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Congratulations to Han Geng on winning the World Music Award – Best Male Artist…! In just 4 short years, Han Geng had swept 3 major International awards and all for his work as a singer. This is the irony, because … Continue reading

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To WMA Or Not ?

This has been on my nerves far too long┬áthat I eventually forgot about it totally!! ┬áSometimes I wondered if they would ever get on with it or just simply cancel the whole thing!! I even doubted the authenticity of it … Continue reading

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Spidey Geng

In recent months, I have been very quiet and silent because I found myself with no interesting topics to write on. Besides that, Han Geng has reached the ultimate goal according to my calculations. Before 2014 is over, he would … Continue reading

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The Astronaut In Han Geng

I didn’t realise that it has been 3 months since I updated this blog. Things are getting a bit mundane for me to keep tracking on Han Geng’s whereabouts since he is moving so swiftly in his career. In my … Continue reading

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Mundane To Magnificient

Things are getting pretty “royal” for our Han Geng these days.. Nothing is surprising anymore for a guy who has been nominated and shortlisted for the once in a billion years chance of orbiting Earth from space.. ! I shouldn’t … Continue reading

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A Look Into Han Geng’s Next Movie “Seek McCartney”

I sat staring at my computer screen thinking on how to write a new post for Han Geng’s recent movie news..My mind was blank as I stared at the screen. Why? Because Han Geng’s actions gives me headaches…hehehehe ! Most … Continue reading

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The Youth Of Han Geng

In one’s life journey, which part of it is really significant or important to oneself? Or should I say impactful? Childhood? Youth? Prime? Or the Golden years? A majority will say it is their youth and some will even say … Continue reading

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