To WMA Or Not ?

This has been on my nerves far too long that I eventually forgot about it totally!!  Sometimes I wondered if they would ever get on with it or just simply cancel the whole thing!! I even doubted the authenticity of it all…Mind you this organisation has Prince  Albert ll of Monaco as its patron! This was given publicity in 2012 and hasn’t brought to fruition until now 2014…and have been  keeping my fingers crossed!  Keeping them crossed for so long that now they are either glued together or crooked!! hehehehe…

What a joke! It was right after MTV in Germany that they announced this music awards for November of that said year! Then the start of voting frenzy which brought to naught! What a shame! 

Then the organizers announced another date because the first venue chosen was not feasible and logistic wise it was unattainable. So I was patient enough to give them the benefit of the doubt which was also crushed when it was postponed again!!!

In the first publication, Han Geng was a nominee in 3 categories namely Best MV, Best Male Singer & Best Male Entertainer.I was all over the place voting with my poor fingers, click, click, click!! Nothing came out of it, nada, wala,tada!!! I felt foolish and thinking that they were a joke..making us vote for nothing!

This year, it was announced  that the awards night would be held in Monte Carlo and the date is May 27th..Again the click, click, click and the tap, tap, tap have started where it was left off… This time……Han Geng is a nominee for 4 categories!! FOUR not THREE!!! In addition to the ones already mentioned, Best Live Act!!.. I am finding it hard to believe and am wondering how credible is this list..! On checking out the voting page, I found so many names listed in the nominations..It looks like a whole kettle of fish were thrown in randomly and you pick your choice!!.

That’s not all…here comes the crunch…this is the best!! The latest & newest category thrown in just for good measure..- Best Fan Base… Gengfans go vote!! Let your fingers race to the finish line and grab that trophy!!! But wait, who will walk up that stage to receive it?? hehehehe!! Most probably it will be Han Geng,on behalf of his GFs, right? 

Now here is the icing on the cake…Han Geng gets to perform on stage!! So how credible is this? It’s too good to be the adage goes!!

By now you should know what I am talking about!!

Click the link here to vote. 

You can browse in there and randomly check all the categories to see if Han Geng was added another category..

This is the official announcement from World Music Awards aka WMA

On a side note; Han Geng is in  Korea at the time of this writing,  filming  his new movie, a Chinese-Korean collaboration..Filming will take place in Beijing and Korea..A sneak peek below..





Before Han Geng went to Korea to start filming on his new movie, he went to New York, to be precise, New York Stock Exchange.. the company is listed in the stock exchange.. Han Geng is one of the stock-holders of so he is there together with the CEO to witness the company making an entry into the NYSE.. He is known as the first celebrity stockholder of Jumei…So Han Geng is a director in his present company YueHua Ent and now a stockholder in another…Good going Han Geng..!!


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7 Responses to To WMA Or Not ?

  1. garnetblue says:

    Reblogged this on Garnetblue's Blog.

  2. garnetblue says:

    Han Geng’s dancer Eleven posted in his weibo that he got his visa and done practice for the dance, for performance in WMA.. With this we now know for sure that HG is going to WMA!!

  3. garnetblue says:

    His flight will take him through Dubai, Paris and then Nice…Take note for those who want a glimpse of him..AF7700 is his flight number. I am so excited because I missed seeing him perform on stage!! Hope he wins all the category that he is nominated in plus that exclusive fans’ award as well!! Heheheh..That’s a very tall order, right…..hehehehehe…!!

  4. valerin says:

    please do remember to share ur vid in YT k … anticipate it so much !! thank you ~~ appreciate ur efforts ……

  5. Mish says:

    Both red carpet live stream and NBC broadcasting were cancelled due to “technical issues”! So disappointing. NBC has not released new date. Maybe Chinese media will release some recording sooner. There are recordings of other artists performance on the web, but only a few seconds of fan cams for Han Geng”s performance.

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