Transformers & Geng

Last May I had the opportunity to do some volunteer work and it turned out that I had to do some interpretations as well because the work I volunteered for was for a Global Congress that was held in Manila. There were many  delegates from all over the globe and since I speak Mandarin I was able to interpret for some delegates from Taiwan and Mainland China. Some of those from Mainland China came from ……guess where? Heilongjiang!!

Naturally my first question to them was…”Do you know Han Geng?” Hahaha!!! I wasn’t too surprised when they replied in the affirmative. I would be terribly surprised and disappointed if they said no..and that will surely deflate my expectations of Han Geng being the King of Popularity, right?  With their affirmation it sealed the title for Han Geng as the King of Popularity…….hehehe……So we were able to struck up a short conversation about you know who..hehehe…they were also surprised that I could speak to them in Mandarin considering that this is Philippines until they realised that I am not from Philippines..but only a resident here. I would also like to mention that the way they pronounced Han Geng’s name is not like we do. It has a slight upward tilt to the “Geng” It was soft and lilting! So I thought to myself..aahh that’s how they pronounced his name..hahaha!!


So now what has our boy been up to? His website is not as updated as his it is hard to know where he is all the time since we don’t live in China. I believed even if we lived in China, we still won’t be able to access all the information regarding his activities and movements. Many things and plans that he has are always kept in a hush-hush manner…until with a loud bombshell…it was announced that he will be part of the cast in the next installment of the Transformers none other than Michael Bay the director.

72901_10152016807906679_65694675_n 64020_10152018950841679_78260136_n 71796_10152019581016679_41506466_n 179192_10152019578046679_80212892_n 1000818_10152019139821679_1970081648_n

With that announcement, a series of explosive reports went viral in the social media sites from Korea to Poland! I didn’t even know that he has fans in Poland too..!! What will his role be in that movie is anyone’s guess.. Let’s have a simple game…if anyone can guess right what he is going to play….Please write your answers in the comments box below…thank you..

I do hope that that will be a stepping stone/a breakthrough for him in the international film arena.. And finally, I think I will be able to see him on the big screen here in Philippines..! For his other two movies, they were not shown this will be one that I can look forward to..

Credit: KOR.HangengFan@YT

As usual there were many reactions, comments and questions from the public; positive and negative. The one question that stood out was this – Can he speak English? In my view, it is not an issue.. he can have a part where the character does not have to speak English. But knowing Han Geng, he will challenged himself to do a perfect job for his 1st Hollywood movie..and torture himself to study and improve his English.. I have confidence in him that he can do a superb job like all the other things that he sets his mind to do!

21381_10152018502391679_1798966775_n 998714_10152019579071679_1417012118_n 1012803_10152019578621679_2050035853_n

There is a little bit of news that I am not too sure of…about him going for space travel? It is a new fad I suppose where one can pay to travel to space for a short trip……..but in the case of HG, he was one of the six that was shortlisted for space travel? Does anyone know about this? If you do please share to us what you know..thanks..! Oh I managed to get a video clip of his performance in Ypop Shanghai..and in it he did confirmed his potentiality as a candidate for space travel!! Hope his dream of going to space comes to reality..

Credit: Hannie209@YT

Now one more thing before I conclude this…Is World Music Awards still on? Looks like many people want a piece of Han Geng!!

More news on this link :

Credits: the pictures do not belong to belongs to those who own them. Thanks you.

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Nickolodeon Kids’ Choice Award – Han Geng for Favourite Asian Act

How does Han Geng do it?

Just a few months ago, Gengfans were kept busy voting on MTV-EMA. The final result was that Han Geng was propelled up on that stage, receiving his first (ever) international award! At that time it was paramount that we have to put him on that stage because it was of utmost importance for his career and a stepping stone towards the global arena. We did not know where that will lead him but one thing we do know was that he can be recognised in the international scene. So I thought that was the 1st ever international  award that he will get for a long time yet…little did I know that right on the heels came the nomination for World Music Awards which we all know by now was postponed to an indefinite date!

Now we are barely into the New Year when we got news that Han Geng is again nominated for another major title in an equally yet prestigious awarding show! This time it’s the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards as the Favourite Asian Act pitting against the likes of Psy of South Korea, Sarah Geronimo of Philippines, and Shilla of Malaysia!

So dear Gengfans and friends of Han Geng, let’s roll again! This is quite a tough dice to throw as we can see that his competitors are equally popular in their respective countries..So let’s vote and double the efforts cause we also have the WMA in the running simultaneously..

If you guys are using twitter to vote for HG please use the hashtags..I am “borrowing” this from

Nick confirmed that we can vote for FavoriteAsianAct with Twitter. Please include BOTH #KCA and #VoteHanGeng in your tweets! Each RT also counts as a vote. The important thing is that you only vote for one person in each tweet, but we know who we’re voting for right?


To encourage you guys out there who are still hesitating on whether to vote or is Han Geng latest weibo entry..

To get nominated in these two major international events, KCA & WMA already makes me very happy. Everyone, thank you for voting for me! I also know that there are a lot of international fans who are attentive to me and are supporting me. See you in America!

691e21bbjw1e20uwmxuvcj 69f6f815gw1e200rv0wxxj

That was Han Geng’s way of saying “vote for me” hehehe…that’s his style. He never pushes nor coerces his fans to vote for him directly but he does it subtly..

Getting for him the EMA trophy was like opening of doors for him in the international scene, so I don’t know what other awards might be in store for him in future. Just a few days ago in an interview, Han Geng hinted on the production of a 3rd album maybe this year! At the time of this writing,  Han Geng is in San Francisco together with LeLe and Kunio, don’t know when they’ll be back in Beijing.


Han Geng is at a disadvantage here because Gengfans in China have difficulty in accessing this social media link so let’s help them with this, International Gengfans..! Thanks!! XieXie!

Han Geng says that he will be attending the show on March 23 and asks us to vote for him!! Hahaha..I am eating my words now! He is so straight forward here..“You have to vote for me..ah!”- Han Geng.


Credits: as tagged (in vids) and PokectOfStars, Lisa.

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Happy Birthday And New Year, Han Geng!

Greetings to Han Geng on his birthday February 9…..


a year older, a year wiser!

You scaled the heights and achieved your dreams!

You sing your way into the hearts of hundreds, nay tens of thousands!

You make the hearts of GengFans flutter and charmed the GengKnights with your banter!

You climbed the ladder of success rung by rung, you defied the odds and circumnavigate the world with an EMA Globe!

You fought off the criticisms by and large and came out determined! You went through black propaganda and came out unfazed!

You opt for family gathering rather than the “live’ grand stage of Spring Gala Night! You value family over fame!

You treasure your friends and keep them close with you; but I say “Keep your enemies closer” for you never know when they  strike!

So we and our readers of this blog would like to take this rare opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Prosperous Chinese New Year! Thank you for the music! Thank you for the lessons learned! Thank you for the entertainment! Thank you!

Han Geng and some of his friends(?) celebrating together with him.

84227299jw1e1mh6du5d5j Han Geng acknowledges the greeting of his friends from Thailand..

你好,29岁!谢谢大家的生日祝福!今天是除夕,是咱们中国人的大日子,祝福大家新年快乐!心想事成!泰国的朋友们太有心了,谢谢你们!泰版的《寒更》我还没有呢~!( Hello. 29 years old! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve and it’s a big day for us Chinese!I wish you all a Happy New Year! May all wishes come true. Thai friends are so thoughtful, thank you! I still do not have the Thai version of “Hope in the Darkness“.)

691e21bbtw1e1mj6dd0a9jHere are some videos clips of the shows which Han Geng appeared on for the Chinese New year! They were pre-recorded.

Shandong Spring Festival Gala Night

CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala Night

The opening song is titled “Descendants of the Dragon” an old song written by Hou DeJian. Here is the lyrics of the song which HG sang.

In the Far East there is a river, its name is the Yangtze River

In the Far East there is a river, its name is the Yellow River

In the Ancient East there is a dragon, her name is China

In the Ancient East there is a people, they are all the heirs of the dragon

I grew up under the claw of the dragon, after I grew up I became an heir of the dragon

Black eyes, black hair, yellow skin, forever and ever an heir of the dragon.

Here’s to all our readers..Han Geng and us wishing you


429026_10151577058886679_1141944940_nimages.jpg chun jie

credits: thank you to the video up-loaders and owners of the pictures



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What Are You Doing, Han Geng?

I wanted to start this year with something positive and pleasant in this blog of Han Geng’s but it seems that it will be half and half.

For a start, his concert which was scheduled for Thailand in January was postponed indefinitely and so was WMA. Fans were “crazily voting” for him when news came in that due to logistics and visas issues, the event was postponed to a later date pending further announcements.

So what do we do in the meantime? We continue to vote where it is applicable regardless.We continue to “defend” Han Geng! We continue to “protect” him! We continue to “support” him! Maybe some of us are too busy with our private lives that we can’t be consistently  keeping up with his affairs, right?

What I do know is  that Han Geng had a lightning visit to Thailand! What he did there, nobody seems to know!

Just like any other year, Han Geng will always be having controversies running right after his heels no matter what! Whether he is silent or quiet, there will always be controversies following him. As what people used to say; that in showbiz there are no permanent enemies nor friends! When one thinks that one has friends in that industry, reality will hit one in the face when friends turned traitors or took advantage of oneself!

The good side of this is that it creates news and thereby one’s presence is still noticeable in the business. In this kind of business, one has to be seen and heard all the time or otherwise like the proverbial saying – out of sight, out of mind.

The downside of this is that it draws negative perception which is bad news for an artiste.

However, on a brighter note, Han Geng is currently in Malaysia doing a photo-shoot for Baazar magazine. Prior to this, all we know was that he will be going to Malaysia. Everything seems to be hush-hush when he left for Malaysia yesterday (23rd January). Today he posted a picture of himself accompanied by his “tweet” that Langkawi is very beautiful! So now we know which part of Malaysia he is in….hehehe!


We have been trying to second guess the concept of the magazine shoot ever since the day we found out that he is going to Malaysia. We have even informed fans in Malaysia that he will be there but we had no details about his visit. The most that Malaysia can offer is the 4 “S” , Sea, Sun, Sand, and Sky for a “beach” concept. Other than that, there are the hills and forests! On the other hand, there are the mountains over on the Borneo side of Malaysia. Now we have to wait for the magazine to be released..hope it is soon.

48bd3cf8jw1e14ete6xg7jThis picture is by courtesy of Sophie Lee his promotional manager.

Now the other good news is that Han Geng’s EMA trophy arrived in Beijing personally couriered  by none other than a vice-president of MTV-ASIA who is based in Singapore. She flew all the way to Beijing to personally  hand him the engraved “Han Geng” trophy.




77bd9cabjw1e13icd3advjThis is Han Geng recording the theme song for the movie “Cloud Atlas” Below is the video clip of the song, Han Geng’s version only. This is indeed a prestigious invitation for Han Geng and his company. They were specially picked to perform the theme song for the movie by the people in Hollywood. This is probably due to the fact that Han Geng won the prestigious title in EMA..this has brought attention to Chinese music! So let us put Han Geng and Chinese music further up by clinching the WMA title for him. Maybe this is the destiny of HG to put Chinese music on the global scene..There were other famous singers before HG and also better than HG, but why then it is he who clinched that EMA title? So I called it “destiny”! Han Geng is there at such a time and at such a place! All pieces fitted in place..!

Let’s wait and see expectantly how far, how high and how wide can Han Geng soar..!

Credits: courtesy of the video up-loaders. As tagged in pics.



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2012 In Review

Dear Readers,

Here is an annual report by for our blog. We would like to thank you readers for all your support. You have made us worthy and acknowledged by the world! Never expected that our blog is viewed by 136 countries making USA with the most number of readers, followed by Canada and in third place Indonesia..!

This means that Han Geng and his stories are being viewed in all these countries! So for this year 2013 we need to put in extra effort to “promote” Han Geng and I hope you guys would also be able to share your views here by taking a little of your time to write some hehehe…

I didn’t realise that our blog has reached over a hundred countries! I thought only  people in Asia would be interested in Han Geng. It also showed to me, that fans here mostly understands English more than Chinese. The surprise was that USA is in the lead! So it is just appropriate that Han Geng will have a mini concert over there in February 2013! Once the details are out, hopefully, I will be able to post them here. I remembered that he said that he will be in USA for his world tour concert some time in February 9 which is his birthday. Look forward to that day! It will be his first in the western hemisphere..hehehe.


A very big “Thank You” to you guys..!!

credits: as tagged in the picture.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 39,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Year Greetings

Hello everyone!

images.jpg new 2013

Year 2012 is ending very soon in just about a few more hours.. To all our readers, bloggers and followers we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for supporting us! We feel that we have not done our best for this year in the area of more write-ups but we know that you would understand us. We won’t make any excuses for the lack of posts because we felt that Han Geng moves too fast and too furious for us “elders” to catch up with him..hehehe!!

We really appreciate your interest in this blog of ours even though we were not perfect….hehehe! Many of you are an encouragement to us as you gave us inputs and corrected us when we were misinformed. Thanks for a wonderful year and time with you guys! We have progressed quite a lot! We have some old readers who left and also there are new readers who recently found us!


So wherever you may all be, we would like to wish you  a very Happy and Successful New Year of 2013! May the New Year brings you good fortune and most important good health. May your family be drawn closer and be complete….a family who sticks together becomes stronger in adversity. Just as the proverbial saying..United we stand divided we fall..

Just like Han Geng who is getting stronger & successful everyday in his spirit and his career, we hope you guys will also be that too. Let’s wrapped up the year for Han Geng..

The start of  year 2012 was slow for Han Geng and it picked up speed when his 2nd album was released..then it built up momentum and velocity like a hurricane that landed him with the World’s Best Act at MTV-EMA. Just as we thought that was the major global award for him, what followed (right on it’s heels ) was the WMA with 3 big nominations for Best MV (Clown Mask), Best Male Singer and Best Male Entertainer..!!  In addition to that, Han Geng was invited to perform at the awards show too. WOW!


Just to put the icing on the cake, Han Geng recently returned from Taiwan with a haul of 3 awards…that is…

Annual Best All Rounder Artist
Annual Best Stage Performance
Annual Single – Wild Cursive.

Now to enumerate his activities for the year…

2nd Album launch- Hope in the Darkness

World Tour Concerts

Winner of MTV-EMA Best Worldwide Act

Filming of “To The Youth” (to be released next year)

Nominated in WMA for 3 categories (and invitation to perform)

On the covers of 15 major magazines

Attended 9 top magazines annual festivals

Pepsi, Nokia endorsements

Charity Activities.


Looking at the list, it doesn’t seem much but they are all good quality work and of importance. As for WMA, it is postponed to a later date, sometime in early 2013. So let’s keep voting and keep our fingers crossed, hoping for favourable results at the start of 2013 for Han Geng and us.!!

Credits: as tagged in pictures

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