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Spidey Geng

In recent months, I have been very quiet and silent because I found myself with no interesting topics to write on. Besides that, Han Geng has reached the ultimate goal according to my calculations. Before 2014 is over, he would … Continue reading

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Spreading The Wings Of Love

First impression never lasts… First impression is not the last…. Now combine these two phrases…. First impression is not the last impression but long-lasting impression….!! This phrase has been heard of over the times and it had become like a … Continue reading

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From The Heart

It has been months since I joined this blog as one of its authors…and I find it self-fulfilling and inspiring  to be able to do write-ups on Han Geng..and to know the views of the readers who come to this … Continue reading

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Kind-hearted Geng Soul (updated)

Whenever there is an opportunity to endorse or to influence the public for a charitable cause, Han Geng would be one of the firsts  to response to the cry for help.. Just a day ago, he was appealing to the … Continue reading

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Gallant Geng

今天的工作已经结束了,一下飞机就开始下起大雨,最让我感动的是,今天虽然下雨,但是大家还是来到机场,谢谢你们,我看到你们了,大家辛苦了呵呵 An entry from Han Geng’s weibo… Today’s work is already over(finished). It started to rain at the time of disembarking from the plane. The thing that impressed me most is that although it was raining everybody went to  the … Continue reading

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Backstage With Han Geng

Has anyone ever wondered what it was like before a concert? How much work was put in to pull-off a successful concert? When we go to a concert, what we get to see is the front stage with all the … Continue reading

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