A Look Into Han Geng’s Next Movie “Seek McCartney”


I sat staring at my computer screen thinking on how to write a new post for Han Geng’s recent movie news..My mind was blank as I stared at the screen. Why? Because Han Geng’s actions gives me headaches…hehehehe ! Most of the time, his news cause controversial reactions.. I thought that with Transformer 4 in the bag, I would just sit back, relax and wait for the movie to show next year…

BAM! I was totally shocked out of my  laid back attitude when I read news of another movie in store for Han Geng and this time a Sino-French collaboration.. I wasn’t even completely over with the surprise of him bagging the Transformer 4 movie that I got news of this new one coming his way! To tell the truth, my mind was blown away when I found out the title of the movie and it’s story.. I then thought to myself that I am no longer qualified to write anything on Han Geng as I am way out of touch with his latest events and activities. I won’t be able to do him and you guys justice by writing something which I have very little knowledge of.

I know that Han Geng is very ambitious and I know that he will aim for Hollywood and then, maybe, gradually Europe..but I never knew that Europe was so soon in the line-up! That’s why I was completely taken by surprise at the swiftness of his climb on the ladder of success.

In order for me to write about this recent movie attempt, I went searching in weibo and Han Geng’s Baidu Bar to see if I can make sense out of all these ruckus! What I found was that one international Gengfan took an excerpt out from my last post and posted it in Baidu bar. There were all kinds of reactions like they should better themselves by studying English harder but then they probably might have to take up French along the way since Han Geng’s next movie is a Sino-French literary work! Hehehe…..

By now you guys would have an inkling of where my thoughts are going…..you’d have noticed that I am writing less than before and most probable will just fade out as time goes by…..until I remembered that GFs in Baidu bar benefit from my writings. This wasn’t the first time that my posts has been translated into Mandarin and posted there. It was just that I forgot how beneficial it was for GFs in China to learn English and at the same time have a glimpse of what international GFs are doing with news of HG outside of China!


So my resolve was to continue to write but with my flavour and my outlook on matters pertaining to HG and his controversial hiccups..trying to give you guys a balanced impression on HG’s movements without prejudice.

Take for example this movie “Seek McCartney” …what the poster shows is not what I want to see HG doing..but I remembered one time when he was interviewed on what type of movies would he like/want to act in? What if the movie is something like Brokeback Mountain? He replied that he would consider if the script is really awesome…so there is your answer…. I write this with some caution to you guys not to jump into conclusion nor speculate on the storyline by that poster. I believed that poster is only to create attention and propaganda for it. The bottom line is, the story is leaning on towards two  men with an affinity with each other! Nothing to do with what you are thinking right now! hahaha…

Someone (Windchime) from GengBao.net took the effort to  translate the story and I would like to post it here so that you can read it for yourself. This is a great piece of literary work which is hard to translate into a movie..It will take all the skills of HG to interpret the story accurately into a movie. The story is dangerously bordered on between a gay or straight concept, hence it is a challenge for HG to fully interpreted it accurately. The closeness of the two men in the story could almost be interpreted as being gay which is why it’s a buzz in the twitter world. The word is affinity not gay!


After reading this, I hope you guys would have cleared your minds about it. That is actually an adaptation from the original book. As you all know adaptations are not always following meticulously/accordingly with the book. It varies on how much the director and producer want to convey in the movie. Bear in mind also that this movie would be shown in China too so any hint of gayness would obstruct the screening of it in China..Also HG would not do something that would jeopardized his acting career!


Side note: Han Geng will leave for Paris at the end of September for the shooting of the movie. Take note also that Brokeback Mountain was NEVER shown in theatres or cinemas in China!! According to the production team, HG was selected because of his soft and strong countenance which can at times be manly when needed..which fitted the character (This is only me paraphrasing what was said) They even compared him with Edward Norton..

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6 Responses to A Look Into Han Geng’s Next Movie “Seek McCartney”

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  2. Mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue, I enjoy your writing very much. Please do not disappear! Rumors of Han Geng casting in this film has been around for months. Both the director and the producer had been posting weibos about him, showing strong inclination. However, no one is sure that Han Geng will take the role since his schedule is overly busy already. Finally the movie decided to delay its shooting to wait for Han Geng’s available time and he finally signed on it. The producer announced it right away. He also said that people’s hair turn white trying to juggle Geng’s schedule. The script seems a good one about searching one’s spiritual self, Han Geng’s favorite kind. The director, cinematographer and the French actor are all award winning artists. Although challenging, the lead charactor absolutely suits him. This is a very good step for him to take. With French and Tibet scenery, I expect it to be a beautiful film.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yeah I am looking forward to the Tibet countryside..with all those high mountains and snow. Thanks Mish for further info on this particular movie and the progress in trying to get HG for the role..

  3. valerin says:

    To be honest. i indeed did have big surprise when i fully encounter with the news release regarding this movie. Bcs tat poster really hint smth abt it, if ppl reluctant to dig into the story itself , there would be great chances tat they might be mislead & hold narrow concept. There is a risk & chance to take into it. 

    When smth went out of ur comfort zone, eventually u would refuse to keep in touch to it , tat’s common. But still need to be bear in mind tat, in reality, there is no definite white & black, there’s grey zone either, sometime how we justify over thing really depend to our own self in how we going to view it , and analyze thing before judging showing up, this movie shows great example, 1st impression BOMB &eye catching, 2nd,  dig tru the novel, and discover various type of relationship & emotion, feeling. 3rd, realize there's so much thing & bigger world out there, which some yet to be known & fully discover. So, why bother to reject smth just bcs we don know. In my opinion, movie, script itself represent story & reflection of reality ( it may not 100% genuine story, but there is space for such thought, feeling, emotion & relationship present). It;s all right to stand hold our believe, but at the same time, try to be open minded, try not to offend someone when u r trying to defend ur self belief. Respect all the differences. My opinion might change over time, but we'll learn all the way & try to be a better person of own

  4. ex-truefan says:

    HANGENG !! you have been my idol, my love and my unique true happiness for more than 6 years! I was just simply so damn addicted to everything related to YOU! I loved you more than anything in life!!!!!!!!!!!
    just to hear you’re taking this ‘trashy’ role of being in such a false relationship not just I feel I don’t like you anymore, I spontaneously, as well, get a repulsive feeling.. :((
    even though I know you may even not get affected or upset for -at least few seconds- of losing just ‘one’ of your ‘true gengfans’, but you just have lost a supporter who kept praying for you through these 6 years. Not gonna use your albums that I could hardly bought from China, nor watching your movies or listening to your music, nor keep you the main part of my usual talk..

    I hope this message can get your way, and I hope you can read it someday and feel how disappointed I am.


    • garnetblue says:

      I’ve always encourage outspokenness within reasons. I gathered from your comment that you’ve decided to become an ex-truefan of Han Geng just because of him participating in this movie. It doesn’t jive with your perspective of him and have decided to conclude that it’s trash! I respect that! Also from my records, you are not an active interactive reader so your comment went into the moderation box. I could have just trashed your comment and end any discussions on it, just so because it’s within my jurisdiction. I approved of your comment to be posted because it will allow other readers of this blog to read and know your thoughts.It is called fair play.I thank you for coming over to this blog and read updates on Han Geng. You have shown yourself to be a truefan.

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