Geng says youth is to live straightforwardly, meaning “directly”. Or in other words, have a positive attitude, live with vigor and zest, embrace it!





Remember the past, Love the present, look toward the future, never forget, always forgive, don’t regret decisions, live every day as if its your last“.- Nishan Panwar

I think this quote aptly describes Han Geng’s attitude and purpose in life. He tried to live his life with what he was dealt with. He worked his way up and become the person that he is today. Of course, we couldn’t rule out his fans in his climb to success. The way he lived his youth has inspired many of his fans. The successful results also motivate his fans to be like him, work hard, be diligent and have integrity.

This graph is taken from Wiki, and it shows his successes from the year 2010 to 2013 (present)

Music Awards

Year Date Event Category Result
2010 04/11 Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Promising Newcomer[41] Won
8/21 Meng Niu Future Star Festival Children’s Favorite Male Singer[42] Won
10/18 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[43] Won
12/19 Meng Niu Newcomer Awards Best Newcomer[44] Won
12/29 Tencent Star Awards Male Singer of the Year[45] Won
2011 01/08 China Power Fashion Awards Most Talented Male Singer of the Year[46] Won
01/19 Sina Network Awards Male Singer of the Year[47] Won
01/21 Sprite Chinese Music Awards[48] Best Male Singer of the Year Won
Favorite Idol of the Year Won
Golden Melody of the Year: Heartache Notebook Won
02/07 Baidu Entertainment Hottest Awards Golden Song of the Year – My Logo[49] Won
03/19 Eastern Billboard Annual Awards[50] All-Round Entertainer of the Year Won
Golden Song of the Year: My Logo Won
04/09 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards[51] Most Popular Newcomer Won
Singapore 100.3 Radio Most Dedicated Song – My Logo Won
Top 20 Golden Songs – Say No Won
04/11 11th Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Popular Male Singer of the Year[52] Won
04/15 15th Channel [V] Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[53] Won
04/24 Music Radio China Top Chart Awards[54] Most Popular Newcomer Won
Best Mainland All-Round Artist Won
Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No Won
05/05 L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award Ceremony Music Scene New Power[55] Won
06/24 China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Ceremony[56] Artist of the Year Won
Most Popular Singer Search Term Won
12/04 BTV Influential People of the Decade Ceremony Most Popular Idol Singer[57] Won
2012 04/08 12th Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Popular Male Singer of the Year[58] Won
08/21 11th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[59] Won
11/11 MTV European Music Awards Best Asian Act Won
Best Asia and Pacific Act Won
Best Worldwide Act Won
12/08 China Mobile 6th Wireless Music Ceremony Most Popular Male Artist of the Year[60] Won
12/29 20th Chinese Music Charts Awards[61] All Around Artist of the Year Won
Best Male Stage Performer Won
Golden Song of the Year – Wild Cursive Won
2013 03/24 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Favorite Asian Act Won
04/14 13th Top Chinese Music Awards [62][63] Best Album Production – Hope in the Darkness Won
Best Dance Music Singer Won
Best Dance Music – Clown Mask Won
Best Music Video – Clown Mask Won
Mainland’s Most Popular Male Artist Won
04/18 17th Channel [V] Music Awards[64] Avant-Garde Influential Asian Artist Won
Best Music Video – Clown Mask Won


He is not vindictive but determined to prove himself to others.

He is not ungrateful but appreciative by not forgetting his past.

He is not living loosely but positively by taking all opportunities.

He is not regretful but thankful by living up to all his decisions.

He is not arrogant but confident by sharing his blessings to others.

Many still misunderstood him even now when they watched his youth documentary.. Many still can’t shake off the past. Many are still resentful towards him. These are the people who have not lived as Han Geng lived. These are the people who are too set in their thinking that even if there is a slight change in the wind they would start to panic and lash out at others because of the fear and uncertainty in them.

Han Geng is as ordinary as you and I. His family resources were just average. He used what he had and turned it to his advantage! I am sure he didn’t think that he would come so far in these three years after he became solo. We too don’t know what the future is in store for us unless we know what we want in life and work towards it. This was what Han Geng did and left the results to “fate”.  His dream was to become an actor and a good one…look at the road that he has to walk on to reach that goal. From ethnic dancer to singer to actor and along the sidewalk interspersed with other hats that he has to wear!

Let’s watch the documentary to better understand him  and if not at least know him better. Try to be in his shoes and feel the emotions that are coursing through him each time he talks about his youth. Learn to improve your life circumstances from him.

I don’t know how many of you out there are still in your youth. I hope that you can live your youth to the fullest, free-spirited and responsible with no regrets!


Credits: to the owners of the  video clips and as tagged.


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3 Responses to The Youth Of Han Geng

  1. sty says:

    terimakasih garnetblue, 2014 menunggu transformer

  2. Hannie says:

    Really thanks to you garnetblue for the update,
    His life journey is really amazing, it motivates me to become better person and make my parents proud someday 🙂 i’m looking forward for his next movies especially transformers ^^

  3. valerin says:

    if one still hold prejudice against hangeng after all the story telling, no mercy to hg, then, nothing more to be said. whatever done is done. the only thing to do now is improve to be better , excel, prove himself towards journey of his bright future of geng. Some times, things cant be done in favor to all ppl, decision need to be made, consequences to be bare. after tat, no regret & move on. every experience is valuable, no right or wrong abt it. Wish all the best , anticipate hg’s performance for more , yeah !! jiayou ~~

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