Mundane To Magnificient

Things are getting pretty “royal” for our Han Geng these days.. Nothing is surprising anymore for a guy who has been nominated and shortlisted for the once in a billion years chance of orbiting Earth from space.. !

I shouldn’t be surprised by now for all the unprecedented things that he, as an idol/entertainer, has been doing and achieving ever since he was chosen as a torch-bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympics!

He was even part of the 100 artists chosen to sing in the Olympic song- Beijing Welcomes You…for the 100 days countdown to Beijing Olympics.

and at the same event as a group of sextet- Brothers, Bottoms Up!

Then can anyone remember this? 200 days countdown to Beijing Olympics?

In contrast with what he is up to these days, there is such a huge transformation! From being mundane to magnificent, one can only admire him for his fortitudo attitude in life and fighting all the way up to this day. In those early days of incubation, Han Geng has always been focused and determined on what his plans are! Though at times when he had to take a detour, he will returned back to the path that he had intended all his life! Eventually he did meet his goal of becoming a serious actor when he broke-away from the mundane and routinary!

A few weeks ago he went to Chicago for the filming of T4 and to show his earnestness and his professionalism, he and his team would visit the site a day early before the actual filming to get the feel of the place and the layout..I don’t know about other actors, but for him to be prepared himself is not sufficient; he needed to feel the the site as well so that he can picture in his head how best to execute the shooting on the day itself! This was related by fans who were there witnessing his first international Hollywood movie. His fans were urging him to taste the famous local pizza which is called the Deep Dish Pizza…(I actually have been eating this and wasn’t aware that it is called Deep Dish by Americans!) Anyway, with their earnest efforts, they managed to slipped through one pizza for Han Geng via his staffs! Hehehe!! They were complaining that he is eating too much Chinese cuisine and that he should at least try the popular local dishes..! From the fans’ accounts, we could see that Han Geng was probably playing safe in order to complete his shoot without any interruptions/distractions by consuming what is familiar to his stomach! Hahaha…!!  That’s the professionalism in him.. He has a weak stomach and therefore he is not taking any risks that would delay the filming..!


After some days of “camping” at the filming site, they suddenly found that HG has “disappeared” from Chicago! If not for one eagle-eyed fan in Edinburgh, Scotland, we wouldn’t know that he was there for a magazine shoot. This fan just happen to go to this restaurant for a late supper after a movie, when she/he spotted Han Geng among the patrons! Naturally, the next step is to ask for his autograph which Han Geng obliged!.. Every where that Han Geng goes, his international GFs would exclaimed that he is so nice and so good-looking! Seems like this is the common conclusions of everyone who meet him for the very first time!

Today, there is news that Han Geng was in Gloucestershire recently as a special guest of one Lady Ashcombe, a Baroness of the English Royal Peerage..Want to know why? Just read the links below.. bear in mind that some information is not updated, other than that the news is credible.

539164_10152198711696679_1811379289_n Wester Daily Press The Citizen Daily Mail

With all these zig-zagging over the globe, one would not be able to keep track on Han Geng, right? Wrong! Some very resourceful Vietnam fans were able to track him down before he went over to Chicago..They were able to sniffed out his whereabouts and stationed themselves at Da Nang airport, Vietnam to wait for him..Some of those fans were from his official Vietnam fanclub, HGfanclub. After passing through customs and immigration, Han Geng got the shock of his life! Fans were waiting for him and he wasn’t able to do anything except to call for help on his mobile phone from behind a white board…hahahaha..!!! Watch the sequence in the pics…

hankyung-suu-xuat-hien-chop-nhoang-o-san-bay-da-nang1003391_10152156945741679_1475373364_n1234949_10152156945966679_919312686_n1238001_10152155816546679_1418752577_nFinally he was able to get out of the airport with the help of the airport security and via VIP exit! After watching the video below, you’d be alarm too!! Han Geng was alone! When the waiting fans heard that he will be going through the VIP exit, they rushed/sprinted/zipped through the arrival hall like a flash! Good thing there was no stampede and no-one was hurt..!! Actually HG was cooped up in the arrival hall for more than an hour and by that time some of the fans have left and what you see is the remaining few. The shock that Han Geng experienced was to see such a big crowd of fans waiting for him despite the fact that it was midnight and a heavy downpour!



The latest on Han Geng…today Han Geng launches his own signature line of cellphones/handphones/mobile phones…GengPhone.!! Sorry I don’t have a better picture..if anyone has a clearer one please share..hehehehe


Credits: as tagged in pics

and YT users Ngocc Quynh, sujunewsVN

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5 Responses to Mundane To Magnificient

  1. garnetblue says:

    Reblogged this on Garnetblue's Blog.

  2. onepinetree says:

    So he is doing great in many ways, as I expected. I cannot wait to see Transformer 4. Hang geng I am missing you really but I am also happy with your determined journey.

  3. Mish says:

    What a nice summary! Gengphone is a nice surprise for the fans and the media is full of guesses. I am curious about the special designs that Han Geng put in for his Gengphone. “Seek McCartney” movie crew has started work this week in Beijing. Han Geng is scheduled for fitting on the 29th then started filming work in Beijing, Tibet and France. Busy boy.

  4. gengfan1 says:

    hi iam gengfan from iraq and iam new here, im so proud of him and his hard work, his phone is amazing!

  5. gengfan1 says:

    keep up update his works ~

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