Hello everyone..!

I am garnetblue as I already did a brief intro on my user-name in the last post,I won’t do it again.

I am married with 3 children..hehehe..!!(pinetree is catching with me..!!)

I am a full-blooded Chinese of Malaysian nationality!!

Currently,I am residing in Manila,Philippines.I am a homemaker.

I got to know this blog through another site..

I find that the articles here are authentic as far as they can get.The people here are Geng lovers..and his defenders too.hehehe!!Right after Geng submitted his case to court,all news about him was “gone” from other sites.Sites which are not about Han Geng..I found this site still “open” and that’s how i started to participate here.

I first knew SJ and then inadvertently Hankyung.

In 2007,I was searching for Charice ,a young Filipino sensation who appeared in Star King.As we,my daughter & I were watching the video clip,we noticed some guys joined her and that were the first time I heard of SJ.

I am not someone who easily get swayed into KPop.In fact,I don’t like KPop..(my apologies to pinetree)I watched Korean dramas but into Korean pop songs.Naturally,it is understandable because I don’t understand Korean.

After that,I don’t remember anything about SJ.That was all to it at that time.Then we started surfing and found SJ Fullhouse.That was what really got me into SJ.I noticed Hankyung and never knew then that he is Chinese..!I was intrigued and decided to look further and watch as many videos of SJ and him as possible.

He is one very “hot” guy and really “alluring” and everything of him spelled “sexy”..hahaha!!I never knew that one can described a guy ‘sexy”.I think for want of a better word ,it would be “sex appeal”..yes yes that’s it!!!!He has a very strong sex appeal..!!!

I like his is so so sweet and kind of husky..!Not high or low,just has that kind of sexiness in it..Can I use the word sultry?Would that be a more accurate description?Anyone?It is kind of soft for a guy..haha!!Every time,I have to strain my ears if I want to hear him speak…not that I am hard of hearing..mind you!! He speaks softly,sensually and drips with sexiness…period! Very alluring..!

Then his eyes…his eyes just convey the message like “you have all my attention” “I am all yours” ..hehehe!!

Then next,we scouted /googled Sj and found their song ‘Don’t Don”,an MV actually.

Then WHAM!! I got hit with all the charms and sexiness of Hankyung….!!He can be one very “HOT” guy..!!He danced very well..! All those dance moves..he executed them precisely,fluidly and gracefully..!!I had an eyeful of that..Till now my favourite song is still “Don’t Don” I back-tracked all their videos and even that early,I knew that Han Geng can sing and not just sing but really sings well !! He has the voice and the face to go with each song..and that is the secret of a singer.He sings with emotions and feelings.I’d rather go with feelings.He puts life in the song and his perfect dance moves help to hold the group in their dances.He is like the barometer in the choreography ..If you  were to ask me,Han Geng is the core of the choreography.He seems to keep the order and neat moves in the choreography..without him the choreo gets mess up.That’s my observation.I am not just saying that because I am HG biased.I notice that he is the key element in the whole choreograph .I hope you understand what i am trying to say here.In all their MVs,he is the centre of attraction or to borrow the words of a Geng fan “He stood out among the 13″He has the facial expressions to pull in viewers and keep them captivated..!!!He dances with his heart and soul not just memorising dance steps.!! He translated the dance steps into living, breathing movements of art and soul..!!So here I am researching him and found out that he is a descendant of a “warrior” tribe..!!!LoLs  (correct me if I’m wrong) Origins of Nanais  were the Jurchens of northernmost Manchuria.For his physical built,he doesn’t look like a warrior…hehehe!!!!!He is too cute and domicile for a warring warrior..!!!hahaha

Since I already made this too long,let me share a few chibis of Hangeng  taken from

source:Hangeng Baidu Bar and and xingfuleizhu2


8 Responses to Garnetblue

  1. onepinetree says:

    Don’t feel sorry… I am not really that much into K-pop. I am more like old-type Korean.. so these days’ K-pop is not really my taste either. I am more into Korean drama/movies… so I usually adore actors over singers. ha ha..

    Han Geng was the only exception. But Han geng wanted to be actor… so.. I guess he was not exception, then. ha ha..

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Actually, I may have said that before, he didn’t impress me at my first sight, but later he did impress me with his acting, that triggered my interest to know him more. I think I adore actors over singers too…but now, I am just so biased, love everything about him!!!!

    Garnetblue, our Han Geng is a warrior inside~~~~~ ^^

  3. garnetblue says:

    Oh I need to clarify something here…about the blog that I went to which led me to this one…it’s run by Viets.Because I don’t understand Vietnamese..I just googled translate and scroll through those blogs listed there.
    This blog was listed under the “blogroll” so that’s how I found you guys…..hehehe!!!!!
    This blog is getting international attention especially for those who can only understand English..LOLs
    Thank you all international geng-fans

  4. Ma says:

    I will cheer for you forever.

  5. Sarah says:

    Jia You!!! Hwaiting for all!!! 🙂

  6. Sabine says:

    thanks for the new infos about Han Geng and the good looking pictures.

  7. Wellkyu says:

    I’m Wella from Indonesia
    i was same like you, actually i know Han Geng from SJ but the most i liked was him, i like the way he sing, his dancing, his acting n other things he done. Firstly i just can say HanGeng was such a rarely guy ever had. He sooo innocent lol
    Just glad how i found this WP^^

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