Spidey Geng

In recent months, I have been very quiet and silent because I found myself with no interesting topics to write on. Besides that, Han Geng has reached the ultimate goal according to my calculations. Before 2014 is over, he would have circumnavigate the earth. Unless there is a bigger adventure than this, I find nothing much to write on…hehehe!

He is such a go-getter and achiever, that whatever I may write on him is not justifiable any longer. He has such huge dreams and finally he has made it! It’s not everyday that ordinary people like us get to orbit the earth! So shall I bid you guys farewell and thanks for a lovely time here on this blog?

But before I go, let me share with you a recent video which reaffirmed my opinion on his agility.The reason behind this may be the training he received as a young lad to become a dancer that gave him this sense of balance and agility! He always have a special way of doing things. After watching the video, I realised that the people kept on calling him “Spiderman” At first, I was just engrossed with the show until it struck me that he was referred to as spiderman. In this show it not just prove his agility but also his intelligence. His travels and experiences in different places come in handy for it helped him in answering the questions posed by the challenger.

The little boy with him is his nephew whom he brought along because the show’s producer couldn’t find a child for the show, and Han Geng offered his nephew who is free-of-charge hehehee.The little nephew keep calling him “uncle Geng”. Han Geng has so many wonderful traits in him. Money is only a tool for his expenses not something for him to hoard. By now, he should be very wealthy and yet he is not. The commitments he made to help 10 rural students go through elementary and college is very noble of him.

Now back to something light. I can say for sure that Han Geng has come to a full circle.Why? The reason why I say this is because he is now a free person who can easily travel to South Korea without limitations. His present company has an office in Seoul and he together with staffs and directors were there to celebrate the 1st anniversary. So there is no qualms about him moving freely to Korea and back.

Another good news was that Han Geng and Siwon came face to face with each other at the birthday celebration of Jackie Chan.. When they “bumped” into each other, they were giving each other hesitating smiles and then Han Geng extended his hand which Siwon took and shook, followed by a bumping of shoulders. So I say that Han Geng has come to a full circle.

So enjoy the video

credit: to the uploaders on YT..

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9 Responses to Spidey Geng

  1. Mandy says:

    After watching the program, it reminded me of how I first fell for Han Geng’s qualities.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hi! Mandy It’s been quite a while now…How is life over there? Doing good? In this episode, Han Geng brought back sweet memories.. He always show prowess in any any balancing games like this..

  2. seekvenushoney says:

    thanks so much for sharing HanGeng’s stories. But PLEASE DON’T BID THE FAREWELL yet.

    • garnetblue says:

      No, not yet. ;-)B-) I am cool. I am still writing on him and waiting for his trip to space!

      • seekvenushoney says:

        are you interested in his new movies and (maybe)his 3rd album???
        Ahh…is it only me who feels that when Geng has trouble, Gengfans pay a lot of attention and wish him happiness. But when he’s doing a project that takes long time & there’s no trouble, Gengfans get bored and want to fight his trouble again??? if so, are Gengfans too cruel?? or it was only me who thinks like that???

  3. onepinetree says:

    It has been a while since I either posted or left a comment here. I am so sorry to leave you alone while I am drifting away from this blog. I love you!

    • garnetblue says:

      Hey girl! Glad to see you here.. I am okay. Missed you much.. I hope all is well with you and your family. Have a blessed Mothers’ Day celebration..

  4. Mish says:

    Dear Garnetblue, it is always so nice to see your writing. i love watching that kid’s program too. It really shows Han Geng’s real self – kind, cute and very knowledgable too. He is the biggest winner of this program. Today he will start his new movie – a co-production with Korean crew and actors. I wish that everything will be great with this new movie.

  5. garnetblue says:

    Thanks Mish for your kind words. Always happy to share on Han Geng as long as I can and able..

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