The Astronaut In Han Geng

I didn’t realise that it has been 3 months since I updated this blog. Things are getting a bit mundane for me to keep tracking on Han Geng’s whereabouts since he is moving so swiftly in his career.

In my absence, Han Geng has become an entrepreneur by producing his very own signature mobile phone/ cellphone, Gphone. This can be bought online in


Years ago when I first knew of him, I never thought of writing about him in a blog. It was by invitation from the creator of this blog that I was able to write and share my thoughts on Han Geng and you guys have been so gracious about it.

Initially, it was exciting to write about him because his achievements were endless..but as time went by it became monotonous. Why? It is because there is no longer any suspense in his achievements. He seems to be the modern day Midas where everything he touches turn to gold. How “lucky” can a person be? For a person who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he seems to have everything going for him. If he wants to make a phone and sell it, he did it! If he wants to act in movies of his choice, he got it! He is always challenging himself! I once mentioned that his worst enemy is himself and it is proven so! He competes with himself and that is why he is so hard on himself. He will push himself to the limits and gets satisfaction only when he succeeds.


It seems like Han Geng was born to make records….of many 1sts.Now he is the first singer/entertainer/actor to go to space! Han Geng represents the dreams of many and a testimony for those with big dreams. In him, people can see their own dreams come true when they see his achievements. A country boy whose early days of adolescence was spent in years of training in a dance academy hoping that one day he could become an actor. For Han Geng to reach this far was by no means a simple feat. He had sacrificed a lot in his younger days. When other adolescents were enjoying themselves and spending their lives carelessly, Han Geng was working hard for the money!


In these short 3 years since he went on his own, it seems like a dream that I was afraid to wake up from. I am a bit afraid/anxious for him to see him achieving so many successes one after another in such a brisk space of time. I was afraid that this bauble would burst. He has so many good things going for him and was wondering what happens when he has achieved everything?

Now that he is part of the space programme, where will he be next? What is there for him? How far can he go when he has almost gotten everything that others were just dreaming of?

When it was announced that Han Geng got selected into the final 3 for the Lynx space programme, I was hoping, no, I was expecting him to pass.. When news came out a day ago about him not making the cut, I was sort of disappointed and sad. Then I thought to myself, it is okay. He can’t have everything he wanted. Sometimes it is okay to “fail”. We can’t be too greedy by wanting and grabbing all that come along his way.

Then today, upon landing in Beijing, Han Geng received news that he will be included in the programme and they will send him to space!! I was so excited and here I am writing once again on this “mundane” achievement..heehehe..!! Let us then cheer him on..Let us live our dreams through him!

The reason they included him was because they wanted others to achieve/live their dreams through Han Geng. They saw his dedication and his seriousness during the training. Han Geng is the perfect role model for people who have big dreams! In fact, Han Geng put on weight just to meet the criteria for this. Even though he was one of the final 3, his body weight did not qualify.

Sneak peek of Seek McCartney.


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  2. Selliegh says:

    Really curious about this Geng-phone. Does it work internationally or just in China? Ahhhhh I’ve been needing a new phone :D~! Off to research

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